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  3. Corrwrong
  4. I dont think there's any possibility MB trades Gallagher. Maybe Drouin. Maybe Tatar, but thats probably it from our top 9 to be honest. (maybe shaw if you count him as a top 9 player on this squad) I think MB believes he's building the core just how he wants it.
  5. ^^^^^^ Just shows to go ya, there is no rule book.
  6. Bruins lose to the Flyers tonight. Sabres down by 1 after 1
  7. I just didn't realize they were that close so it doesn't matter then lol
  8. We all know Peca will slot in next game with Byron out. For whatever reason, Hudon is at the bottom of the pecking order with CJ. The only question remaining is does he slot in the top 9 or does he move up Agostino? It won't be Chaput because he plays center and even CJ is not stupid enough to move up Dlo.
  9. I have to disagree with that . Matt Duchene same draft spot number 3, probably on one of the worst teams in the league 42 point 37 games, Barkov 44 points in 45 games Florida. Ryan O'Reilly 45 and 45... and these players are much much much better defensively Not every team has great players and I agree they help pad points for some players. But every team has some really good players. I am not even sure Galchenyk is a B player offensively he looks like he could be! BUT over 300 minutes this season points per 60 minutes is 1.41..that means there are 200 plus forwards providing more pts per 60 minutes 5 on 5 this season not because he is on a bad team. Ottawa has 9 forwards with more points per 60 minutes. NJ 6 forwards with more Florida 6 forwards with more Galchenyk CORSI +- is minus 52, there are over 270 forwards with a better corsi plus minus. Its the overall package. I stand by what I said before he needs 80 just to have good value. He is lucky to get 55 points and you add his defensive horror show well..
  10. I didn't say I wanted him to I said that's likely what he will try to do
  11. Why would we do that? Petry is probably a top 30 D man in the league. Muzzin is nowhere close to being as good as Petry.
  12. With the lottery, there's no guarantee about Hughes anyways, but I think obtaining a 1st rounder is about more than just Hughes. Right now, we're looking at our own pick being in the 15-20 range, which doesn't help that much. But if we could theoretically acquire a 1st rounder in the top 6-8 then it opens up a bunch of possibilities... there's forward Kaapo Kakko who played for the Gold-medal winning Finnish team at the World juniors. There are two potential 1st-pairing D men in Philip Broberg and Bowen Byram, which is probably more of a need in terms of organizational depth right now. There are two big playmaking centers in Dylan Cozens and Kirby Dach. There's Russian star Vasili Podkolzin... there are options beyond Hughes. If I knew we would end up with our choice of Broberg or Byram as the Oilers' pick, then I would 100% deal Drouin to make that happen. But I wouldn't deal Drouin for a 20% chance of that happening and a risk that the Oilers make the playoffs and leave us with another mid-late 1st rounder with a 40% chance at making the NHL.
  13. My thought was MB would send Petry to L.A. for Muzzin in one of his infamous 1 for 1 deals.
  14. I think it's a toss-up. Chaput is stronger, but Peca is a better skater. If you look at face-offs, Chaput is at 51% for the year and Peca's at 49% but they're not that far off of each other. Looking at it another way, Chaput has won 6 more faceoffs than he has lost. Peca has lost 4 more than he has won. One game either way could swing those numbers in Peca's favor pretty quickly. Peca also won 57% of his draws with Tampa last year, which is an outstanding number, so I'm not overly concerned about his ability there.
  15. I hate Lucic too and especially with that contract but we may as well face it we are not getting Hughes unless you can wrangle the Sens pick from the Avs
  16. I'd rather trade Drouin over Gallagher (I don't like Drouin). I also don't have much hope in Puljujarvi. But I do agree that we should really try to trade with Edmonton, and trading for the dmen you mentioned just isn't worth it
  17. I wouldn't be willing to take Lucic back. I'd do Tatar for Lucic and the 1st, but I hate Lucic's contract, its a real albatross for far too long Don't know much about upcoming prospects, but I see he's ranked in the mid teens, could be interesting! But I'm hoping for Hughes!
