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  2. I just read something from Twitter: "Too bad the Habs will be picking 31" Now that's confidence. "You know what to do, Bergevin. Trade the entire team for the first overall pick. Do it." "Lafreniere better pull a Lindros if we dont get the first overall. "
  3. You need one of these:
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  5. yeah i agree, Ehlers is too talented, you add him if you can
  6. I think if you have the opportunity to pick up a talent like Ehlers at a reasonable price, you do it, regardless of what your depth is like. You can always trade someone.
  7. Ya, Bob McKenzie confirmed it and he's about as reliable a source as there is.
  8. I believe Edler has extended his stay in Vancouver for two more years. $6 million per season.
  9. My bad. . I missed it. Sry.
  10. Articles I read is he's more linked to Carolina and Doug Hamilton ... Jets are looking to replace Trouba on the right side. Additionally, going for Ehlers makes no sense to me ... he's a Leftwing where we already have Tatar, Drouin, Lehkonen. He'd be on par with Drouin/Tatar really and we don't need forwards with Poehling, Suzuki and others ready to step in. We need a quality LD and hopefully that's where MB is focused ... unless ... Ehlers makes sense only if one of Tatar/Drouin is being discussed for a LD ... most likely Drouin as he's young.
  11. You missed my sarcasm. There were Montreal journalist's implying we should last year ... or that we should sell the farm to ensure we got the 1st overall. They really want a potentially franchise french canadian you see. With the draft lottery there really is no point in tanking anymore ... you could finish last overall and still end up picking 5th.
  12. I did vote for Leddy But i wish you had to put an other their in the pole.
  13. Fact is is that after Richard the Third losing his horse with no one to tell him about the New it is...How is Brazil going today anyhow? Lol
  14. Oi. Money. Free agency is so disheartening.
  15. I thought Jullien did a better job than in the past utilizing the teams speed. We're not a big team so we really didn't play grind it out hockey last year. I did like that he got the team to buy into never quitting also. All season even games we were down in it still seemed like we had a chance and weren't giving up. If you look at it though St. Louis doesn't play a Tampa style game they play more of an old school heavy in your face game. They've really only have a couple of game breakers. Even Washington the year before it wasn't until Trots came along and made them play a better defensive game they actually won the cup. The run and gun is fun to watch but you still have to have a good defensive structure to work with to win in the playoffs. Boston's down fall I believe was when the games were called tighter it actually didn't help them because their team actually relied to much on their power play. When the didn't score on the pp or had very few chances they weren't as effective. The Habs last year were actually a good 5 on 5 team. Yes I want to see the PP get better(how couldn't it) but we didn't have to rely on it. That I believed hurt Tampa also , as good as they were if they didn't score on the PP 5 on 5 you had a chance to beat them. We can debate how the playoffs are called , but until it changes the games are called differently , giving more of an advantage to a strong 5 on 5 team.
  16. Bergevin will screw things up yet! I think we got lucky last year, any injury to Price and we are in deep shit. We rely way too much on him, need a coach that can play todays game of fast hockey
  17. Gardiner all the way, while he does have defensive lapses he is the best offensive D man on the board IMO. And we need more goals
  18. Already considering getting tickets, only 6 hrs from Toronto to Mtl so well worth the trip.
  19. I'm guessing probably a joke. Tanking even if you get the first overall one player doesn't put you over the top without a team around them. Darn the Oilers win the cup again!
  20. Right, Jake Gardiner for 50M spread over 7 years. That's the market these days I guess but there's no way I'd be willing to negotiate if that's the starting point. I just don't see him being an effective defenceman 3-4 years down the road. I'm thinking Tomas Kaberle, completely falling of a cliff in his early thirties.
  21. it seems that every year a member wants us to tank. I'll ask you this,,,, our window is closing fast, so, when do you think that we can get to the 2nd-3rd Rd?
  22. Who was that guy we drafted the last time the draft was in Montreal? Exactly
  23. And he wants to take away legal guns so only the bad guys will have guns.
  24. I agree. I do wonder what MB will do. I cant see him overpaying for Gardiner or Edler and he's show in the past that he's weary of term for UFA (Alzner will only solidify that feeling after the huge misstep). I feel like he's going to either: Do everything in his power to move up to draft Byram (if the scouts feel he's truly ready. I think he's maybe the only LD who might be ready next year) or, more likely, trade one or more of our forwards for a dman. The question is going to be what quality of dman that is. Do we aim for the fences with one of the guys mentioned above or does MB try to sign a mid tier dman. I wouldnt put it past him to look at a 28-32 year old 'band aid' solution either - and if the player can perform for a couple of years, honestly it may not be a bad choice. We have Mete, Romanov, Harris, Leskinen, and more - plus i'll bet we draft a few solid LD this weekend - maybe if we can get a guy with a few more years left in the tank, like a Jeff Petry on LD, it makes the most sense. Probably wouldnt cost nearly as much as a LD in his prime. Should be an interesting few weeks.
  25. And with Weber and Price sort of like Vegas with Fluery than they go on and make a cup run while we rebuild
  26. I would rather leave them in their mess and get Conner via trade
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