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  2. Schremp 2005 Pecker 2001 Papinau 1999 The game, even at the junior level, has changed since then. Schremp was drafted in the 2004 draft, That year there are 11 out of the 30 that could be considered to have been full time NHL players, 10 that played at least 100 games but less than 500, and 9 that played less tahn 100 in the NHL. 1st round picks were far more of a crapshoot back then. If we compare Nick to contemporary players : He is just the fifth player since 2010 to reach the 40-point plateau during a playoff run. He joins NHL stars like McDavid (49 points), Mitch Marner (44 points), Mark Scheifele (41 points) and Matthew Tkachuk (40 points). He's only the 5th player to reach/pass the 40pt plateau ... the other 4 names are all currently stars in the NHL.
  3. There is a reason to be excited for sure he is having a awesome playoff run. Rob Scremp 47 points in 19 Games, Cory Pecker 42 points in 21 games, JUstin Papineu 51 points in 21 games. Never heard much from these players at the NHL level.. Quelph is pretty stacked with most drafted players in the Memorial Cup. He never really did much in the World Junior or the regular season ...There are over 463 players who scored more points in the Regular Season than Suzuki It is junior hockey...I am gald he is having a great run...He looks really smart, and really efficient with the puck, smart in all areas of the ice. I liken him to Patrice Bergeron. I think he will have a future in the NHL, but you never know until he gets there...
  4. He'll get his chance in training camp and the pre-season.
  5. And again, not saying he won't have NHL-level success. All the signs are positive right now. Only saying that junior success doesn't always translate to the NHL. Yes, he will still have the skill and smarts he brings with him, but the opposition will be bigger, check him harder, and won't give him as much time and space. And the goalies are a lot better too. I'm hopeful like you, but I want him to prove something playing against NHL players before figuring out where he is in his development.
  6. Trump has instructed former counsel Don McGahn not to testify before Congress.
  7. New York Times has reported possible suspicious activity by Deutsche Bank in involving Trump and Jared Kushner, likely money laundering.
  8. Southington, Connecticut - A drunk refuses to leave the Cadillac Ranch restaurant at closing time. Since reasoning proved to be a waste of time, he was placed in the back of the patrol car. The police forgot to take his cellphone and the suspect made repeated 9-1-1 calls requesting help. He is now charged with interfering with an officer and abusing the system.
  9. i don't think we even need a star D man just an established guy who can pass and skate with enough size to not get knocked off the puck would be a big jump.
  10. This kid is carrying his team on his back at the toughest time of the year. i am not worried at all.
  11. Toronto 118 Milwaukee 112, double overtime. Defense against Milwaukee's top player and free throw shooting by Toronto. Milwaukee leads series 2-1.
  12. Brooks Koepka wins the PGA at -9.
  13. Oakland 5 Detroit 3, seventh inning. Game suspended on account of rain - to be resume on September 6.
  14. Again, it's easier to find a QUALITY defensive LD than a QUALITY puck moving LD. Karl Alzner might be the nicest guy in the world, but he's clearly not quality anymore. He might actually have fared a bit better on PK's left side to be honest though, as he could hang back more and his lack of speed and agiltiy wouldn't be such an issue. He'd still be dead weight, just maybe not as negative.
  15. Well since Cenner can’t really pick StL, I’ll take them in game 6
  16. But... but... Karl Alzner! 🤭
  17. I think what maas was saying, was LD - PK vs LD - Weber ... is with PK your looking for a defensive LD rather than the elusive puck moving one we are lacking.
  18. True, but he also is is in a group like Mitch Marner (one of the other 3-4 players in the last decade to get as many points in the playoffs as Nick).
  19. 93 and I are tied, so I'll go with the Blues for Tues.
  20. I still have the slimmest of chances of going through. Very slim, but mathematically possible.
  21. I hope you're right. He certainly looks promising... lots of skill and a smart player too. I'm a little hesitant to proclaim he'll be the real deal at the NHL level yet (which again, is not to say he won't be, but I just want to see how he does against men before getting my hopes up). You look at some of the best OHL players in history and they include guys like Andrew Cassels, Alex Debrincat, Dylan Strome, and Sergei Kostitsyn, all guys who made the NHL but were hardly the stars they were in junior. They also include guys who didn't make an impact at the NHL level... Sheldon Keefe? Mitch Lamoureux? Bob Wren? Scott McCrory? One of the examples I remember best was Corey Locke, who absolutely tore up the OHL with 151 and 118 point seasons but only cracked the Habs line-up for 1 game despite his offensive promise. So maybe Suzuki will be a legit player, and I certainly would rather see him have success in the OHL than none at all, but that isn't a guarantee by any means that he'll be able to play the same game against bigger, faster opponents. What I'll say for now... the kid has been a beast at the junior level. I think he deserves every shot to crack the top 9 in the NHL out of camp and I hope he gets to play pre-season next to someone like Domi or Kotkaniemi to see what he can do. If he's not ready, then he goes and plays a bit for Bouchard. And if he is, he'd better playing on a scoring line and not whittling his time away on the 4th line next to Deslauriers and Weise. It's time the Habs treated offensively-talented youngsters as assets instead of liabilities.
  22. I will say it again, this guy is the real deal. it is going to be a great training camp this year!
  23. Dumb officials again,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Guelph on the PK, send the puck down the ice, no Hal player around, and the Guelph player is 1st on the puck, and it's called for icing. Puck drop at center, and Hal gets the draw and goes in to score.
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