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  2. Another big miscue from the Habs in terms of their treatment of fans today... went to their skills competition, which was stated as starting at 10AM. What happened? They brought out 8 year-old kids and had them play a full three-period game over about 35 minutes. Then they played a bunch of video clips, many of which you can already find on line and even zambonied the ice twice. Once before and once after the Habs' players came out for a 5 minute warm-up skate. So the actual skills competition and seeing the players do things didn't actually get going until maybe 11:45. Not only a terrible waste of fans' time, but a real lowlife move when you have so many young kids in the audience. Most of us there got the feeling this wasn't about the fans. It was about adding a little more revenue to the coffers, maybe moreso for concessions since the tickets weren't a bomb. It was about misleading fans by printing 10AM on the tickets and not announcing the actual players wouldn't be out for an hour and a half. Don't get me wrong, it's nice for the little kids to get to play at the Bell Center, but if I wanted to watch a full peewee league hockey game, I can go down to the local arena and do that for free on my own time for free. Instead, they made 12,000 people trek through the snow to waste their time with this and with watching clips on the jumbotron. Really disappointed and upset about how the Habs treated their fans today and I for one won't be going back to any of these events. Already stopped buying game tickets a while ago and decided to give the team another chance without having to pay the exorbitant game ticket prices. But here it is, another big giant fail on how they treat fans yet again.
  3. Monday, January 21st ... SJS @ FLO
  4. Being taken for an idiot with all the complaints and cold weather alerts from news outlets. It's Canada! It gets cold! We know! Deal with it or move to Florida so you can complain about Trump and guns!
  5. Ignore
  6. That's the spirit!!
  7. Geezzus........I should have paid more attention in art class!!!
  8. leafs lose ! to the yoties !! lets hope we DONT
  9. I think so too...a lot of our shots are half-hearted attempts,,seems like
  10. Dave Pagnotta reports the Isles are looking to add to their roster and are willing to include their 1st rounder in a deal. This is an opportunity IMO. as much as they've over-achieved so far, they are a team that is relying on goaltending that has fared way better than it should, which means it has a risk of all coming crashing down. This is potentially a 1st rounder that could end up being a top 20 pick and maybe even a lottery one. I'd be asking about it...
  11. Holey moley, Jed, that's a whole lot of plowing you got there.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Sunny here too today but it looks like you just lucked out this time around. Get you next time.
  14. 120K???? You could almost plow the whole town of Grimsby once a year. You can keep it thank you. We got about 8 to 10 inches here yesterday, and other then the inch or so we got in mid Nov. that's about it for us so far.
  15. We always have a fairly mild (by Canadian standards) winter usually just above freezing most days but we do normally get a LOT of snow (upwards of 20-25 feet) in 2- 3 months (dec-feb) this year we've barely had any. I usually put around 100-120km on my atv plowing my long driveway each year & i think im at around 5km this year. Here's a vid of my driveway on a normal year:
  16. Couple inches of snow, but sunny.
  17. But not too quickly, as we have to keep pace with them, and the more losses they have, the better for us.
  18. Yeah totally agree with the sentiment and its why Im in full favour of trading one of Weber or Petry (even though it will hurt us right now) and why I dont want to go out and get a Muzzin because the price will likely be costly in the form of young player(s) picks. In other words, move older players (especially those over 30 who likely wont be around - or at peak skill level - for the actual contending years) and continue to bring in young players and picks. My worry s that MB will think we are peaking before we actually are (like he did at the time of the Subban Trade) and he will "go all in" before we are truly ready. Hopefully he learned from his past mistakes & that is not the case.
  19. Definitely a trade proposal that makes sense for both teams IMO. We know Tor wants a first-pairing RHD and we know they're willing to give up their 1st rounder. We also know Carolina wants a scoring winger, and Kapanen is kind of lost in the shuffle in Toronto and if he's too good, they won't be able to pay him long-term anyways.
  20. they don't want to lose Kapanen but it makes a lot of sense for Toronto to make a move for defenseman especially one with term. I always thought they should have traded Nylander, and still think they should
  21. This. With the millions of dollars they get paid, you'd think they could be more grown up about things. ERither way we all know Dougie Hamilton will never dawn a Habs jersey. However I could see Toronto doing Kapanen and a 1st for Hamilton.
  22. Agreed
  23. Mine above
  24. I thought Hudon had a strong game last night, with a few scoring chances. If i'm CJ,,,, he plays vs the Yotes.
  25. That was a nasty collision. Hate to see that. Hope he recovers quickly
  26. Hmmm maybe the key is to not outshoot our opponents?
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