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California road trip 2015

Posted by ColRouleBleu in ColRouleBleu's Blog, 07 March 2015 · 0 views

When we went on our California road trip last year, I was sure it would be my first and last time there.  But hey, we had such a good time that I could not resist going again this year.  The following is a summary of five wonderful days away from the harsh Montreal winter. My younger daughter was along for the ride this time (it was her x-mas gi...

Portuguese fan crosses the Atlantic every year to support the MONTREAL CANADIENS

Posted by zemocas in zemocas' Blog, 26 September 2011 · 0 views

Feel free to take a look at my photos, supporting the MONTREAL CANADIENS: open album

I'm a Portuguese citizen,
born, raised and living in Portugal since 1972

Became an unconditional HABS fan in 1991, the first time I visited Montreal as a tourist.
Ever since I've crossed the Atlantic for 10 times to support our TEAM,
next week (Oct.5, 2011) I...

Calling European Hockey Fans

Posted by EHIW in ||EHIW||BLOG||, 06 September 2011 · 0 views

(Blog taken from this link http://media.fans.ma...791/122856.html)

Calling European Hockey Fans

As I'm sure you all know as yet we have heard nothing from the NHL or the companies they sold the media rights to, as to where we can watch the 2011/2012 NHL season either online or on television.


Saturday Night In Saskatchewan

Posted by HabsRuleForever in Habs-Rule-Forever's Blog, 06 September 2011 · 0 views

Saturday Night In Saskatchewan

Dedicated to my grandfather

It was the late 70's & I was a young lad living in Regina. Every Saturday I would go to visit my grandparents. This was a special time in my life. We would do various things throughout the day but I was always anxious for it to be 7 pm. That's when Hockey Night In Canada would come o...

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