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  2. So you don't think we can contend year 1 with Lindgren/Montoya combination and therefore you end up with the mess that exists now. And when exactly do you feel this current edition of the franchise will contend for the Cup? You have no interest in having players like Ryan O'Reilly or Draisaitl on the team and prefer to have traded away Sergychev for Drouin and given away Bo and lost Emelin in the Xdraft with no replacement plan? What are you going to do with Weber after this season because if you think he will be tradable after another year of deteriorating play on a losing team .... I beg to differ. That contract is not going away. Neither is the monster deal Price signed so you have what you wished for. I think I would have much preferred my version as at least the team would have been trying to improve and build for the future instead of doing nothing but sign retreads and subpar prospects. If such aggressive moves had been made it would also have meant Bergevin was gone because he is not capable of building a winner as he has so amply demonstrated over the past 5 years.
  3. Ditto, although methinks that Mete will get 5-6 "real" games in.
  4. Morrow, Davidson and Streit
  5. Streit Davidson Gelinas
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  7. It's a little up in the air as to which players will fill out the D roster on opening day... tell us who you think will make the roster (not who you want to make it but who you think Julien and Bergevin will actually keep). You may choose as many answers as you like.
  8. Agree about Jerabek. He's got some really nice skills and I could see him sticking by the end of the year but for now I think he needs time in the minors. I actually have a feeling they are going to keep Mete up and with Weber for at least a few games. I think this is a very slippery slope; on the one hand he has the ideal skills next to Weber but on the other, what a massive burden to put on such a young player. I would probably try either Gelinas or Morrow next to Weber. I think Schlemko will be the choice once he's back, although I worry about whether he can handle the minutes. Before training camp started there were some who thought Benn may slot next to Weber (even though he prefers playing his off-side).
  9. NFL

    Minnesota quarterback Sam Bradford will not play Sunday against Tampa Bay due to a knee injury.
  10. Nebraska has fired athletic director Shawn Eichorst citing poor on field performance by the football team.
  11. MLB

    Los Angeles Dodgers clinch a tie for the National League West title with a 5-4 win over Philadelphia.
  12. NFL

    Los Angeles Rams 41 San Francisco 39. In a game where the offenses dominated the line of scrimmage, Rams stop a two point conversion attempt to preserve the win.
  13. MLB

