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  3. Yeah, IF that Kinot guy can do it I figure anyone can
  4. Pretty simple really. If you can type that much, then, you can do it.
  5. This is spot on, Julien has the luxury this year of not caring about matchups. Every line and D pairing is getting equal or close to equal time against all different levels of opponents.
  6. I had the kid pegged as being NHL ready going into the bubble and if he had been allowed to play think we would have been able to at least force game seven vs the Flyers. I also said he would\should be moved up within 10 games. The kid is legit, I can't wait for Norlinder, can you imagine that duo!
  7. Covid infected pb. Ha. Nice.
  8. Have to agree "dreegking"! Last night was the worst game Carey played since before the 20 playoffs. He was not focused and one his better assets "following the play" was not there! He was not in the game from the drop of the puck and most of the goals scored were normal stops for him on any given day. Not sure what was bothering him but not the Price I have watched during the playoffs and before last night. Oh weel hopefully this was just "one of those days"!! Tonight the penalty box needs to be a Covid-19 infected area for the Habs! Let's try to be more diciplined!!!!
  9. No question, although Julien has been using him in most situations - seemingly without regard for who he's up against so thats a very good sign.
  10. I never pay enough attention to know who's been on the ice against what players, but generally speaking there's usually a difference between the opposition that you're up against in the first pair vs the third pair. Romanov has looked great so far, no doubt, but I don't mind leaving him where he is for a while longer. There's nothing wrong with letting him continue to grow in confidence a bit before throwing him completely into the fire :)
  11. Chairot & Petry spent time together last year & it wasnt good - but, mind you, that was when Ben was still having trouble adapting to the system. I feel like he'd do better now but still not sure its ideal. Honestly, if we could put players where they really should be, skill wise, id do: Romanov - Weber Kulak/Mete - Petry Chiarot - Fleury/Kulak/Mete Edmundson - Im still not giving up on Edmundson and i wouldnt be upset with him on the 3rd pair, but right now I just feel like he's ranked below all those other guys.
  12. He underwhelmed. Not that the event makes it breaks you. But it often reveals pretty consistently who going to Have stellar careers.
  13. Agreed. id prefer KK and Drouin. with expansion coming up I’m ok jerking system guys and losing 2 for 1. Drouin will be made available any way imo.
  14. I’d tried him and KK to Columbus for you know who. Elevate lehkonen or Byron. drouin is too soft on the puck in open ice he’s careless. Along the boards he is soft. I’ve seen enough personally. Not worth the time or money. Trade bait.
  15. I really thought he needed a year. I was very wrong. Time to bump him up to Webber’s pair. I’d say Petry but I think their games are too similar. Chairrot would be perfect beside Petry. And frankly I think Edmundson blends better with Kulak.
  16. He is improving. He was bad the first two games. Before last night the worst of all 12 forwards. Patience paid off. great shooting
  17. Price has his worst game since the bubble began last year. Below human last game. Truth but told. since the bubble began he’s been the best goalie in the world. last night was piss poor though. need a big game from Allen tonight in the battle of the twos
  18. Nope. Keep your hands on your stick. Pretty simple stuff.
  19. Effort was not a question in the slightest. greater discipline? Yes. 100 percent on board. Needs to change. But I doubt it will this game. Omgosh.
  20. I like enough. I don’t like Lodi g yo a lovely Canucks team though. the penalties need to stop. 5 a game? 6 average? It’s pathetically undisciplined.
  21. Yup. They switched. Who thought they have AL and TT play their off wings though? Just to get Armia on the third line instead of the better AL? strange.
  22. Looking for a better officiated game tonight. Some of those calls were really really soft. Kulak's and KK's in particular were weak. I also would like to see us draw some more penalties, our PP has been great this year. Who knew adding some scorers to the lineup would improve the PP ?! I wonder how much of the penalties against are a result from Matthews and Tavares whining to the media?
  23. I will do a couple over the course of the year even if I can't get on for the actual game LOL.
  24. Puffs Tie TB Tie Habs
  25. It certainly would be awesome to finish the season with 4.25 goals per game! but its likely to come down a bit from that obviously (fwiw we're actually behind TB and FLA who both have 5 goals per game but have only played 2 games so far). I think that so far we're seeing what we expected: The depth of our forward lines is going to be a huge advantage this year - although if we keep getting obscene amounts of penalties it will be less so since we're going to be playing special-teams much more often.
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