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  2. From the stands you get a better sense of players ability to anticipate. Example, Benn can anticipate the play ... he just can't always get there. Schlemko just seemed to be skating around confused the entire game.
  3. Holy moly, indeed. Schlemko was an absolute disaster through the first two periods. I didn't bother to watch the third period. I feel like McDavid embarrassed him badly about 4-5 times in the first forty minutes. Maybe he's just not up to speed because of his injury lay-off, but... if that's the best that he is, it's not good enough for today's NHL.
  4. So... how bad was Schlemko in the third period? I only watched the first two.
  5. After watching the Oilers game from the stands I'm firmly convicted we need to get rid of Schlemko and Alzner. Benn is fine if we limit him to the bottom pairing. We need a mobile LHD that can replace those 2 guys and Weber back asap LHD - Weber Mete - Petry Rielly - Juulsun or depending on who we get Rielly - Weber Mete - Petry LHD - Juulsun (if the LHD is a vet 2way D that can help Juulsun learn) Benn then becomes your 7th D. Alzner/Schlemko gone.
  6. Watching the game from the stands gave me a different perspective. Size was not the factor. Here's what I saw : Deslauriers is not an NHL player. Period. His intensity is there and he does have some defensive vision, but his his stick skills are nill and he simply can't keep up with anybody on the ice. Peca's effectiveness is also next to none ... defensively he's ok but beyond that he brings nothing else to the table. Between him and Deslauriers, the 4th excelled at one thing ... killing our momentum. Seems every time we had something starting, out came the 4th line to give the momentum back to Oilers. Our D ... oh our D ... Mete, Schlemko, Benn were our worst. Mete was bad decisions, poor positioning and trying to 'rush' the play. Benn because of speed, but otherwise his hockey sense is fine and positioning are good. Schlemko is just a hot mess, I think I'd rather see Alzner based on what I saw last night. Petry had an off nite, Rielly was very good and Juulsun was above average. We need to improve our D corp if we're going anywhere.
  7. Ugh what an awfule game. Everytime we started to get something going out came the 4th line and killed all the momentum.
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  9. Fun fact: Darren Dietz sits just behind the top of the scoring race amongst defenders in the KHL with 26 points in 25 games.
  10. Size is an asset, but not at the expense of speed/skill in today's NHL. Look at Lucic, he's useless for the most part now. McAvoy and Krug are more effective D men than Chara in Boston. And the three guys you listed on our D (Schlemko, Benn, Alzner) are three of our bigger players, but they can't skate and handle the puck. Deslauriers is our worst forward and also our biggest in yesterday's game. There's size and there's size. No point in bringing up Michael McCarron if he gets left behind the play. I don't think we lost yesterday's game because of a lack of size. We lost because McDavid and Draisaitl skated laps around our defence and because our goaltending was equally horrible. We lost because our PP is pathetic. Fixing those issues has little to do with size. So sure, if you can find me a guy who has Domi's speed/skill AND is 4 inches taller and 20 lbs heavier, I'll take it. And yes, I absolutely agree that we have too many small forwards who play the same style of game and not enough balance in terms of power forwards. But I don't see that as being what lost us the game nor the major flaw on this team. Your last sentence is really what's key: we need a LHD who can play hockey at an NHL level.
  11. I still believe you need some size also. Washington definitely had an advantage that they used with size last year against Vegas.
  12. Washington vs Winnipeg: Winnipeg Boston vs Colorado: Boston
  13. Interesting results. 50% correct was the best anyone could do. Well done booboo mtl.
  14. I said it at the beginning of the year, we are too small up front to compete with western conference teams, also our defense was just awful. If we don't skate and try to grind the corners we will be annihilated. This loss against the Oilers has to wake up management. If we want to win we need to drop the losers on D, ie Schlemko, Benn and Alzner and get a decent LHD.
  15. So much for size doesn't matter in today's NHL this game was lost because of the size difference and bad defense.
  16. Our last hope of another goal.
  17. Possibly our worst game of the year. Pretty lackluster performance up and down the line-up. Schlemko leading the way in how bad he was, but I can't think of a single D man who played well and Niemi was equally awful. Domi line was decent, Danault line silent, Kotkaniemi line not consistent, and Peca line meh again.
  18. It was over awhile ago.
  19. Not going to win too many games when we need a touchdown every time out. Later guys
  20. Still need the PP to get it together. Average goaltending and a somewhat decent PP and that alone changes the whole landscape of what this team can do!
  21. The curse of the west coast vortex continues....
  22. Agree either Price gets it together or the kid takes over and learns with the rest of the kids.
  23. Pretty much. Few more minutes
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