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  2. More BS.
  3. ^^^ this
  4. Lovely, they truly never fail to disappoint 😊
  5. Hopefully he ends up in the West, I‘d be okay with Winnipeg actually.
  6. This is not going to be good. Leafs, Oilers, Pengiuns and Jets have a combined 50% chance at landing Lafreniere! None of those teams need or deserve another elite forward on the roster.
  7. Today
  8. "How could I miss that open net".
  9. I think to get that one you need the team he came with.....
  10. I wonder what Tavares is thinking.....Lol!
  11. About an hour from me.
  12. Around Southey,,, wherever that is
  13. No thank you. Extend the guy another 8 years please.
  14. Anderson lost 8 straight series clinching games. Time for a new goalie, methinks.
  15. Lottery tomorrow night. Monday
  16. Same old story line every year led by their blowhard media. Can't wait to read about what Mathews has for lunch next week when they have crap to report.
  17. Well, they don't have to face the ruins this year. Laffs haven't won a PO series since '04.
  18. Leaf fans cried the last few years about having to face the Bruins in round one. Let the excuses fly once again.
  19. Every year it's "This is the year"
  20. The most overpaid overrated team in the League. They don't fail to disappoint every year.
  21. My brother and his family of 5 boys, all live in Sask. and all are laff fans. Tomorrow, I'll put something up on FB.
  22. Keefe got badly outcoached again tonight by Torts. So much for the "next one". Who will they try to overpay next?
  23. Wed. 8 PM Habs VS Puffs.
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