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  2. Has there been a team that has built a contender primarily thru free agent additions and by that I mean at least 3 rather than 1? With the exception of the Oilers, the draft and develop model seems to be the route to success. When mgmt. starts listening to impatient fans, that seems to be the recipe for disaster such as the leafs and the rangers in previous years.
  3. i agree with your view of the LHD position, we have guy's but no real #1 in my opinion until we do we are not contenders. i feel any serious contender has at least three good forward lines and one great one and two solid D pairings and one that can do some shutdown work when needed. a top tier goalie and one that won't hurt the team. i really don't feel you need a star forward if you have enough really good ones and i think we are there or close to it. i have no concerns about the right side of our D for one or two more years but the left side is at least one top pairing guy short and if we don't fix it we will be stung by it again. i don't think we can afford to wait around this time we have to pay the price to get a guy and see if we can go some rounds in the spring, who knows how far we could go?
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  5. Sanheim is 23. Ghost is 26. Laine is 21. So I dont think any are really "short term" solutions. Certainly Sanheim or Laine would be expected to be here for some time. I agree our talent pool is growing by the year and many pundits ranks us at the very top of the league in terms of prospects but not all of those will work out & if it means moving some players to get a guy who is youngish and has already shown he can play in the NHL? Id do it. I think you could build trades for Laine around Drouin + and Sanheim or Ghost for Mete + Obviously the most important thing here is "what is the +" If its a first and a mid-tier prospect? Done. If its a top prospect like Suzuki or Poehling or Brook? That would be tough. But if we already have lots of great centre depth, can we not afford to move one of those guys to shore up at LD? Im still not convinced we have a true #1LD in our system (I think Romanov will be very very good & there are guys like Harris or Norlinder, or Struble who may make the leap but if you have the opportunity to add someone now who's pretty much there already and is still young, i think you have to do it. Any of our top LD prospects are still probably a couple of years away (at best) from being a top pairing guy (if they ever will be).
  6. Trump has attacked four Democratic congresswomen telling them to go back to where they came from accusing them of hating the U.S. As indefensible as his comments are, these same groups haven't always made others feel welcome. They're just as bigoted as Trump is.
  7. Atlanta - A would be car thief tried to sneak up on a woman at the gas station while she was pumping gas. After getting into the front seat, the suspect was doused with gasoline. He then fled in the car the brought him to the gas station.
  8. Tampa, Florida - A burglar picked the wrong church to break into. He threw a brick breaking a window setting off the alarm. He was then held at gunpoint by the minister until police arrived.
  9. San Francisco 49ers have signed placekicker Robbie Gould to a four year $19 million contract.
  10. New York Giants have suspended safety Kamrin Moore following an arrest for domestic violence.
  11. Dylan Frittelli wins the John Deere Classic at -21.
  12. Detroit 12 Kansas City 8. Detroit took advantage of Royals' pitchers struggle with location, most notably in a seven run third in which Detroit sent 11 batters to the plate. Detroit pitching wasn't much better, though closer Shane Greene was able to get the side out in order in the ninth.
  13. Detroit has signed defenseman Moritz Seider to a three entry level contract.
  14. Buffalo has signed forward Dylan Cozens to a three year entry level contract.
  15. Colorado has signed Andre Burakovsky to a one year contract.
  16. My issue is the same as it is with most trade scenarios. I would much rather be patient with the young guys we have (Seeing how we just got an elite sniper of the future potentially in Caufield) rather than subract futures for a short term solution.
  17. Agree, Sanheim is like, the dream - but then thats probably why its unlikely. I will say one thing for Eklund - in the past anyway - he has had good intel from the Pennsylvania based teams. He's often called things for both the flyers and the pens that no one else did & he was right so lets hope this is a case where he actually knows something because imho either (but especially Sanheim) would be a great addition. As for Laine, the worry i have is that he really is not a "Claude Julien" type player. Its clear Claude wants 200 ft players & while i think Laine may be one of the top 5 best pure goal scorers in the NHl, as you mentioned the rest of his game - at least to this point in his career - leaves a lot to be desired. Last year he had 30 goals. He was a BEAST in November, scoring 18 of them. The rest of the year he scored a total of 12 and was, as you said, often in the dog house.
  18. Would much rather have Sanheim than Ghost , IMO Lainie is overrated. He's too much of a one dimensional player to me for what he probably wants to get paid and what you'd have to give up for him. He did end up in the dog house a bit with the Jets because when he wasn't scoring his effort really wasn't there, and that was in a 'contract year".
  19. Its Eklund so, you know, grain (or even pound) of salt but since there's not many rumours out there: I feel like there's probably some truth to the fact we've talked about Laine (although I dont think MB would offersheet him). As for Sanheim - obviously id be ecstatic, but i just dont see Philly trading him. Ghost maybe but sanheim? Cant see it.
  20. There's actually a log-jam on both sides. On the right we have our two best dmen (currently) and 3 of our top 4 defensive prospects as well as some decent depth guys. We're super solid at RD. On the left we have probably 6-7 guys who could make the nhl roster on most teams. Unfortunately the majority of them would be the 3rd pair on most teams. We have a couple of guys who can be second pair players - especially when matched with a guy like Petry - and then we have a whole bunch of nothing when it comes to #1D So we're definitely log-jammed at both sides of the defense, but with a huge hole right at the top of LD. We have lots of quantity - and some decent quality - at LD but missing that most important piece. I think the hope right now is that Mete will take another step forward or that a guy like Leskinen will surprise, but i sure would prefer going into the season with more than a hope.
  21. Jake Gardiner still waiting on a seven year deal?
  22. The folly of the "window" philosophy combined with homer simpson's "doe!".
  23. who ? Unless someone has a stand out camp the D are Weber, Petry, Chiarot, Mete, Folin, Kulak, Reilly
  24. there is a log jam on the right not the left.
  25. I think there are a couple of guys in the system that can step up in a 5th or 6th spot ( it's not like I expect them to be top 2 pairings if called upon ) and right now there's a bit of a log jam on d for the Habs anyway ...I think Chiarot was an upgrade with more NHL experience will add more grit to the front of the net while his numbers are about the same as Benn ….there weren't that many LHD available unless you count Gardiner at twice the money and term plus a suspect back ….I'm waiting for the camp to see how this unfolds ...maybe Bergevin with some room will pull the trigger on something more significant with teams in a cap crunch ...
  26. Pure speculation. Those D-men are unproven at the NHL level. If they were ready there was no need to sign Chiarot.
  27. I can't wait to see the look on Carey Price's when you tell him he now makes $3.5 million/year just like everyone else on the team!
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