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  2. MONTREAL -- Following Thursday's preseason game against New Jersey, the Canadiens announced that seven players have been released from training camp. Niki Petti, Yannick Veilleux, Stefan Leblanc, Simon Bourque, Thomas Ebbing, Antoine Waked and Tom Parisi will all now report to Laval Rocket training camp. Earlier in the day, seven other players were released, bringing the total number of players left with the big club down to 46.
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  4. Car load. OK if your by yourself, Still cheaper with 4 people.
  5. Methinks that Mete will start with the Habs, (similar to Sergachev last year), but maybe only 5-6 games. I know the London Knights would love to have him back here. I'm guessing that we'll see some cuts soon,,,, maybe tomorrow.
  6. Martinson = Shawn Thornton so he will probably stay I Have not seen any pre season game but I betting Holland, Carr, DLR, Terry , Mcarron , Audette and Scherbak all have 0 % chance of starting in Montreal. Scherbak is going to be a bust , MMW
  7. And up front for players on the bubble: Hudon 95% Martinsen 50% Holland 50% Carr 40% DLR 30% Terry 20% McCarron 10% Audette 2% Scherbak 0%
  8. My odds for D men making the team right now: - Streit 80% - Davidson 80% - Morrow 50% - Gelinas 30% - Lernout 5% - Mete 5% - Jerabek 5%
  9. $35 for one person? Wow! They saw you coming!!!
  10. another penalty,,, .16 secs.. of 5 on 3 for NJ.
  11. Pk,,, but a weak call.
  12. Pk again,,, watch them score. After the PP but still.
  13. Action is picking up.
  14. More like we have one # 2 line and three # 3 or 4 lines
  15. < looks behind chair > nope, it's not here.
  16. did MB and staff mess that up too
  17. Yup. Shoulda coulda. Where's our offence?
  18. They shoulda just peppered him with SOG.
  19. Total waste of a 5 on 3. Unbelievable.
  20. PP +another ,,,, 5 on 3. And a bench minor at the same time.
  21. So much for 1-1,,,,,,,, now 2-1 NJ.
  22. Ya,,,'bout time we had one.
  23. My money is on a shootout this game. I think we've seen the last of goals scored.
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