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  2. Decent amount of turnover in the Habs brass... first Shane Churla leaving to take a job in Florida as we lose a top scout, now Larry Carriere leaving the organization as well.
  3. ^^^^
  4. Yesterday
  5. Trump removes more people from the Pentagon further revealing his attempt to hamstring Biden.
  6. Trump says he will leave the White House if Electoral College seats Biden. What trick does he have to rig the Electoral College?
  7. C'mon Jan. 20.
  8. Last week
  9. Tampa has signed Sergachev to a 3 yr 4.8 AAV deal. Man a great signing and at a relatively chap price
  10. Now that Trump has pardoned former security advisor Michael Flynn, speculation is on about whom he'll pardon next. His children are among the candidates.
  11. Since Trump has already pardoned the Thanksgiving turkey, there will be plenty of people saying he has also pardoned himself.
  12. Las Vegas has named Joel Ward assistant coach for AHL affiliate Henderson.
  13. Islanders defenseman Johnny Boychuk has been forced to retire due to an eye injury suffered against Montreal in which he needed 90 stitches.
  14. Ok..I'll go with the mind set I have Trump pegged for right or wrong cause I'm going to win this stupid thing.. Bazooka blasts taste good.
  15. No snow.
  16. ^^^^LOL
  17. Go build your snowballs!
  18. Both of you should get out of this thread. I got it covered.
  19. Not looking very promising for the next year's Jan. or Feb. games.
  20. That would be interesting for sure. It gives the bigger market teams a bit of an unfair advantage (on ice) but if it means smaller markets wont have to close shop then i think they would accept it. Agree. Its a very odd dynamic. Maybe because he himself was a journeyman he thinks that those guys need the help. For the most part his top 6 and top 4d are signed to good, smart contracts but he almost always gives too much $$ and/or term to the bottom half. Its very odd.
  21. When MB signed him to that deal i couldn't see the reasoning behind it. Why tie up borderline 3rd liners to lucrative long term deals? Just makes zero business sense to me. He was coming off a decent productive season but that doesn't justify the term he was given. If you want to reward him then fine,,,, give him a 1 or 2 year deal tops. Another example of MB overvaluing the bottom half of his lineup while playing hardball with the top half.
  22. Didn't realize the game was last night lol so now his totals are 4-4-8 in 6 games as he also had a goal on Monday night.
  23. There is another scenario where we get to keep everyone. There are reports of large market teams being allowed a luxury tax over the cap as compensation for more profit sharing through the pandemic. This is to allow some of the smaller market teams to stay afloat if we have to go through 1 more season of no fans. IF that happens for this season I can see Danault and everyone being resigned on one or 2 year deals for their fair value then sorting it all out down the road. There were no reports on how much this luxury tax could be so it might work but it also might not.
  24. You're a meanie!
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