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  2. I guess he would have to suck it up and wait. Realistically, who would want to sign a 39 year old for 5 mil.
  3. Niemi revived his career with his goaltending coach from his prime in Chicago and Price could use a veteran NHL goaltender to talk to if he struggles. The job is Lindgren's when Niemi leaves. We are clearly looking for stability in goal and this may turn out to be a very nice signing.
  4. Nasvhille would be a great hockey decision, but like SJ, they could be up against the cap, with 67.5M already spent and the need to re-sign Hartman and Suaros. They already have big money and term locked up in Johansen, Turris, and Bonino, so I'm not sure what they do with their center position if they sign Tavares. Like the Sharks, adding JT would almost certainly require another move to make the roster/cap work. Vegas has got the cap space. They have the opening for him to take the 1C position away from Karlsson. But in the back of his head, he's got to at least wonder how well they're going to be able to reproduce their success. We've seen teams have one good year then sink down again, and the Knights on paper still aren't a fantastic team. They've played well above expectations, but their staying power remains a question mark. It's also not a traditional hockey market, which if you believe the rumors, might be important to Tavares. There are other factors that go into the decision. For one, Tavares got engaged last year and his fiancee is Canadian (and I think from Ontario from what I can gather). We saw how that type of factor lead to Vanek going back to Minnesota and how Shattenkirk had his mind set on going back to New York. So it could be that Tavares wants to be close to Toronto/Ontario. Maybe that means he thinks about the Leafs. Maybe he's willing to go to Buffalo or Montreal. Maybe he doesn't want to deal with the Isles' arena mess and uncertain future but wants to stay in the New York area and opts for NJ or the Rangers. There could be factors we don't know about, but if you believe the rumors, what seems to be most important to JT are in order: 1. Shot at being competitive for a Cup/ not going to a re-building team 2. Playing in a hockey city with history (be it Canadian or an Original 6 team) 3. Contract (money + term) 4. Being the 1C Nashville gives him 1, but not clearly 2 and it'll be a struggle to pay him and it'll be a fight for him to get center ice time. Vegas potentially gives him 1 and 3 and likely 4, but not 2. Montreal can give 2, 3, and 4 without much debate, but the question is whether he thinks the core can rebound to fight for a Cup or whether he thinks the team is missing more than just a 1C to get them there. Toronto gives him 1 and 2, but maybe not 3 and probably not 4 with Matthews.
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  6. I got the impression he would pick the Sharks only. But not if the Sharks didn't pick him. I think he still wants to play and challenge for a Cup, hence the willingness to take a pay cut if it meant improving his chances. But if SJ tells him they're not sure he's part of the plans in order to get that guy, I think he'd be motivated to go elsewhere.
  7. If I were Tavares it would be Vegas, Montreal, or Nashville. I hate the Islanders and their arena(s) and everything associated with that team. Every other team gives you what these 3 give you but less. The hockey move is Nashville, the money (and hockey) move is Vegas, the legacy move is Montreal. I think any other move, is the wrong move.
  8. I know how I'd react! I'd sign a one million dollar with the Kings or the Ducks and make them wish they never disrespected me like that! I agree with your thinking but I also think Thornton might be at a point in his life where its either play with the Sharks or call it quits. That was the impression I was getting but I could definitely be wrong
  9. ... Thornton said he would take a paycut to stay "if it meant we could sign a top free agent" (hint hint). But that was before the Kane deal. In other words, I think Thornton would leave money on the table if he knew they were getting Tavares, but I think that means he'd take 5M instead of 7M, not that he's taking 2M on one of his last contracts. I've gone over this, but imagine you're Thornton. The Sharks come to you and say we'd like you back, but we also want to see if we can get someone better July 1st, because if we do, we don't need you. Thornton is free to sign now. He's made it clear he only wants to play in San Jose, so if the Sharks tell him to wait until July 1st, how does he react to it?
  10. To recap, if the Sharks/Kane deal is confirmed as rumored, then SJ will have 67.5M spent on 7D, 12F, and 2G, but that would include a number of ELC players who may not make the team. The team still needs to re-sign Hertl and potentially Thornton. I know people have said they could just let Thornton walk, and they could, but they'd likely need to make that decision without knowing whether Tavares is coming there and then risk ending up with neither a la Marc Bergevin. So that's not to say SJ's out on Tavares, but they'd likely need to move someone like Pavelski or Martin or Boedker at the very least to make it happen. Right now, if I were putting odds on where Tavares goes, I'd rank it 1. New York Islanders 2. Las Vegas 3. Montreal 4. New York Rangers 5. St. Louis 6. Nashville 7. Toronto 8. Buffalo 9. New Jersey 10. Florida
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  12. I think they will wait to sign Thornton and only do it if they can't get Tavares. I had the impression that Thornton made it clear he would stay and would take a pay cut and didn't want to go anywhere else I wish we'd know before the draft because I'd want different things if Tavares was coming, like packaging 2 of those second rounders for a player for example.
