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  2. I would be glad either way, if we get the "old" Price -- the one that won the Vezina and the Hart trophies, or even if we get the "new" Price who will go right back to letting all kinds of soft goals in. Either way, we make out. The Habs either start winning again, or Bergevin is that much closer to being run out of town on a rail (because it seems he will never get fired). By the way, now that Price is "healed up" and ready to play again, did they ever disclose what his injury was? Or will some of us still believe it wasn't an injury at all?
  3. Price will start tomorrow vs. Buffalo, as per
  4. Well, if you call being a fan for 25 years "bandwagon" then have at it. I'm just glad we're free to define what "fan" means for ourselves. But yes, I am also a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights. It's hard not to be. I'm from Vegas, where they've tried professional sports with no success many times before. And it's a hockey team, the only sport I follow any more. Plus, they're doing it right. A great management team, a really good coach, a roster full of players with chips on their shoulders and something to prove, all within a working system. Everyone has the feeling that there's something special going on here right now. Not to mention it's a pleasure to watch the game being played at such a high level. In contrast, I remember watching the Las Vegas Thunder some years back, an IHL team, and even just one level down from NHL quality was so obviously lacking it was painful at times. Those players all too often either didn't execute their assignments, or they just hadn't learned them. It got boring fast, and games weren't even close to being sold out. I had an endless supply of tickets, and wound up giving most of them away. You sure couldn't sell them. I guess once you've had a taste of hockey at the highest level, you don't want to settle for anything less.
  5. Dubois + Murray for Pacioretty + Alzner
  6. This is kind of what I was getting at but you've explained it better than i could. I am certain that Molson has at least considered that he's put his faith in the wrong guy, but he bought into MB's plan and now I think he's going to let him see it through at least till the off-season. The really dumb thing is that while I dont agree with the plan, Bergevin himself really never gave himself a chance to pull it off. I mean you trade PK for Weber but you never give Weber a partner capable of playing at the same level. You bring in complimentary pieces like Shaw and Danault and Drouin but you leave the huge, gaping hole at middle. (I listed in another thread, our 4 best fowards are all LW! And even Hudon, who is a natural centre, is playing left wing!! lol talk about roster mismanagement) If you're going to try to "win now" you gotta go all in. If he really thought we could have won, he should have sold off prospects, filled those holes and really got us a chance. instead he half-heartedly made minimal moves to go along with his huge ones (pk, sergachev) and hopefully Molson will see that. My big concern is that Price is going to come back and be his old self. Then MB will trade Galchenyuk for a stop-gap at centre or LD and we will squeak into the playoffs in 8th place. We'll then upset our 1st round opponent (or lose in 7 games or something) and Molson will give MB a reprieve for being 'close.'
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  8. So you're a band wagon fan then and now a Knights fan?
  9. The giant difference compared to any US team or a different sport the NFL. In Canada Hockey is it! Edmonton was terrible for years even with several top picks and continued to sell out just like Toronto so if Edmonton doesn't make the playoffs this year do their fans quit on them I dought it. In the US markets people have several choices and if a team isn't winning now don't wait and watch other sports including things like NASCAR even. We also have to remember yes we haven't won a cup in to long but we have been top in the division just last year with higher hopes than happened. With fans reactions to favorite players being dealt yes it happens Gretsky, Subban (who's new team went to the finals , but they almost didn't even make the playoffs while we finished first, I'm sure Mr. Molson say that also) who ever. The vast majority continue to support their team ,rarely ever switch teams because. Other players come along and they'll choose a new favorite. Even as the team is losing we are all on this Montreal Canadiens web site. The team makes money from advertisers this way also. Montreal has very vested fans. Until we all stop posting reading papers and sites and completely stop talking and watching the team it isn't going to matter business wise. It's hockey in Canada Montreal is a major market with a rich history with a die hard strong fan base. There really isn't a strong market for other sports like a New York or L.A. or Detroit or Chicago. Chicago had some good teams went to the finals but when the Bulls had Jordan and were winning championships , tickets were easy and cheap for the Hawks. The Canadian market will continue to support the Canadiens. I don't think Mr. Molson has to much to worry about.