    Minnesota 12 Detroit 1. Twins take advantage of a struggling Jordan Zimmerman and the bullpen continues to have trouble getting anyone out.
  14. Michigan travels to West Lafayette, Indiana to play Purdue tomorrow at 4:00 P.M.
  15. Paul Casey and Webb Simpson are tied in the second round of the Tour Championship at -8. Both players are at -4 for the round. Casey has finished 10 holes and Simpson has completed 8.
  16. If the season were to start tomorrow (and Schlemko were still injured), I'd go with this D: Gelinas-Weber Alzner-Petry Morrow-Benn Davidson Jerabek needs time in the minors based on what we've seen so far. Streit isn't adding much. When Schlemko is back, I'd slot him next to Weber and pair Gelinas with Benn. But for now, Gelinas is a veteran player who's still young enough to log big minutes. Best option we've seen at camp so far for a left-handed Weber partner.
  17. ^^ And that's a major difference between Weber and Subban. If Subban were here, I'd have no issue pairing him with any of Schlemko, Benn, Alzner, Mete, etc. I think they would be fine. But with Weber, we're trying to find a specific player who offsets his lack of speed and puck-moving ability. Weber in his own zone stays in front of his net and ventures to his own corner from time to time, but he doesn't get on loose pucks well and he doesn't skate the puck up ice. So his partner to some degree needs to be able to do that.
  18. It always cracks me up how players reject Corsi but their first remedy to any problem facing a team is "get more pucks on net".
  19. Yeah this seems pretty clear to me. The first two preseason games basically telegraphed the starting forwardroster for us. In the first two games we saw Pacioretty-Drouin-Hemsky, Galchenyuk-Danault-Gallagher, Hudon-Plekanec-Lehkonen, and Byron-Mitchell-Shaw. Lehkonen and Hemsky could still swap places but the lines seem pretty close to set. It's easy to see why Julien wouldn't want to say anything though, even though it's very obvious he can't tell us or he'd have to walk it back if Drouin had a couple bad games at center or something. "I've decided my 12 forwards and you aren't one of them" is also not a really encouraging message to Scherbak or McCarron even if it's true. I don't think it reflects some philosophy of Julien preferring rookie defensemen and experienced forwards as much as the actual prospects themselves. There's just...not really any exciting rookie forwards that Julien would want to get a better look at besides Hudon, and I'd assume Julien already knows he's good and will be on the Habs to start the year. After that...Poehling and Ikonen are playing NCAA/pro and can't go to camp. Scherbak and McCarron seem like projects and are clearly not anywhere close to Hudon/Lehkonen/Byron/Shaw as 3rd/4th line wingers. After that it's just a mix of meh prospects, guys like Carr/DLR/Martinsen that have fallen off the depth chart, and depth veterans like Holland/Froese who might be 13th forwards. With defense it's very different, Mete is probably a fringe #5-6 guy at best right now, but Mete and Weber are basically complete opposites in physical attributes and play style, and everything Mete is weak in Weber is strong in (and vice versa). In a vacuum Schlemko/Davidson/Jerabek/Benn/Alzner are all better overall players right now, but there's a non-zero chance that Mete-Weber make a better pairing than Weber with one of the many meh slow #5 fringe #4 defensemen on the team.
  20. I like Lindgren. I think he's technically very good for a young goalie. I think he would be a solid back-up and potentially a starter in the NHL someday. That does not mean I think he can step in and play 40 or 60 games this year. If we deal Price without getting a #1 goalie as part of the return, it'd be hard to be a contender with Lindgren. He's solid, but there's a difference between being good for 20-30 games and being able to sustain that. Lindgren would be on a steep learning curve to make that work right away. We're better off asking him to play at least 1-2 seasons as a back-up to get used to the NHL first. That doesn't mean I agree with going long-term on Price (although I think it was that or trade him up front because he wouldn't have taken a 4-5 year deal) but if you deal Price, you have to have another plan other than Lindgren-Montoya for this season if you want to be competitive in 2017-18. Otherwise you call it a rebuild on the fly but you admit you're not winning anything right away. Redmond isn't more than a 7th-8th D man or injury replacement call-up, so that he is on waivers and headed to the minors doesn't surprise me and doesn't bother me int he least. The other part of the equation is whether Streit deserves to be here and I'd be inclined to agree with you and say no. He's looked pretty slow and he was never very good at defence to begin with. So he's essentially a PP specialist in my books and it's pretty tough to waste a line-up spot on someone like that IMO. Gelinas has shown he has a big shot and can skate better than Streit, so for my money, I'd rather keep Gelinas or even Morrow around compared to Streit. I think they're just better all-around players with not too much discrepancy in what they can bring offensively. But I do believe MB sees Streit as more. The negotiation updates seemed to suggest MB was playing Markov against Streit in contract talks and that he sees Streit as a lesser but cheaper and suitable replacement for Markov. If that's the case, I think MB believes Streit will be on the team. I think MB views the D roster as Schlemko-Weber Alzner-Petry Streit/Davidson-Benn +/- Morrow or Gelinas if they keep 8 guys. We'll see if CJ agrees or not, and a Schlemko injury to start the year could shake things up too.
  21. Streit has a Cup ring . He knows how to win .
  22. Because Price's marketing value is worth a lot more to Habs management than a #1 centre?
  23. It was still $34.95 too much.
  24. This surprises me at this stage. We may well not have enough room for him but how he is waived/sent to the minors while Streit remains on the roster is beyond me.
  25. Zack Redmond has been placed on waivers.
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