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  2. any movement in the draft I do not trust MB with in any way shape or form. We cant score goals, just take zadina. to me , anything else is a mistake. my opinion. as for ROR, its not what I would do with patch, but this whole team is not what I would do. as it do that all day if the rumour is true. turns your winger into a centre , offiensive production is the same and ROR is a complete hockey player who can do a lot of things
  3. vilardi? please? something to be happy about?
  4. The analogy is ok (and funny) but Domi isnt a ford. There's still a chance he ends up being a terrific player. The problem is that this would be him exceeding expectations - and no matter how you cut it, we sold way too low.
  5. That's like saying we have a 6 year old Mercedes which we traded for a 5 year old Ford because ours wasn't a new Bugatti. And then saying well, the carplay feature on the Mercedes is confusing and the Ford one is much simpler.
  6. Interesting points. I'm not sure the age difference is much of a factor though, Kotkaneimi was born in July, 2000. Veleno January, 2000 and Hayton June, 2000. Playing with men is something to consider, but it is in Finland. I've heard the competition compares to the AHL, but I have my doubts about that. Still, it's something to consider. I just feel like he is a player with excellent potential, but with some serious risks as well. Concerns with his skating, strength and ability to stay on his skates, combined with the fact that he has already been shifted from center to the wing while playing at the next level make me seriously doubt him a the best center available. He might turn out to be great, but I just don't see how at this point he out ranks either Hayton or Veleno. Again, I don't think we should reach for any of the three with our 3rd overall, but if we do he just seems to me like the riskiest choice of the three. And I'm not of the opinion that we are in the position to be rolling the dice, considering the state of our system.
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  8. A lot of speculation leading up to the draft. So far the things that seem to be popping up on multiple sites/multiple insiders (and im talking the more respected ones from TSN, Sportsnet etc, not the eklunds of the world): - Montreal looks more and more like they are going to pick Kotkaniemi (assuming Svechnikov doesnt drop to 3). They feel like he would be safe well past the #3 spot though so they want to try to trade that pick for an asset & a later round pick. Thats a somewhat risky move unless you're going with say #4-5 but who knows. I worry that Mb will mess this up. - There's been a number of talks between Montreal and Buffalo. Buffalo is apparently very high on Pacioretty. Montreal is high on ROR. Its unclear if the two would be swapped for one another though. Buffalo wants #3 but sense is that montreal will not trade #3 unless its to trade down & still be able to take Kotkaniemi Tomorrow should be interesting. lets hope its not a screw up.
  9. Do something about it? What hire babysitters? Managing the players? Do they have to assign people to live with them , just to teach them to be adults....really? There are corporations all over the world that don't tolerate different behaviors. Most of these aren't jobs paying millions of dollars. Even from teachers to officers to fireman which are public to most all corporations. You can definitely enjoy (Party) without getting into trouble or be in the public especially when you have money. It can make it easier to be private. It's hard to feel sorry for a young multi-millionaire whom is an adult not to act accordingly if that's one of the things they're asked to do buy the people that are paying them. Many of us have jobs with restrictions and oversight and aren't paid that kind of money. Yes they're stars but they still are employees. I will say it's easier to hide something in different markets, that said the players all know where they are playing and where they decide to live. Some players leave the team city during the off season for that reason sometimes. Remember no one forces anyone into different situations these players live with their decisions. I will give Subban who may be flamboyant , that maybe there's not a camera he won't jump in front of but he doesn't do stupid things. He's just flamboyant and he does do good things in the communities he's involved with. Even if someone may associate what he does with growing a brand , they are still good things he does. Flamboyant yes some over the top yes , but still good things. You can have fun and be responsible. (It's kind of the adult thing to do) Teams in all sports and all leagues have traded or terminated players that the corporations deemed didn't fit their image. Last year there were several NFL teams at different times of the season that could of used a quarterback. Kapernick didn't receive one offer. Was it that he wasn't qualified no. What he was doing (no matter how you feel about it) was trying to help a situation and didn't actually hurt anyone. The perception from and controversy though was enough to effect his future and career. So all athletes make THIER OWN choices. Most of the kids that are high draft choices are continually talked to about this throughout their early careers also to help prepare them.
  10. Hah! Was going to post the same thing. I be following AG closely.
  11. Totally. Because having Subban when he was a Hab on the front of the biggest selling hockey video game would have been such bad news for the Montreal Canadiens & their brand. It would have totally taken money out of the teams' pockets. Not.
