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  2. yep that works ...I won't even give Milbury a second ...I don't pay for Center Ice anymore though ...I just stream the games now team I definitely won't watch or listen to anymore is Boston ...too annoying
  3. Im with Claremont here. Im not saying that Danault is a 'third line centre' in the vain of Pittburgh or Edmonton. You'd fully expect the ice time to be more balanced (heck we just added toffoli who probably sits behind Gallagher & Anderson assuming we dont play him LW) but ideally you want JK and Suzuki progressing to the point where they are getting more ice time as the 2 most skilled centres. Thats all. And the bigger question (aside from money) about Danault would be: Will he be ok if/when that happens.
  4. I believe you’re correct on these points but might add having a balanced depth relative to your cap is important. If you’re payroll heavy on your first or 2nd lines, and have to roll out some rookies or cheap geezers on your 3rd and 4th lines, that dangerous plan should catch up to you
  5. I've never been a McGuire fan myself or Milbury either. I listen a lot to NHL network on XM and on US NHL tv network. I also read different sites and sport sections. Most are former GM's players ect. and sports writers. I'm sure no matter who you may or may not agree with, because of their positions or connections they actually do have more access to information than the general fan does. I will say though out the normal season I always buy the Center Ice package. One of the reasons I like it is to watch games sometimes purposely to listen to the other teams coverage. Watch their intermission and game reporting to hear both sides opinions on each teams players ect.
  6. I also think people put to much emphases on "3rd" line center. I think in todays game and especially with Jullein and others. That the old 1st./2nd/3rd/ designations don't mean nearly as much as they used to. The game is fast and you need to be able to roll as many lines as you can. I really believe it's going to come down to a game to game who we are playing and what line is going that night. I have no problem with close to equal time between lines. The top players always get extra time either on the PP or on the PK. At this time Danault doesn't get much pp time as it is. I could definitely see some nights he gets more time than Suzuki or JK and other nights less. I actually don't think it's a given that Suzuki and JK will automatically get more ice time unless we get a lot of PP time. We'll see how it plays out. Having 3 solid centers all responsible would be great. I think balance in todays game is more important than ever. It may be even more so if the schedule is condensed with a lot of back to backs and 4 to 5 games a week to squeeze in as much as possible. I also think that is where having Allen as a back up is going to help also.
  7. agree with this ...I question McGuire's know -it -all information . He seems to be the go-to-guy on radio shows because he can go on forever about players ( especially in the USDL and College ranks ) and have a story about each one of them and their parents . Don't always agree with his over the top team evaluations . That being said the others you mentioned are terrible . However , Pierre LeBrun gets a nod as does Elliotte Friedman for me . Darren Dreger comes off as an ambulance chasing lawyer and doesn't rely on stats of players that much ...always looking for the "scoop" on draft or free agency day to look good ...drives me nuts . Craig Button seems to have done his homework as much as he goes to the hair salon but he at least seems to know a fair amount . McKenzie was good but now part-time/retired ...always appeared to be matter- of -fact but detailed . ....but yeah I agree there are plenty of knowledgeable fans that could give the same information .
  8. I mean I hope you're right. The luxury of Danault as your 3rd line centre would be fantastic - but I somehow dont see it happening, but, I didnt think Petry would sign for what he did either so...
  9. I think there is a real possibility he would sign for around 5 a year. As much as there may be a demand for a complete player like Danault. I don't think the market is going to be paying that much anymore for a while due to covid and lessened revenues. If we can sign him for around 5 maybe I still think we can have Danault and Drouin both. I do think like other sports Hockey will try some limited amount of fans and be able to sell the boxes also. That alone won't offset loses though.
  10. Even at that a vaccine would not sufficiently protect people significantly until at least year after it's recommended if that . The whole logistics of vaccinating 300 + million people in the States is a huge fence to leap .This will put the NHL and other sports without any spectators again . If they want to continue the "bubble" mentality it will come with major decreases in revenues . Players are accepting salaries at less than face value now just to have a contract in hand and I assume this will continue as long as the virus continues .Tyler Toffoli for example made more money per year in his last contract . Two years ago he could have asked substantially more on the open market .They have the bucks in Montreal to do this . Other teams are facing major losses for at least another year flat cap or no flat cap.
  11. That reminds me of when the Detroit Red Wings signed Rogie Vachon, and proceeded to play him every game because they had all this money tied up in him. Little did they know, he had a vision problem so he wasn't at his best, and they kept playing him. Not exactly the same analogy, but that's what it reminded me of.
  12. There's no question Danault is a more complete player. I think people are still holding out hope that Drouin can be more than a 50-60 point player but every year that seems less likely. The problem that Danault has - on this team - is redundancy. Danault is an elite checking centre, but a lower than average offensive centre. Both Suzuki and JK are projecting as better than average in both categories and they are much younger and (for now) cheaper. I think he's just running out of space. Even at 3rd line C, there's a chance Poehling, Vejdemo or Evans could take on that role. Drouin, for all his faults, is probably one of our two best LW. Toffoli could be moved there (Tatar, Toffoli, Lehks) but I think that JD does bring an element that we dont reallty have elsewhere in teh lineup. Danault is still probably our most versatile (and trusted) centre right now - but for how long? I dont see Danault signing for $5. Yeah. I think he's going to want somethign like $6m+ $5m id absolutely do because i think you could trade that contract easily if you wanted/needed to.