  18. - Interesting to note the Kings had two scouts there last night. They could have been there for Florida too, but with the Habs in dire need of a LHD and Muzzin reportedly being available, that has me a little worried we're in discussions about him. I'm still worried Bergevin will do something dumb like flip a 2nd rounder and a prospect (like a Ylonen) for Muzzin or flip a 3rd rounder and a lower-tier prospect (like Evans) for Bouwmeester. I just don't see either one of those guys being worth an investment. - The Oilers are more of an interesting trade option because their GM is dumb and everyone knows it, and he still makes bad trades even with everyone watching him like a hawk. We know they need a scoring winger. We know they don't really have the depth in goal or defence to deal from there either, albeit they reportedly would consider moving Talbot (doesn't help us anyways). So the two pieces the insiders say they would move that could be of value are Puljuujarvi and their 1st rounder. I would NOT trade Drouin for their 1st rounder. They could still easily be a playoff team in a very weak division and then we're left with a late first in exchange for a top-line forward (not to mention we ourselves gave up a top 10 draftee to get him). I would move Drouin to them in the off-season for their 1st rounder IF it was already established that it was a top 5 pick. Other than that, not a deal I would make. I think they could also have interest in Gallagher, who can score and is still on a very cheap contract. But in that case, I would want Puljuujarvi AND their 1st rounder AND I'd ask for a conditional 2nd round pick in 2020 if their 1st rounder is not a lottery pick this year. I don't feel pressured into making a deal with them, so they can take it or leave it if they want it. The last guy who might be of interest is Tatar, who has re-established himself as a scoring threat this season and demonstrated the time in Vegas was more an issue of fit than anything else. So if he garnered a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the deadline last year, I'd be preaching that his current value has to be somewhat similar. So likewise, I'd be asking for the two assets in exchange, without any conditions on whether the pick is a lottery pick or not. Tatar's a guy I'd be open to trading if the return is right, so he could be an interesting piece to dangle for Chiarelli.
  19. I think you could get it for Drouin but you would have to take Lucic back cause they are at max cap space. If it does end up as a top 10 do you take Ryan Suzuki or someone else?
  20. I agree but I may swap Peca and Chaput cause Peca isn't that great at center.
  21. You would hope Hudon draws into the top 9, since he's the only top 9 player we have not currently in the top 9. And you would also hope that Peca draws in for any one of the three current 4th liners we have, all of whom have been abysmal over the past couple of weeks. Chaput and Agostino really performed well when first called up, but they have become liabilities of late, and we don't need to further discuss how bad Deslauriers has been. Would be hard to believe the Habs could throw untalented players onto the 3rd line ahead of a skill player like Hudon, but anything is possible. With Byron out, I'd go Drouin-Domi-Gallagher Tatar-Kotkaniemi-Hudon Lehkonen-Danault-Armia Agostino-Peca-Chaput
  22. Further to my point, here are three similar incidents in which NO suspension was handed out: This is Tom Wilson getting hit from behind by Anton Stralman in the playoffs last year. Stralman runs his head into the boards. He also clearly leaves his feet before contact. This hit is by NHL rules WORSE than what Byron did, yet there was no suspension. The second example here is Brayden Schenn leveling David Krejci. Like with Byron, this hit is not late nor is it from behind. Schenn also leaves his feet and like Byron, this happens only after the contact is made. Unlike Byron, who hits Weegar on the body as well, Schenn's hit is pretty much squarely to the head alone. Yet no suspension. This hit was also worse than Byron's in terms of breaking rules. And some of you might remember this incident where Marchand saw Duclair coming at the last moment and jumped up, leaving his feet to clothesline Duclair, causing him to have a significant knee injury. Once again, the hitting player left his feet. Once again this resulted in injury. Once again there was contact up high. All similar to the Byron play. And in this case, Marchand also hits a guy late when he is not playing the puck. This is likewise more flagrantly against the rulebook than the Byron hit. So you have three separate incidents, all meeting very similar criteria to what the NHL claims to have suspended Byron for and all even more flagrant in terms of rules that they broke (leaving feet before contact; head being primary point of contact; hit on a player without the puck). Byron broke none of those rules and yet ends up with 3 games. George Parros can get stuffed. Maybe he holds some type of grudge against the Habs because he blew goats while he played here, but the ruling is inexplicably inconsistent with other non-suspensions under Parros' tenure.
  23. Drouin to edmonton for their 1st? Would you want more? I really want Edmonton's 1st!
  24. Theres a few teams that apparently have their 1st in play for the right deal (Toronto too) but the Oilers' could end up being a top 10 if they cant turn yet another season around.
  25. Looks like he won't play 'til Feb.
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