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  2. I think that CJ is trying to ease him into the roll like he did with Bergeron but KK isn't Patrice and may actually force CJ to play him higher up. I saw an interview with KK over the summer where he said he is going to have to be a bit more selfish and start shooting more to move up the lineup and get more points. I liked that, the if you won't play me there now I will force you to later attitude. I could also see CJ trying to shelter Suzuki if he makes the team and putting him on KK's wing which may just backfire on CJ totally and become Montreal's clear cut 1 line.
  3. I mean its one of Lehkonen or Armia but not both ... .
  4. well my prediction was Montreal at least 102 pts and Toronto a bubble team …# 1 ..I thought Montreal got stronger in the off season with the acquisition of stronger grittier role players ( Chiarot , Cousins and Kinkaid ) and # 2 this team was 25 pts better than the year before and are somewhat pissed about the 96 point year and no play-offs well players are maturing and the prospect depth ( top 5 in the league ) is the best in probably 20 years with a few NHL ready guys so competition is a factor ...also I believe this is a tight team who will play for each other ….Toronto according to some pundits have a better defense this year ..I see it differently ….they have 3 fairly dependable guys and then a huge drop off ( minus Zaitsev and Gardiner ) ….also 12 players making $775,000 or less because of the top heavy 4-some salaries = the need for cheaper available guys ..I believe Toronto has some team balance issues and if one of the big 4 or Anderson gets hurt for any amount of time they're in deep do-do ...Spezza is a real sign they're desperate ...he looked sluggish tonight in Toronto's 5-3 loss to Buffalo and will only get slower as the season progresses .
  5. Seems like everyone but CJ thinks that too.
  6. Oh LOL guys I missed the third one when I read through the thread LOL
  7. We're in business Like when it doesn't matters...
  8. As long as a couple of teams figure out that to stop the Laffs all you have to do is shutdown 2 lines the other guys couldn't score a goal on a blind dog on skates and their D don't play defense very well as they are all offensive dmen. Almost feel bad for Anderson ALMOST LOL
  9. I know it's early and just preseason but man this team looks more lime a playoff contender than a lot of people were giving them credit for over the summer. Me included LOL.
  10. Kotkaniemi is pointless in the preseason I think, he needs better wingers
  11. Looks like I missed a good game tonight and the PP scored twice. Guess maybe I am the bad luck LOL.
  12. Well, it's been nice reconnecting with you guys, I will probably drop by again on game nights. TTFN
  13. Especially the winning thing
  14. It looks like it's going to be 2 wins for Montreal sports teams today, hopefully the Impact dont mess the streak
  15. I could get used to this winning thing and the 4 goals a night
  16. nice non niemi stop by kincade....
  17. Impressive game by Kincaid.
  18. At least when he was on the point last year he had nobody to drop pass to ( other then Price). On the half wall all he did was feed the D and telegraphed it every time. He was bad anywhere they used him with the extra man.
  19. no Drouin......pleeeeeeeasssse ??!!
  20. Toss up for me who you don't want to see on the PP. Drouin or Armia
  21. Except for a few, they've been looking sharper than the vets for most of the pre-season. I think I'll go to a few Rocket games this year.
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