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  2. Exhuibition game tomorrow is at 7 PM est. for thoser of us who can get it on whatever means possible. I can.
  3. Yeah saw the same here no idea where the Hal Gill thing came from? Guhle is a very good skater has some speed even!
  4. As a fan but also as a realist, I remain optimistic that the Habs will make the playoffs. I have to believe that Ducharme and his communication style and systems will be better than the Julien experience. Turning Caufield and Romanov loose along with Drouin should be positives. There’s many ifs but I expect us to make it.
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  6. All red wings except Tyler bertuzzi are vaccinated
  7. GM of the islanders Lou L “ no member of the islanders organization will be allowed to participate unless they are vaccinated “
  8. Kind of figured (or at least hoped!) it would go that way. A little education goes a long way - I assume he was allowed to give them his concerns and they could explain the risks (and potential career risks) of not getting the jab.
  9. Sounds like good decisions by both Ylonen and the Habs.
  10. Good for him. His logic for not getting it was likely flawed and i would assume the Habs educated him and put his mind at ease.
  11. Ylonen has decided to get the vaccine after all and should get first dose today. Sounds like they told him he wouldn't be allowed to stay at camp without it... good for the Habs.
  12. I didn't see any direct posts from members quoting you, that would lead me to believe someone was calling you out as being ignorant or unintelligent. They were generalizations of anti vaxers as far as i can see. Please PM me otherwise, as i would like this discussion to come to an end before it escalates.
  13. So is saying that people are ignorant and unintelligent because they have a different view on a subject than you do. (not you specifically just you as in a general person)
  14. Can we please refrain from the Hitler and Nazi analogies when referring to members? I'm sure it wasn't your intention but those are offensive comparisons.
  15. I wasn't the one who started the debate just responding to it. Maybe you should tell the ones who started the debate the same thing.
  16. I say yes. I think this team will be better than many think.
  17. So this is a hockey forum not really a place to have this argument but to play in the NHL is not a right it is a privilege. The player has the right to not get vaxed the team has the right not to play him.
  18. Good Call. I like to start out being optimistic. I still believe, we really, really, really NEED a PMD. I don't think it's fair, hoping that it is Norlinder. If the Habs are coached with blind trust in the vets, instead of development, I won't be happy. I think this team WILL score goals, I'm just not convinced, that we will get it out of our end. So, unless we get a PMD, I think that we will be very, very, very, lucky to make the playoffs.
  19. time to change topic https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2021/09/poll-are-the-montreal-canadiens-a-playoff-team-in-2021-22.html Poll: Are The Montreal Canadiens A Playoff Team In 2021-22? After making it all the way to the 2021 Stanley Cup Final, losing in five games to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Montreal Canadiens have had one of the most interesting offseasons of any team. That much roster turnover is unusual for a team that made it that far in the playoffs, but a decent portion of it has been out of their control. A good portion of Montreal’s starting 12 forwards will look different next season. Gone down the middle are Phillip Danault, Jesperi Kotkaniemi, and Eric Staal. Dvorak will attempt to replace Danault’s shutdown role with a little more offensive touch but less defensive prowess. Kotkaniemi’s third-line role is likely to be replaced by another young center, most probably Jake Evans. Staal’s fourth-line role will likely be comprised of a more defensive-minded pivot in Cedric Paquette. Their group of wingers will look different too, losing out on Tomas Tatar’s two-way play in favor of a power-play specialist in Mike Hoffman. Gone is veteran Corey Perry in the bottom six, being replaced by another veteran presence in Mathieu Perreault. The team’s defense faces the loss of the team’s captain in Shea Weber. His injury will keep him out for at least this entire season and puts the rest of his career in jeopardy. His absence will be replaced by committee, as youngster Alexander Romanov and new addition David Savard should see more minutes. The left side stays relatively constant from last season, and overseas addition Chris Wideman could challenge for some games as well. A tandem of Carey Price and Jake Allen returns after a successful regular season campaign. However, a team that barely squeaked into the playoffs last season returns with some question marks. Full seasons of Jonathan Drouin and Cole Caufield help boost the team, but downgrades from Danault to Dvorak and Tatar to Hoffman raise near-negating doubts. The success of youngsters like Evans and Romanov will be crucial if Montreal wants to make a return to the playoffs in 2022, and they’ll need repeat performances from players such as Jeff Petry and Josh Anderson. So the question to you, PHR readers, is this: has Montreal done enough this offseason to yield a playoff team in an increasingly competitive Eastern Conference? Make your voice heard below: Do The Montreal Canadiens Make The Playoffs In 2022? I say " No "
  20. Wow what a bunch of dictatorship views there are above! Get the vaccine or be excluded from society, seriously Hitler types of statements. Everyone has a right to their own views and opinions but to say that the unvaccinated are ignorant, selfish or unintelligent is ridiculous antisemitism at its finest. Let's just throw the constitution out the window and pass all over it.
  21. Exactly. The wife and I were discussing it on the eve of the election ... and at this point if you're unvaccinated without a valid medical reason (and I'm hard pressed to find info on what that valid reason would be) then it's just selfish willful ignorance
  22. Agreed with all of this, like I said I thought you were just lumping everyone together my bad lol
  23. For sure. And i mean there's dozens of different vaccine manufacturers, so not all 2.5b of those are the same ones - although there are only 4 basic "types": whole virus protein subunit viral vector and nucleic acid (rna and dna) Even breaking them down, thats 10s - even hundreds - of millions of each type in arms of people for nearly a year. Most clinical trials are done on thousands of patients, not hundreds of millions. I can understand vaccine hesitancy in the early months but now?
  24. Yeah didn't bother to look it up ... guessed it was in the 100s of millions at the least
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