  12. I like Julien a lot. I think he's a great coach but i dont think he's the right coach for the team he inherited. Now, thats on Bergevin (first for building it and second for making it worse) but its also on Julien for not adapting. Maybe having Ducharme will help. Alzner is the perfect example. He's not worth nearly as much as his salary but he's not as much of a complete disaster on defense as it seemed last year. It was clear from day one that he couldnt wrap his head around zone defense. There are ways to get around that & Julien could have implemented them (especially with a good PMD like Petry as his partner) but he didnt. He let them flounder & time and again he was out of position or too late for the play. I get the arguement that "we pay him a lot so he needs to adapt" but its not happening so what is the best course for the team?? Be stubborn and lose lots of games? or make it work? If that means changing a few things then so be it. This team has been ruined by stubbornness, antiquated thinking and asinine decisions. For about 6 years now we've been trying to fit square pegs in round holes. Its time to end the madness.
  13. On the bright side, this trade has given me one more team to cheer for this year while I'm not watching Montreal flounder. I'm now up to three with Washington, Nashville and Arizona.
  14. +1, this is all true. I'll add to it that coaching is a thing. Just because you use Galchenyuk as your top offensive centre doesn't mean you have to put him out there in all situations. Give him sheltered minutes, throw his line on the ice for O-zone face-offs or when we're down late in the game. We did this for Desharnais for years, why not for our #3 overall draft pick? Yeah it would be nice to have a complete two-way centre who can play in all situations, but just because Galchenyuk wasn't that doesn't mean he couldn't have a place as a centre on our roster. It's just bonkers. On a team whose biggest weaknesses are that we have nobody to play centre and that we can't score goals, we traded away a guy who can do both for a guy who can do neither. There is no explanation other than "it's personal" that even comes close to making sense.
  15. I believe Bergevin has this "old man" mentality about how a young player is supposed to conduct himself. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of the world we live in and it's not a reality of the NHL.
  16. I've never understood the reasoning that we couldn't play Galchenyuk at Centre because of his defensive liabilities. We went out and acquired a stalwart defender at great cost and are paying a goaltender over ten million dollars. If that doesn't allow us the ability to play a little fast and loose with an offensively minded player how does any team in the league justify it? We were literally starved for goal scoring and Bergevin didn't just look his gift horse in the mouth, he boiled it down to glue and sold it on sale. It was personal, it was ego driven and it was wrong.
  17. You know in all this time watching hockey that's the first time I've ever had it brought to my attention how and why empty net goals contribute so much to +/-, but it makes so much sense. Thanks for the lesson, folks!
  18. SO SELFISH! Maybe Marc Bergevin can get himself on the cover of Hockey Manager 2019. Is that a game???
  19. Nope, he was just showing off and campaigning for it while spending too much energy outside the rink. Just like he did when he donated to the hospital - it's all about the brand
  20. I think there's an argument to be made for young hockey players acting professional. Yes. Absolutely. However, there's also an argument to be made that the Montreal Canadiens organization cannot bury its head in the sand when it comes to young adults acting like young adults. If we've learned anything from the past 10-15 years, it's that our young players sometimes behave like immature, rich, athletes (surprise, surprise). There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, but if our management is going to act like that's a major problem then they should do something about it rather than just trade away assets for less return value. The organization needs to be better at managing its players.
  21. I thought perhaps something like the 3rd overall (2018), 38th overall (2018, from Chicago), and a prospect would be appropriate. But perhaps that's way off.
  22. I could see Bergevin coveting a player like O'Rielly SOOOOOOOO much that he trades away the third overall. He would then proceed to resign Max and assume he's got a contender on his hands. At the golf tournament he would say, "Our forward corps is better this year than last year," and we would all chuckle.
  23. Bergevin will never get to do this.
  24. Thats very interesting about Hughes. Id value Timmins' opinion on something like that. I think Timmins saying that Kotkaniemi is a "potential 1C" is a very telling quote. IMHO that makes it extremely likely thats the guy that - Timmins at least - is targeting. Lets hope that MB doesnt step in with the "well, Tkachuk has all that grit" nonsense. Im surprised they met with Hayton. Not that he's not a great player but there's a good chance he doesnt even make it into the top 10. Makes you wonder if we're going to move a roster player for another first round pick? Pacioretty for 11th overall + Leddy? Right now if i had to bet, Id say that assuming Dahlin goes first (obvious) and Svechnikov goes second (pretty close to a lock but there's still that Zadina-Necas connection) then you take Kotkaniemi. If something weird happens and Svech is left, you have to take him, regardless of position.
  25. Agreed. ROR for Patches, yes. ROR for 3rd, no way. ROR + 1st for Patches + 3rd: You bet!!! haha.
  26. I'll answer this with a question: what would you want to move down to 4 or 5? Whatever that is, it's going to take more to move up for a consensus #2 like Svechnikov. Picks 3 to 10 are much more closely bunched.
  27. No one will bemoan a young player, or any player, from living and having fun but they had better make sure they don't embarrass the team and they come prepared to do the job they are well paid to do.
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