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  5. That’s just a salvo.
  6. Whoa! Careful, now. Hope is always there when the math is fair but numbers put pressure on probably outcomes. Preparing for a probable outcome is not “giving up”. I love this number. I love the Habs in the Playoffs. It sickens me that we may not make it after a season where we proved most of the preseason predictions wrong. My point was: math holds out longer than hope. The math is still there. YES! We can still make the playoffs. And I get you. I’m not “Willy-nilly” with my fandom. But I’ve been doing this long enough to know that it doesn’t look good The math might be sound as far as the Magic Number goes but a lot of other ones go the other way. We’ve just sucked lately during a time when we should’ve been making the most of opportunities. I’m not going to give you the stats, others have thrown them around in their deeper analysis in other threads, but just because I’m showing the fatigue of calculating our Team’s losses doesn’t mean I’m giving up hope. Besides: I’d love to be wrong.
  7. he was nominated for the norris last year lol I watched their playoff run intently last spring and he was clearly their #1 and played the most minutes in all situations and extremely effectively at that. If anything it was Josi who didnt step up in their run. he started this year normal then got hurt, was out for a long time and im almost positive he is playing hurt still. Subban is top 10 easily, IMO top 5 D in the NHL
  8. We have a lot of good depth and good young players but the reality is we are missing truly high end talent. We have one top line forward essentially and two top 4 dmen. It just not going to cut it. But I still feel good about this team, we are trending in the right direction
  9. He's in love
  10. At the beginning of the year there was talk of CJ being a coach of the year candidate . Now people want to fire him . There was talk of what a great job MB did in the off season . I never thought this team would make the playoffs . In fact I thought they would do much worse . I read / heard that Domi , Tatar and Shaw are having career years . Add to that Price is back to playing like he can, and this team still wont make the playoffs . Next year will be interesting if these players don't match this year's ouyput and some other players don't step up
  11. In 3 years Weber has completed only one full season(78 games in year one). He's past his due date and Hab fans are gonna have the honour of watching him turn mouldy.
  12. Drouin, at 5.5M, is the type of player teammates come to resent.
  13. In hindsight I think that was a case of two teams dumping players they didn't want. Weber for age/salary and Subban for being Subban.
  14. John Rahm makes the stupidest decision I've ever seen a golfer of any level make.
  15. I saw the first one yesterday.
  16. Have seen both sides of the coin in terms of arguments for and against Bergevin and Julien in the past 24 hours. On the one hand, no one wanted to see Bergevin sacrifice our best prospects for a run this year and in the end, we haven't been able to keep up in the playoff race. But on the other hand, the changes he did make have made us worse. Many people have likened his trade deadline this year to the one he had a couple of years ago. Weal/Thompson/Weise/Folin has become the new Martinsen/Ott/King/Nesterov... those types of changes didn't work back then and they aren't working now. And so sure, we can argue about whether Bergevin should have made his top 9 better or found help on the left side of the D, but based on what he did do, he's clearly made the bottom 6 worse and given CJ the tools to make the D worse too. As for Julien, I'll be the first to say I like the guy. I think he's a proven NHL coach who has a good system and has made good hires this season for his assistant coaches. By all accounts, he treats people with respect and he takes responsibility for the team's performance, all in direct contrast to the guy who preceded him. But at the end of the day, we still have a coach who is going back to the well with grinders over skill on both the front and back ends. Danault in the top 6 for the entire season with Kotkaniemi on the 3rd line? Now Weal moving up the line-up and showing up on the PP 1st wave for two weeks? Deslauriers for too much of the season and now Thompson instead? Folin over Reilly? Benn in the top 4 over and over when he's shown he can't do it? I think arguments can be made for JK in the top 6 over Danault and for more playing time for Hudon and Peca over the slower guys we've opted for. I think Reilly, despite some struggles, is still a more viable 2nd pairing option than what we're using now. And yes, we can talk about how the Habs as a group probably over-achieved this year, albeit the latter 2/3 of the season seem to be more on Carey's back again than anything. But there are still two things that are unforgivable no matter how much you want to forgive all of the above: 1. On Bergevin, there's no excuse for having not done better than Niemi. He has been rusty all season, and whether that meant an internal replacement like Lindgren or McNiven or finding a trade partner, there is zero reason why Bergevin didn't make a plan to replace Niemi earlier. Even if he had to give up a 5th or 6th round pick, you could easily argue that Niemi alone has cost us 6-8 points in the standings this season, which is huge. 2. As for Julien, the PP woes are a travesty. I don't recall seeing a PP look this bad for this long. They can't establish the zone, they don't recover loose pucks well, they don't move the puck fast enough, they don't get rebound chances or screens set up well, they haven't figured out who the triggerman is going to be to replace Galchenyuk, and they've tried some bizarre personnel there despite the numbers telling them they shouldn't have: Armia on the first wave much of the year with no goals on the PP, Danault getting action in the last little while with no career PP goals, Weal on the 1st wave as a journeyman newbie, Drouin continually at the point with little to no success... the ineptitude has been mind-blowing, and with so many different players failing there, you can't really point the blame anywhere but Julien and Muller. I think CJ has to be re-signed to the fact he needs to fire Muller and find a different PP guy or else he falls on the sword himself. As with Niemi, the PP might have cost us 3-5 wins this year, so add that up with the points lost by the back-up goalie and those two factors alone are the difference from chasing home ice for the post-season vs. where we are now, sitting in the worst spot in the league just outside the playoffs.
  17. No, not just one bad play... Weber has been having trouble skating and pivoting for a couple of weeks now. Most of us figure he's playing hurt and that the injury is something to do with his lower body. He also had the same type of thing happen last year before he went out with his knee injury, so there's a precedent for it. Weber had a nice start after he came back from injury. He played better then than he did last year IMO. But the second half of his season has been a struggle, he hasn't been able to bring success to the PP despite his booming shot, and now he clearly can't skate to keep up with opposing players. In this game, unfortunately when you can't skate you're done. Now in the end, this may be another injury for which he just needs rest. That's probably best case scenario. And if that's the case, he'll be back and a contributor again in the future. But this is what a lot of people feared when we made the trade: we got an older player who plays a bruising game and that doesn't always hold up well over time. Right now, we're either seeing him slow down or we're seeing him deal with repeated important lower-body injuries. I have concern we won't see Weber be able to play a full year as a top pairing guy, and with Petry struggling too, we really have very little to hold our D crew together.
  18. If you've officially given up hope now and we make the playoffs and then cheer on the team....that's the definition of a bandwagon fan!
  19. If giving up hope before your team is actually out of it ( especially after outshooting your last opponent and by double and having over 45 shots) than those that do please don't watch the playoffs if we do make it
  20. Yesterday
  21. Drouin will be the best player this team has seen in years mark my words. Inyears to come. If we get rid of him he will Leclair on another team I will bring this up again.
  22. ONE bad play and you all jump on him SHAME. Maybe you should all see how no one talked to Shaw on the bench. Or what good would making the playoffs do for MB and CJ they have all done so well. You all miss how they only want the large pay checks they are getting, Not going to happen this year. All those that said you were done with the Habs at the beginning of the year. Well you know. Like That
  23. I saw the 1st 2 robins today.
  24. Math holds out longer than hope. Its not necessarily logical but it’s true.
  25. Hmmm is that not how he got Webber? or Drouin to a lesser degree? not sure i want this guy making to many ''big trades''!
  26. And yet he is doing about the same if not a touch better than 2012-2013 in the same # of games with a much much worse supporting cast!
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