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  2. Except that this team rated/played Murray > Tinordi and Pateryn Bouillon > Beaulieu Desharnais > Eller King > Galchenyuk Martinsen > Andrighetto Danault > Kotkaniemi Deslauriers > Hudon Niemi > Lindgren History says the Habs will almost always favor a mediocre veteran over a younger player with talent. Even if they keep a guy like Brook or Fleury on the team, they're almost certainly going to play behind or on par with the likes of Benn, Folin, Kulak, etc. I don't believe Brook will be kept off the team if he really earns a spot, but I do believe he will be on a short leash and that Folin will be given much more wiggle room to make mistakes and stay in the line-up despite them.
  3. Toronto Tie - Colorado
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  5. Brook .. 7 games in AHL yes, after 59g and 75pts in WHL tied for WHL lead with 9 games less played than the other guy due to WJC. Scouting reports are very favourable on Brook ... he potentially will be a top 1 or 2 RD (possibly LD) ... Fluery on the other hand will be a 2nd or 3rd pairing guy at best. So in 4-5 years Romanov - Brook Mete - Juulsen ?? - Fleury I
  6. I feel the same way. We aren't winning the cup next year so let's get our youngsters some experience in the big league. Having said that, we do need a #1 left D-man.
  7. TO Cal.
  8. I would sign both. There is going to be an injury at some point and Brook/Fleury will be there when it happens. Giving these guys a little over a million is not going to stop the younger guys from beating them for their jobs. I don't see the risk. They played well for us and they are not OLD, 28 and 31, for D men means they could be part of this team in 3-4 years still. Maybe I dont know enough about Brook or Fleury but looking at their stats, I think I'm still waiting for Romanov. Brook played 7 games in AHL last season and was -2, had 10 penalty minutes and 1 assist. I'm certain Benn or Folin are better. Fleury is another matter, I certainly want to give him a chance to compete, but he's a right shot and only played one season in the AHL. He absolutely deserves some playing time in the NHL this year, but I see him needing another year of minutes in the AHL. There are going to be injuries, and we can rotate Benn, Folin, and Brook (even Juulsen). Plus are we sure Kulak will be as good as last year? If we trade for or sign an LD then you shouldn't sign both, but otherwise I would
  9. Reilly is probably out yes. From Feb 25th to end of season he appeared in one game. Juulsen yes had two unrelated injuries this year and last year, so a bit unfair to say they are "commonplace". And I don't think he has anything to prove, he was far better than Benn or Folin this year and the 3rd RD spot is his to lose. Folin's signing is in case any of the top 6 go down. You have 3 other prospects currently slated for Laval : Fleury, Brook and Olofsson. Now Olofsson, it's probably fair to say he is made of glass. Season ending injuries in 2014/15. Missed 20 games in 2015/16. Season ending inury 2017/18 and again in 2018/19 and I suspect we don't qualify him unless MB believe he can be a top 1 or 2 pairing LHD. Brook looks near NHL ready and at most needs a season in Laval. Fleury is probably there as well. You can't leave your prospects on the farm forever. At some point they need to make the jump to the next level and the only way you can assess that is time with the big club. If MB fills the D spots with UFA's there's zero fiscal reason to call up the rookies and they languish in the AHL. So unless the Habs sign a top pairing LD for next season ... your D corps most likely includes one of Brook or Fleury, most likely : Mete - Weber Kulak - Petry Brook/Fleury? - Juulsen Folin Now if they sign Benn as well ... then I'm just at a loss, because that means they'll have to play one of Benn or Folin ... which a far worse lineup than above.
  10. Toronto Flames
  11. Blues win! Good. I don't want Winnipeg to win that series!
  12. Minor housekeeping item. Adds a little depth to the right side for next season. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't think anyone needs to worry about Folin's contract holding back young players if they excel in camp. I would still expect Kulak to also receive a new contract from the team.
  13. Friday Bruins Flames
  14. Friday Bruins Flames
  15. Because these guys are better. Reilly is clearly stunted and missed his trajectory for years. Juulsrn has a lot to prove. And injuries seem commonplace for him. Is he durable or just two soft. Fluery? A lot to prove still. Keep the guys that are better. And add a good FA D. Chase Forward and D players. And these guys will be affordable. Folin’s ee r t price was good.
  16. Guelph beat the Knights, and moves on. Suzuki leads the league in PO PTs. with 21. 10G and 11 A. in 8 PO GP. Saginaw beat them tonight.
  17. ya, so disappointing.
  18. blues win....3 goal comeback in 3rd period ....
  19. passed out in the recliner......
  20. add...."this sport "
  21. page 789, pargraph 3, line
  22. whoo hoo !! Pegs leading blues 2-0 however they got a 4 minute pp and only mustered up 1 shot ............whoa !..wait........has anbody seen kirk muller ???
  23. Shoulda posted that 23 hours ago!
  24. I'm with Habs=stanleycup............
  25. Yesterday
  26. The last part is the important part. If the Habs sign Folin and use him as they did Ouellet, then it's fine. Send him to Laval, have him be a veteran mentor there and act as an insurance policy if you really get hit with injuries. As a guy who is 9th or 10th on your depth chart, he's fine. What can't happen is for MB to believe he can use Folin in his top 6 and that that's fine. And you especially can't do that if you also plan on using Benn and/or Kulak as well. Can't have half your D be made up of fringe NHLers who are 6-7 guys at best. It's why finding the 1 LHD is so important. Not only does it help Weber with a better partner, but it also puts Mete back with Petry, instead of weighing Petry down with a third-pairing guy like Kulak or Benn. And it pushes Kulak back to the 3rd pair, where he belongs, and Folin out of the line-up. Instead of having three guys playing one seat above what they're capable of, finding one key guy puts everyone else back into a more appropriate role. It's a big difference on many levels, not just one.
  27. Doesn't have to be, so no issue. We'd have to protect McNiven and Lindgren, but it doesn't look like that'll matter to us if Primeau is deemed the best one of the lot.
  28. Not really surprised. As I outlined in another thread, it seemed likely we would sign one of Benn or Folin (I dont expect both) as an insurance policy. At one year and so little $$ its pretty meaningless. You could bury him in the minors & completely remove his salary from our cap. As long as guys like Juulsen and Brook are given ample opportunity to leapfrog Folin, i dont really have an issue with it.
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