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  2. I'd love that deal, I don't see Kekalainen giving us Dubois and Murray for ~1.75 seasons of Pacioretty and the utterly useless Alzner though. They'd also be adding a ton of salary in the process. Honestly, I can't think of any team willing to add Alzner. Given his contract, he most certainly has negative value in any trade you'd try to make happen.
  3. What a game! BOTH starting goalies got pulled! You don't see that very often. Jones got taken out when Vegas went up 4-1, and then 4th-string goalie Max Lagace got the hook when San Jose scored three straight to tie it up. So Malcolm Subban got back in action. Vegas won it in overtime, so now they're 9-1-0 at home, winning eight in a row to tie the NHL record for teams in their inaugural season set by the Toronto Arenas in 1917-18. What a coincidence....that record has stood for exactly 100 years. Will Vegas break the record?
  4. Plus, we need more left wings. We're really short on left wings.
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  6. While theoretically not impossible, I agree - unless the return of price coincides with either a massive trade, or, some sort of miracle work by Julien with this roster, chances are even price of his MVP season may not be enough. Its not just that we cant score, we cant keep pucks out of the net either. Sure, price would help but even when he's playing miracle-man he is prone to allow a couple of goals a game. Right now we seem lucky just to get 1.
  7. And hes back to wearing last year's skates
  8. Price or no Price , team is too far out to make the playoffs . There are other issues that haven't been addressed , A Top flight D man and 2 Centres.
  9. Would be nice if he got some time on the 2nd PP unit, he's a great passer and it'd be good to see what he can do
  10. Washington @ Toronto Buffalo @ Montreal NYI @ Ottawa NJ @ Detroit Chicago @ Florida Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh
  11. Is that all?
  12. In Friedman's 31 thoughts today he talked about the Penguins being interested in Pacioretty if he became available. Could you imagine that top 6. Sheary-Crosby-Hornqvist Pacioretty-Malkin-Kessel Disgusting. Would be hilarious to me if both Kessel and Pacioretty got run out of town and immediately won a cup.
  13. Agreed
  14. Saturday: Washington @ Toronto Buffalo @ Montreal NYI @ Ottawa NJ @ Detroit Chicago @ Florida Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh
  15. I would absolutely be interested in that. Im not sure the isle would go for it but its possible. Patches could be a key piece in getting Tavares to re-sign - if he could score 30-39 goals with the centres we've had, imagine him next to Tavares! That would probably be a pretty fair deal. Barzal is supremely talented & could end up being a phenom but he's unproven. Pacioretty is a proven goal scorer, a home-town boy (born less than an hour away from where the isles play) etc. You're giving up a sure thing for potential (albeit pretty likely potential). i would guess there'd be picks or prospects going each way too, just to balance it out and give a little 'insurance.'
  16. we could try him at center, maybe he will do better than all the other temp centers
  17. with his new contract hes a hab for life, hope he gets his form back, or we are gonna have a 10 mill backup goalie
  18. They are still Subban fans except now they cheer for the Predators.
  19. I think I'd be happy if we could get Matt Barzal from the Islanders for Paciretty.
  20. LOL....when I see it, I'll believe it.
  21. Well it's time for our best player to be our best player. If we sputter for another week the season's probably over, so we need Price to immediately play at his best and maintain it the rest of the year.
  22. yeah, those few good games turned out to be the anomaly
  23. You're too slow,,, I posted that in the Price thread.
  24. Yesterday
  25. According to Eklund, Nugent-Hopkins talks are "white hot" and we are involved. Problem is, edmonton needs a defensman and unless they are interested in Alzner, i dont know who we can spare. If there was a possibility of a 3rd team it might work. If im giving up Patches though, i would hope for more than just RNH (albeit he's been phenomenal this year & he's several years younger than patches).
  26. thats definitely a team we can compare ourselves with.
  27. Yes. Subban was back, but sitting as backup for Lagace last game in Anaheim. Lagace is on a roll and you don't take out a goalie when he's hot. That's three wins in a row, and so he's starting again tonight vs. San Jose.
  28. Maybe. I hope that things change. The person who can do the most in that regard is Julien. We cant score as we are structured now, but we can ice a way better defense. Put Alzner in the pressbox. Dont let Bergevin send Mete back to Junior. JJ/Mete - Weber Mete/JJ - Petry Schlemko-Benn HAS TO be better than Benn -Weber Alzner-Petry Davidson-Morrow It just HAS TO BE. lol
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