  13. That's the truth. Could be well into the spring/summer of next year, when a viable vaccine is available. I don't even want to go anywhere, especially where extra large crowds are concerned. We were big on rock concerts, hockey games & amusement parks when this pandemic put an end to things. Couldn't wait to get my flu shot, and now they are all out. Anyway, I think Danault is worth $5M to stay in Montreal. Otherwise, he's a huge trade chip.
  14. I think it sends the message that "we pay you guys too much so we need either <20 or >35 to be able to afford them.
  15. Exactly my point in another post - what message does Thornton and Spezza and Simmonds send to the rest of the team? IMO it’s clearly Tavares, Muzzin, Reilly, and Newly acquired Brodie who are veterans - “you guys are incapable of any mentoring / leadership / locker room presence so we needed to add more qualified veterans”! I can understand maybe adding one of those 3 players but 3 retreads is ridiculous. For similar reasons I’d take a pass on someone like Kovalchuk now.
  16. I would sign him in a heartbeat at $5 mill and term .I think he gets more but Bergevin's thinking might be that this season is still in doubt as to when it starts and revenues will continue in the red . Just because they are talking Jan 1st ( before it was Dec 1st) doesn't mean Bettman has a crystal ball .It could be well into the spring depending on the pandemic for all we know .
  17. A couple of things: 1) Will Byram work out ? Who knows. But he is a top ranked prospect. You dont get guys like that AFTER they prove themselves. Is it a risk? absolutely, but its the only way you're getting a guy like that unless you drafted him yourself. Him not cracking the lineup has a lot more to do with their exceptional defense (another reason why they might consider trading him) than his quality. Colorado is also a team that is known for not rushing prospects. 2) I am willing to give Edmundson a chance for sure. He was better in ST Louis than in Carolina & our team makeup and system is much more similar to the blues than the canes so I think he'll be fine. I just dont think he or Chairot are top pairing guys. If Romanov IS that guy, we're aok but thats a lot to throw at a young player. 3) while I think that most teams' scouting and development staff are among the best in the business (despite our complaining), I also think that a lot of analysts have jobs because they are charismatic and good on tv. I think in many cases, thoughtful and educated fans are every bit as competent at predicting success as kelly hrudey, pierre mcguire, mike milbury or andy brickley for example.
  18. Jonathon Drouin 25yo. NHL career stats 349 67 142 209 -51 - never put up more than 53 points in a season 76 PPP Philip Danault 27yo. NHL career stats 339 50 125 175 +35 - never put up more than 53 points in a season 12 PPP Drouin was supposed to be a point producer. Danault, not so much. Their career stats are pretty close. Danault is a + player & wins more than 50% of his faceoffs. Danault, leaves it all on the ice. He never takes a shift off, and is an integral part of the penalty kill. He can be on the ice in all situations & you never have to worry about him, He picks up for his line mates. His achievements are well earned. He even got some votes towards the Selke trophy. Take away the powerplay points, and Drouin has 113 points and Danault has 163 points. Even though Drouin is the much more skilled player, Danault, through sheer hard work, is the more valuable player. So if I'm Bergevin, I'm trading Drouin and upping Danault. Probably 5 years @ $5.M/year. Unless....Drouin explodes for a 100 point season. Then we revisit, but somehow, I really don't think that is going to happen.
  19. I always liked Joe but man... he's clearly slipping...
  20. Thornton on why he chose the Maple Leafs: 'I need to win a Stanley Cup' Hope his next team grants him his wish
  21. Couple years from now and nobody will remember. Nobody brings up Kavanaugh (spelling) anymore.
  22. Bolded part is key for me. IMHO he'll never be "the guy" but could easily be "a guy." At $5.5m if he can consistently put up 55 points or so, i can live with it (even though his skillset seems to indicate he should be able to score much more than that)
  23. Being that my boss has season tickets and living in Western Michigan I've seen a lot of Hawks games. Keith can still skate and he isn't the weak spot on the Hawks. I don't think the Hawks would trade him easily though because of that. I also don't think that our defense is going to be that bad. Most analyst are pretty high on Romanov , but as usual Habs fans always seem to want others prospects instead of their own? Like Byram who doesn't even make his own teams line up? Most of the analyst think Edmondson is going to do better than most are thinking.
  24. I agree it's too soon to give up on Drouin. He actually had a good year with Domi and he started last season looking good. He also seemed to start to have chemistry with Suzuki in the playoffs. He shouldn't have as much pressure because of the additions also. I think we need to sign Danault also. He is more than just a shutdown guy or his line mates wouldn't end up scoring the points they are , all while playing against the other teams top players. Along with getting almost no PP time. There is no guarantee that JK (can JK stay healthy ?) and Suzuki will be able to do that "yet'. I also think this team has a good chance to surprise this year. With the flat cap there also is a chance that he takes a discount $. Drouin and Danault both are also depth. We hope the kids will continue to get better and the new guys work out.
  25. That is usually true except in this case Keith would be better than anything we already have on the LD even at 37.
  26. It must be quite the honor to be nominated to the Supreme Court by an unintelligible, obnoxious, trending psychotic.
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