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  2. Why? They're the same age and similarly effective players, Oshie scored 33G this year next to Backstrom but that's definitely not happening with our star center Philip Danault I'd be fine with Oshie if Radulov signs elsewhere but I don't see why we'd prefer Oshie to Radulov. We already know Radulov and Pacioretty play well together and IMO Radulov's skillset fits better with the Habs existing lineup that lacks playmaking centers.
  3. It sure does seem that way, doesn't it? For a guy that's allegedly building through that draft, we sure do seem to let our fair share of young talent get away from us.
  4. Since we seem to either select draft picks poorly or ruin them in the minors maybe we should just trade every single draft pick we have.
  5. Thanks. I'm going to need it.
  6. Wrong....he'll get 3 forth liners.
  7. Big Ted-has gone on record as saying: "Trading Galchenyuk only makes sense if you're getting equally skilled and young players in return." All paraphrasing aside, how about this deal involving Galchenyuk and Beaulieu: To CBJ: Alex Galchenyuk, Nathan Beaulieu To MTL: Alex Wennberg, Ryan Murray That is the most equal trade you could make involving Alex Galchenyuk. You get a top line centre, you get a young D man back. I doubt Columbus does it, or Bargain Bin for that matter. But that gives you a #1 guy in between Patches and Radulov, if he resigns.
  8. What about Anisimov for a pair of 2nds? Chicago's always looking to dump for cap space. Maybe you can offer: To CHI: MTL 2nd, 2017; MTL 2nd 2018 To MTL: Artem Anisimov You're not moving Plekanec any time soon. Not with Marc "Trades are hard" Bergevin at the helm. He's going to go back to what he knows; feeding futures to his old boss for Chicago's overpaid table scraps. But that is a piece you add to your centre depth without giving up a piece.
  9. ...always room for some more gritty fourth line types ..... especially after SL has worked his magic on them down on the farm ... right bargainbin?
  10. Ottawa goaltender Craig Anderson has announced his wife is cancer free.
  11. MMW... Radulov will not sign with the Habs
  12. MLB

    Game 2. Detroit 4 Chicago White Sox 3. Buck Farmer strikes out 11 batters allowing only two hits in 6 1/3 innings of work. White Sox hitters were often late on the fastball. Detroit's bullpen nearly gave the game away in the bottom of the ninth as Justin Wilson struggled with location giving up three runs before striking out the last two batters. Even then the swinging strikes were fastballs up in the zone the catcher wanted low and on the inside corner.
  13. NFL

    Detroit has agreed to terms with running back Matt Asiata on a one year contract.
  14. MLB

    Game 1. Chicago White Sox 3 Detroit 1. Detroit fails to take advantage of nine walks issued by the White Sox in getting only four hits. A doubleplay in the first inning shortcircuited a rally and there missed chances in the second, fourth, and seventh innings. Hitters were at times chasing pitches out of the strike zone.
  15. MMW-Bargain Bin will trade Beaulieu and Galchenyuk for 2 more 4th liners with grit and character.
  16. In the words of Metal poets, Metallica: "SAD BUT TRUE!"
  17. Sounds like the Leafs before Lou and the: "Shanaplan". It irks me to no end to say this, but the Habs are the new Leafs. That is to say, we are what the Leafs used to be. Planning the cup parade in October, only to be booking tee times in April. The sad part being, the only person (Geoff Molson) who can do anything about it, is choosing to plea ignorance from his Ivory tower on high.
  18. We went to the ECF in MB's 2nd season. Apparently that buys MB 5 more years to screw us
  19. BTW...I watched a lot of the Memorial cup this past week and 2 players caught my eye: Aaron Luchuk AND Scott Eansor 2 guys who are known for their character in the locker room and their work ethic on the ice. They're speedy and fit the bill of the type of player MB and CJ are going to be looking for. They also both are sans pro contract currently.
  20. Webb Simpson leads after the third round at -9.
  21. Tobias Reider is expected to be ready for training camp after surgery for an ankle injury sustained during the World Championships.
  22. If it's an impact defenseman they're after, then why not send them Petry or Weber? Get an early start on that rebuild that's coming 2 years down the road too late.
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