  10. I guess really it's all a matter of inertia - a team like Montreal has built up a lot of it, so it's going to take a longer time before they feel a big financial hit from losing. But it will come. As the greats of the past get farther and farther away their impact lessens. I grew up hearing about how my father watched the great teams of the 70s; it's unlikely I'll be regaling my own son with the fabulous tales of Richard Zednik. It's exciting seasons (or at the very least exciting players) that make kids into hockey fans, and with so many options for entertainment now it's going to be even harder to keep them interested. Right now in Montreal the Canadiens are still cool/popular/<your slang term of choice>, but that won't continue with a team that's both not winning and seemingly dedicated to icing the most boring-to-watch team possible. I think you're right though, Jed, that Molson probably bought into what Bergevin was saying. And to be honest I can't really blame him - they obviously had enough trust in MB to hire him, and I think that generally it's smarter if the owner does give trust to his GM and stays out of the decisions. But at a certain point, when the losses pile up and the public pressure starts to mount, he's going to start to change his mind. Until now Bergevin has had Therrien to take the blame as a bit of a "stress release valve", but there's really nowhere else to look. It used to be largely the "advanced stats" crowd that was down on Bergevin. This year, though? I don't think I've read a single positive article about him. Unless we pull a rabbit out of our hats and make it deep into the post season, I honestly can't see Bergevin being back as GM to start next season.
  11. MN is 128. MN No-Go is 113.
  12. Agreed.
  13. To be expected with Price back. It sucks for a young player to be waiver-except so they know they'll get the short stick every time. That said, if price is truly "back" Lindgren wont get much playing time with us anyway.
  14. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying that the team is doing things right - or that it couldnt be better - im just saying that I dont think Molson is worried about his bottom line right now (although he should be). If he bought into (and seems to have) MB's "grit and character" sales pitch then he probably thinks we're on the right path already. And while I wholeheartedly agree that a guy like Subban will sell more jerseys than Weber, I think Molson thinks that MB's plan will eventually pay off and once we win the championship (lol!) the dividends will be worth it. Weber "conn smyth" probably sells pretty close to Pk jerseys... but the likelihood... yikes. I believe that currently we are playing on 'borrowed time' - meaning (as VR pointed out) we have a high valuation because of our past exploits. At a certain point (if it hasnt already) the fanbase will start dwindling and the ownership group will start seeing it on their bottom line. For now though I dont think they feel the pressure of a small market club with little income and no likelihood of winning.
  15. I would disagree with your opinion, but I will also recognize that you may be correct as it pertains to one Geoff Molson. He may totally disagree that winning championships helps his bottom line; in fact, he might even be taking advantage of some of those "creative" ways of financing one business's losses against another so that he doesn't even care if the Habs finish last - it's just another write off for him at tax time. Gee, that's reassuring as a fan, isn't it? But I will also submit that the sole reason the Montreal Canadiens became one of the top-valued teams in the NHL is all those championships and great teams of the past. Now before you jump back with the fact that the Toronto Maple Leafs, who haven't won as many championships or any as recently as the Habs, are another high-value franchise, the city of Toronto is clearly in a whole other class from Montreal in about a dozen other categories (like population, multinational culture, business, media, the fact that it's the capital of Ontario, etc. etc.). I would place Montreal more in a category of teams like Quebec and Winnipeg who eventually lost their franchises because of financial conditions. I believe that is a possibility in Montreal because it seems to me that any sports team anywhere (except maybe the Green Bay Packers) can be sold or transported to "greener pastures" if the need arises. It happens to NFL franchises a lot, and there's LOTS of money to be made in the NFL. Besides, all those "royalties, advertising, TV and radio deals, etc." you mention only get better if you're winning playoff games and championships, so they are obviously less lucrative for a losing team. How well do you think the Arizona Coyotes are doing with "royalties" right now?
  16. It's true that the Canadiens are going to make money regardless, but I can't imagine that they don't make more money in years when they go deep into the playoffs. It's not just the tickets and beer either - the more people are invested in the team (and winning helps with this) the more they're going to be able to sell merchandise, advertising, etc. In the year that Halak helped to take them past Washington and Pittsburgh I remember seeing Habs stuff absolutely everywhere, and that was in Halifax. And I know I've done nothing but harp on the trade since it happened (I keep telling myself I'll move on one day ) but something like trading Subban has got to have some impact on the team's bottom line outside of hockey operations as well. I'd imagine there were a whole lot of kids who were big Subban fans, and those future consumers are now a little bit less enchanted with the Montreal Canadiens brand.
