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  2. Well, I listened to the announcer, and that's what they said.
  3. Price got first star but NHL.com lists Demko as first star and Price second.
  4. The PK and PP was good. 0 for 3 on the PK and 1 doe 2 on the PP.
  5. Price did in O.T. what were the shots something like 6-0 in O.T.?
  6. Rather have Mete there than Chiarot cause Chiarot just plain sucks! He is just another Alzner on a slightly cheaper contract! Even my 10 y.o. knows not to leave a guy wide open down yourside of the ice!
  7. Ya, no player that can take the the team on his back.
  8. That too. It goes to show that the HABS are solid. But having those elite players are great for OT. They don't have those. They have a wonderful depth filled team. But boy they are getting there asses handed to them in OT. non stop.
  9. No one won in OT! And if it was not for Chiarot we would have won in REGULATION! Therefore Prise was unbelievable in my book!
  10. No, IMO, the 3 players on the ice can't win it for him.
  11. Wrong game for me to defend him. lol. Look is he a top line pairing D on most teams. No. But, He is the best partner with Webber. Despite the nonsense in another thread. Romanov is not ready to get a shot. I wish. But he is not. Although it might not hurt to give him a look for a few games. But I think it's risky.
  12. you know what, you are not unbelievably good unless you are the winning OT goalie in a game like this. That is just reality. He was very good. But the dude can't win an OT game.
  13. Too bad for Price too cause he was unbelievably good tonight!
  14. It was like he forgot to locate the sixth guy. Surely he knew there were six skaters. it was just asinine.
  15. That's what I thought. It was such an easy positioning play. Nothing complicated. So stupid.
  16. Who was the moronic defenseman who decided not to cover a whole half of the ice when things were already shut down? on the tying goal. Ridiculously inept.
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  18. WE HAVE TO WIN IN REG. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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