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  2. Las Vegas vs Boston: Boston NY Islanders vs NY Rangers: Islanders Winnipeg vs Carolina: Jets Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia: Pittsburgh Florida vs Chicago: Chicago
  3. None of the above, I'm gonna keep them all Seriously though, if I absolutely had to pick one of your trades I'm probably looking at Tatar. Even though the return isn't amazing (depending on the other team) and he's been really good for us, I wouldn't want to sign him to a 5-year extension worth that kind of money. Domi is expensive in your scenario as well but at least he's young enough for the contract to be worth it and not become an albatross. I'm hoping he'll come a little cheaper if we offer him term though.
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  5. Yeah, for example Oilers ... they will have 5.8m at deadline ... Carey Price, retain 2-3m for Sam Gagner (UFA, 3m), Mike Smith (Goalie, UFA, 2M), Bouchard and 1st or Sam Gagner (UFA, 3m), Mikko Koskinen (4.5 for 3 years), Bouchard and 1st and maybe we don't retain any of Price's salary then Heck ... Carey Price (retain 3m), Shea Weber to Edmonton for (we give up about 15m in salary) Sam Ganger (UFA, 3m), Kris Russel (2yrs 4m), Mikko Koskinen (4.5 for 3), Bouchard, 1st and 2nd (they give up 11.5 in salary)
  6. I keep hearing this as a reason for not trading price but remember that pretty near any team that trades for him is going to want us to take back their starter. Obviously the guy wont have the pedigree of price but if it happened (it wont) I wouldnt at all be surprised to hear Waite said to MB "yeah, i can work with that guy." All of your points are valid but im pretty sure that one would work itself out if there was a trade - but its moot, because i dont think there will be one. If i put odds on who i think MB might trade of our "important' players id say: Price: 5% Weber: 8% Petry: 10% Tatar: 20% Byron: 30% the likely trade targets will be guys like Thompson, Weise, Weal, Scandella, etc but even then i think MB will likely hold on to most of them.
  7. rip. they do not make them like him anymore
  8. I'd probably make the Domi trade. Best return and fills a team need.
  9. Las Vegas vs Boston: Boston NY Islanders vs NY Rangers: Islanders Winnipeg vs Carolina: Carolina Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia: Pittsburgh Florida vs Chicago: Chicago
  10. I believe we will not catch or pass those ahead of us ... given their records to date and the pace over the last 30ish games we would need to play at. Also, looking at this roster they are NOT a contender. They're a bubble team, constructed to try and "just squeek" into the playoffs. We have guys on our top line who most teams would be using as secondary player, and that's talking about when we're healthy never mind banged up. Even if by some miracle we make it into the playoffs ... we would face Washington as the wildcard most likely and Tampa if we finished 3rd in our division. The prospects for a first round victory would be minimal. You can't season after season go into it as the under dogs and just be fine with that.
  11. Vegas Golden Knights Boston Bruins 3 4 New York Islanders New York Rangers 3 2 Winnipeg Jets Carolina Hurricanes 3 2 Pittsburgh Penguins Philadelphia Flyers 4 2 Florida Panthers Chicago Blackhawks 2 4
  12. Las Vegas vs Boston: Tie NY Islanders vs NY Rangers: NY Rangers Winnipeg vs Carolina: Carolina Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Florida vs Chicago: Chicago
  13. Road wins for me please.
  14. I always enjoyed his honest thoughtful commentary.... one of the best reporters to cover the Canadiens and sports in general ... condolences to his family
  15. Las Vegas vs Boston: Boston NY Islanders vs NY Rangers: Islanders Winnipeg vs Carolina: Winnipeg Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia: Pittsburgh Florida vs Chicago: Chicago
  16. A good read. Thank you. And a great journalist. I too remember reading Red's articles in the Gazette all those years ago long before the internet and the ability to watch as many games as you feel nowadays. I left TMR in 1985 but used to see him around on the odd occasion. RIP, Red. Forever part of Habs history. Sorry, the history of the Canadiens.
  17. Las Vegas vs Boston: Boston NY Islanders vs NY Rangers: Islanders Winnipeg vs Carolina: Carolina Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia: Pittsburgh Florida vs Chicago: Tie
  18. Red Fisher, the chronicler and the conscience of Montreal hockey whose career touched seven decades, died on Friday at age 91. It's a worthwhile read. I used to buy the Gazette all the time, and read his take on the Habs. His columns will be missed. RIP, Red.
  19. #1,,,, unless there is an act of God, where each GM ahead of us in the draft passes on Lafreniere, he ain't coming here. #2, we could get a 1st for Cary, but he won't go to the Sens, Det., L.A., or SJ. He wants to win a cup, and soon. #3,,, we have no reputable starter ready to take over for Cary. #4, we would have to get a PP quarterback for Weber. Who would give up a young quaterbacking D-man? NJ's PK and Vonn anyone. #5, MB will wait until we are officially out of the POs before doing anything. #6, which team can afford Carey's contract? JM2C
  20. If you believe that league parity will prevent us from catching and passing those ahead of us for the playoffs how is it you don't consider us contenders? Parity works both ways! If every team is close to every other team in the league then that means every team is a contender!
  21. After all that you still lineup Drouin-Domi-Gallagher Tatar-Suzuki-Kovalchuk Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Caufield Byron-Poehling-Cousins Chiarot-Weber Romanov-Fluery Mete/Kulak/?- Brook Price Lindgren
  22. Well ... for Price, you just need a starter that has a good 2-4 years in him to get Primeau ready for prime time. For Weber ... if you think you can resign Petry then next year down the right you go Petry, Fleury, Brook/Juulsen. And you trade Weber for a young LHD PP guy, and roll LD, Mete, Chiarot ... you then let Chiarot walk when Romanov is ready. For Price then you get at least a 1st and a decent starter minimum. For Weber you get at least 1st plus the LD ... or depending on the LD, him and a 2nd. Then ... Kovlachuk, you get a 1st or 2nd, Tatar a 1st or 2nd etc.
  23. Yeah, but in this case I think he's 100% correct. It's MB that's being foolish and perpetuating this notion that this team is somehow a playoff team or contender.
  24. Or you can buyout Alzner and Weal and not resign Thompson, Peca, Folin, Wiese, Scandella, Kinkade or Hudon and save yourself like 13-14 mil plus the 4 mil cap you currently have makes 17-18 Mil so you keep Drouin, resign Domi, Tatar and Lehkonen and trade Danault and maybe Mete for picks and prospects. Others I would consider moving are Petry (I just don't think he will resign) Armia and Kulak. I believe the LHD will be Romanov, Chiarot and one of Mete or Kulak next season making either Mete or Kulak expendable and Mete likely brings back the best return of the two. Weber, Fluery, Brook are likely the RHD next year and with Petry due a new contract he becomes expendable and also has the most value. Armia is great but again we are deep on the RW so he is expendable. So now the question is what do we get in return. Danault - 1st + A prospect + 2nd Mete - 2nd + B prospect Petry - 1st + A prospect + young NHL player Armia - 2nd + prospect or 4th Kulak - 3rd or 4th So you still get 2 1st + 3 2nd a 3rd and a 4th or 2 4th + 2 A prospects 1 B prospect 1 lower tier prospect and a young roster player likely a 3rd or 4th liner. All without gutting the roster.
  25. Wouldn't surprise me either, but, IMO we'd have to get back a younger PP quarterback and an experienced (also younger) starter, until Primeau can take over. I don't think they would be available.
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