  17. Even some of the other UFA defensman signings have been way better. Heck, i think Morrow has been better to be honest & he hasnt been that great.
  18. ^^^ The point of professional sports, from a business standpoint is to make money. Winning championships can accomplish that to a certain degree but thats only one part. Montreal has always & continues to be one of the top valued team in the NHL. Forbes' last valuation has us standing firm at 2nd place (where we've been for a while) with the Rangers first. Sure, going deep in the playoffs earns you revenue each game but thats gravy. Montreal ownership makes a ton of money on ticket sales but way more on royalties, advertising, tv & radio deals etc. So i dont think there's any real motivation on Geoff Moslon to step in from a money standpoint.
  19. See, it's the "from a business standpoint" part that I don't get. The team hasn't won a championship in 24 years. That's bad for business. Then a player of generational talent gets traded away in favor of a coach that was never going to take this team anywhere, and what does that "selfish" and "cancerous" player do with the team he was just traded to? Take it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, that's what. Tell me that wasn't bad for business. Isn't the point of professional sports to win championships? It sure was with the Montreal Canadiens of old. Were all those championships somehow bad for business? I doubt it. No, in professional sports, winning is what the business is all about. Every team sells season tickets and beer, but only playoff teams get to sell playoff tickets and playoff beer, and only teams that go to the finals get to sell tickets and beer for the finals. Then there's also the additional advertising and other forms of revenue. Plus, most good players would love to play for a winning team. Doesn't it make more business sense to win? If I were the owner, I wouldn't have to "step in" because whoever I hired would know right away that it's all about winning. No politics, no language preference, and no other issues take precedent over winning. It's best player available, best coach available, best system possible, and best effort from whistle to whistle. If that gets interrupted or derailed for whatever reason, it should be no surprise that changes are necessary.
  20. Sent down.
  21. Yup. Habs are definitely outside looking in. In fact, they are so far outside they probably can't even see the window that has the view looking in. In other news, the Vegas Golden Knights pulled off a great comeback on the road to defeat the Anaheim Ducks and take sole possession of FIRST PLACE in the Pacific Division, right in time for Thanksgiving. According to the stats above, that would mean Vegas has a pretty strong chance of being in the playoffs in their inaugural season. Good thing, because the Habs are imploding in year 6 of Mr. Bergevin's 5-year "plan" (whatever that was), and I rather enjoy having a good and well-coached team to root for. In comparison, where the Habs rank dead last in goals per game, Vegas in #3 in the NHL at 3.60, only 2 hundredths behind the Islanders for #2. But the real comparison is how the team is coached and managed. They want to win and they're doing all the right things, which translates to a sound and very exciting brand of hockey on the ice. Sure is refreshing to see that, after decades of frustration as a Hab fan. And there's no relief in sight for Montreal. I picture Bergevin still being in charge and making another "blockbuster" trade for P.K. Subban when he's going on 40 years old and has a couple of Cups and another Norris to his name. Don't could happen.
  22. No doubt, anyone would be better than Alzner at this point... It blows my mind how MB made this guy his priority instead of getting Markov and Radulov signed.
  23. Not surprised about Price, I don't see MB trading his one and only franchise player. I haven't seen enough of Mete for an accurate assessment but from what I've seen there's really nothing left to learn for him in Junior. We need a #1 centre and a #1 defenseman? Shocking news indeed If CLB is truly interested in Pacioretty, my guess is MB would be trying to get his hands on Pierre-Luc Dubois.
  24. Lets hope. And i really hope he (and JJ) push Alzner out of the lineup.
  25. Apparently sent to the AHL for conditioning, looks like he's close.
  26. A little rumour roundup: Eric Engels: - Believes that the habs have zero interest in trading Price - Thinks we may not make a move till January 15 (6 weeks before the trade deadline). Not sure why that date in particular but I think we might be well out of contention by then? - Believes the team is trying to "protect" (his words) Victor Mete & will send him back to Junior soon. - Says the team believes the top needs are (surprise!) a top line centre and a defenseman to play next to Weber. Easy peasey right? Darren Dreger: - Says teams have enquired about Pacioretty. Isnt sure if Patches will be moved but believes it may be MB's best play. Pittsburgh is very interested, may not have what Mtl needs. Columbus and the Rangers are other teams rumoured to have called asking about Max. Rangers probably dont have what we want... columbus just might.
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