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  2. Guelph beat the Knights, and moves on. Suzuki leads the league in PO PTs. with 21. 10G and 11 A. in 8 PO GP. Saginaw beat them tonight.
  3. ya, so disappointing.
  4. blues win....3 goal comeback in 3rd period ....
  5. passed out in the recliner......
  6. add...."this sport "
  7. page 789, pargraph 3, line
  8. whoo hoo !! Pegs leading blues 2-0 however they got a 4 minute pp and only mustered up 1 shot ............whoa !..wait........has anbody seen kirk muller ???
  9. Shoulda posted that 23 hours ago!
  10. I'm with Habs=stanleycup............
  11. Yesterday
  12. The last part is the important part. If the Habs sign Folin and use him as they did Ouellet, then it's fine. Send him to Laval, have him be a veteran mentor there and act as an insurance policy if you really get hit with injuries. As a guy who is 9th or 10th on your depth chart, he's fine. What can't happen is for MB to believe he can use Folin in his top 6 and that that's fine. And you especially can't do that if you also plan on using Benn and/or Kulak as well. Can't have half your D be made up of fringe NHLers who are 6-7 guys at best. It's why finding the 1 LHD is so important. Not only does it help Weber with a better partner, but it also puts Mete back with Petry, instead of weighing Petry down with a third-pairing guy like Kulak or Benn. And it pushes Kulak back to the 3rd pair, where he belongs, and Folin out of the line-up. Instead of having three guys playing one seat above what they're capable of, finding one key guy puts everyone else back into a more appropriate role. It's a big difference on many levels, not just one.
  13. Doesn't have to be, so no issue. We'd have to protect McNiven and Lindgren, but it doesn't look like that'll matter to us if Primeau is deemed the best one of the lot.
  14. Not really surprised. As I outlined in another thread, it seemed likely we would sign one of Benn or Folin (I dont expect both) as an insurance policy. At one year and so little $$ its pretty meaningless. You could bury him in the minors & completely remove his salary from our cap. As long as guys like Juulsen and Brook are given ample opportunity to leapfrog Folin, i dont really have an issue with it.
  15. is there something written into our team code of conduct that we have to sign at least one plug to an unnecessary charity contract per year??
  16. I only have two complaints about GM/Coaching. 1) he should have either given Lindgren a chance or got a better back up at the deadline. 2) They needed to something about that powerplay. If ONE of those two would have happened, I have no doubt we would be in the playoffs
  17. Actually at the deadline we were in a playoff spot. I think as he said he wasn't going to mortgage the future but also he gave faith into the guys that got them there. I think believing in the guys you have says more than I'll get you help because I don't feel you can make it without. I believe there was a lot of us that thought we are going to make it in. I'm glad he didn't give away 1st or 2nd rounds picks or good prospects because it probably wouldn't of got us far enough to waste it. The team this year sort of grew together also and believed in each other. I would of liked to seen him give Lingren a chance though.
  18. I think this could be what the strategy will be for now, while they look for that coveted left-defenseman
  19. A decent third pairing right defenseman with experience. I think those of us looking forward to seeing players like Juulsen, Brook et al. will have to wait. If a trade can be made to acquire a first pairing left-defenseman one of Mete, Kulak or Benn could be moved out.
  20. I think a lot of this also is similar to Chucky. The first part of the season he played with mostly Domi the teams most creative center. When he was moved down the line up his points dropped off and his defensive side of the game was more exposed. The big difference is that Chucky wasn't trade for what most fans thought was a pressing need and then compared against. Also Chucky as our own pick was given a lot of latitude with the fans , always 'just use him in offensive zone draws and "shelter him". I really believe that Drouin can be useful if he plays with another gifted forward. I think Domi because of his speed and creativity is the right fit. Yes he has to continue to work on his defensive side of the game. I think though with say Shaw or Gallager or maybe Lek. alongside Domi they could strive. He's the type player the more offensive chances he gets he's more into the game and motivated. A lot of players that come up through the Q are offense first as that is the style played there. I also think that it would enhance Domi's game because the second half he basically was given projects. Let's get Lek's going , put him with Domi. Domi with his speed and vision and defensively has proven he is the #1 center moving forward. Give Domi the offensive guys to explode. Drouin Domi Suzuki , Tatar JK Gallager…..then Danualt and Poeling lines.
  21. Washington vs Carolina: Carolina St Louis vs Winnipeg: Winnipeg Las Vegas vs San Jose: Las Vegas
  22. LSU has named Scott Woodward athletic director.
  23. Game 3 NBA Eastern Conference first round Philadelphia at Brooklyn tonight at 8:00 P.M. Series tied 1-1.
  24. Shane Lowry leads in the first round of the Heritage Classic at -6. He has finished his round.
  25. Pittsburgh 3 Detroit 2, 10 innings. Missed for either scoring or additional scoring, relief pitching failure in the eight and 10th innings, and a fielding error that let in a Pittsburgh run.
  26. Mueller report is out. Trump is still not out of the woods.
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