  13. - I think Niemi has the back-up job to lose. Lindgren struggled down the stretch despite a great start in his stint in Montreal. I think Lindgren will have the chance to steal the job, but he'll really have to impress a la Mike Condon in camp to make that happen. - I don't think Niemi was re-signed with the intent of trading Price. In fact, I think most potential trades involving Price will require us to take a goalie back to manage salary/position overload. - Fucale is done. He won't get a crack at the AHL any way you cut it. Lindgren is #1 there, then McNiven, and Primeau is waiting in the wings behind them. - Niemi is making 950k next year. He's still 34 as of June 30th (which is when the 35+ rule on burying contracts kicks in for the coming season), and you're allowed to bury up to 1.025M of cap per player this season for players under 35. So even if Niemi is awful, the Habs can demote him to the AHL, not play him, and have it count nothing against the team's cap. Bottom line... I think Niemi is, as he was last year, an insurance policy and another option. Status quo.
  14. San Jose has reportedly re-signed Evander Kane to a deal for 7 years in the range of 7M a season, according to multiple sources. As I went over before, this is going to make it very challenging for them to sign Tavares, unless they forego Thornton or unless they trade someone else.
  15. I look at the Penguins, a team that has won with good goaltending but not great. When they won, they did so with a team built strong enough to support Murray and obviously it's worked. I would rather trade Price for some assets and fill a few holes and go with a guy like Lindgren or whoever. With Price here for the duration of his contract we will not win a cup. Seems to me, the way Price played is that he needed more help from the D then Niemi did and that comes down to their style of play. Just my opinion.
  16. The New York Rangers reportedly hired Boston University head coach David Quinn on Tuesday to assume the same role in their organization, according to John Shannon of Sportsnet. The Rangers fired former head coach Alain Vigneault last month after going a disappointing 34-39-9 and missing the playoffs in 2017-18.
  17. all in all i think it is a good move, he got his game back last year and having a good veteran goalie we can count on for a year is not a bad thing at that price.
  18. Minnesota 4 Detroit 2. Jose Berrios shut down Detroit on two runs and three hits over eight innings using fastballs and curveballs. Berrios also benefitted from defensive plays, including a double play in the third that limited Detroit to one run. The bullpen proved to be Detroit's undoing in the eighth as walk forced in the go ahead run. A poor throw from center field on a shallow fly ball to center field brought in the second run of the inning.
  19. Chicago has agreed to terms with forward Dominik Kahun, defenseman Darren Raddysh, and goaltender Kevin Lankinen on two year contracts and defenseman Lucas Carlsson on a three year contract.
  20. Cleveland 111 Boston 102. Shooting from the field and beyond the arc. Series tied 2-2.
  21. Game 4 NBA Western Conference finals Houston - Golden State tonight at 9:00 P.M. Eastern time at Golden State. Golden State leads series 2-1.
  22. Rangers to name David Quinn coach.
  23. Washington 3 Tampa Bay 0. Series tied 3-3.
  24. Islanders have named Lou Lamoriello president of hockey operations.
  25. Moses Lake, Washington - A woman was a passenger in a car in which the driver had a suspended license. After being released, police conducted a search of the car and found a purse that contained the passenger's ID, heroin, a pistol, and paperwork for the last time the passenger was released from jail. When it appeared the case might be closed, our suspect decided it would be a good idea to brag about how she escaped arrest on Facebook. The police then set up a meeting on social media and naturally, our suspect showed up.
  26. For sure. I could see him as part of a throw-in in a trade too. Wont have a lot of value but sometimes that type of player (past pedigree) will tip the scale on a multi-player transaction.
  27. Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if Fucale is done with the Habs. His contract is up now and it's pretty clear the Habs don't see him as anything more than organizational depth, he didn't get a sniff of ice time last year even with the goaltending injuries and they went out and got Niemi (who at the time was on his 4th team in 6 months and had just been waived twice) instead of giving Fucale a game. Odds are he's either backing up Lindgren or McNiven in Laval or playing in Brampton. You've got to wonder how long he's willing to do that for $70k if he can get the same or better money to play in Germany or Switzerland or something. I'd much rather be travelling between Munich and Berlin than Brampton and a bunch of decaying rust belt cities in the ECHL.
  28. This might be more of a Zacahary Fucale is out type of move than anything larger. Niemi did well for us last season. A 1-year deal is fine. Fucale I expect to be let go. McNiven and Lindgren platoon in Laval.
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