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  2. There are actually some ways to "slowly" open things up and get eventually back to a new normal. Trump down plays it but has his own staff tested frequently and does do contact tracing on all white house staff. All the experts say we need ramped up testing of all in the work force and going back to the work force. Which apparently can be done. The restart to any of the leagues that is the first step testing and tracking. We actually can do that with the general population we just have to be willing to make that happen as a nation. With Trump telling everyone get back to work but testing for everyone isn't needed is just wrong. Until a vaccine is available then we need testing for all available. Not just athletes politicians or the wealthy, everyone. It absolutely can be done. We just need the leadership to care more about the people than the stock market! …..Sorry rant over...………….GO HABS GO!
  3. There's a pretty major difference here though. People who work jobs who are gone from seeing their families for extended periods of time know that going in. NHL players have never been told this is a prerequisite for playing the game. Sure, they may go on long road trips for a couple of weeks but months? That's fairly "extreme" by the established standard of the NHL schedule. At the end of the day they are, as you said, ridiculously well-compensated compared to 99.9% of the work force so I am sure that they will buckle down and do it, but I will feel bad for some of them, especially those with young children. What if your wife was 7 months pregnant in July? Then you would potentially miss the birth of your child? or if your parent or someone close was ill? you wouldn't be there to be with them? I'm sure that players will be allowed to leave at any time if there are family emergencies but then, I would assume, they would be not be allowed to return to play unless they isolated for 2 weeks? Its going to be a bit of a logistical nightmare imho.
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  5. On this date in 2010, Philadelphia righthander Ray Halladay pitched a perfect game against Cincinnati in Game 1 of the NLDS.
  6. Trump has now tweeted when the looting starts, the shooting starts. As indefensible as this, where were all these protesters when the school shootings took place? If these gunmen had been one of their own, there would be the same reactions as we're seeing in Minneapolis.
  7. Boston Marathon has been officially canceled.
  8. Carolina Panthers and cornerback Eli Apple have agreed on a one year contract.
  9. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Matthew Judon has signed a $16.3 million franchise tender.
  10. I feel like he will end next year with 8 goals and 15-20 assists. I think he starts on the third pairing for the play in series IF he is eligible. Then by game 3 or 4 slides in beside Petry to finish the series. After that maybe he stays on the 2nd pairing maybe he gets Weber as a partner doesn't really matter cause both Weber and Petry are capable of teaching the kid the ins and outs of the NHL defenseman
  11. Ya know, in Lapointe's 1st full season with the Habs, (78 gms), he scored 15G and 29A. If Romanov an score 1/2 that amount, then I'll be happy. Lapointe's era was very different tho.
  12. Buffalo management would be tearing their hair out if that happened.
  13. Ok just saw Button the former Canadiens basher say that Romanov will likely be a #2 Dman but the lowest he see him is as a #3. He compared Romanov to Guy Lapointe, high praise for the kid from Button. While I am not sure Romanov can compare to Lapointe IF he is half the Dman Lapointe was he will fill a huge hole on the left side. Also TSN ranks Romanov at 5 on TSN’s ranking of NHL-affiliated prospects. Only Shesterkin, Denisenko, Byram and Kaprizov ranked higher.
  14. Oh I was not saying to trade for him just posted an interesting article.
  15. As I am over 65, I am still waiting for my $300.
  16. And get paid way less.
  17. Interesting, but it would cost a mint.
  18. Buffalo forward Jack Eichel "Fed up" with losing. Possible he requests a trade? Who knows.
  19. Like Gally said on TSN radio today that it's not too much different than going on a 2 week road trip.
  20. I won't shed one tear if they don't get to see their family for maybe a couple months. There are a lot of jobs that people are gone for extended periods of time and the workers aren't spoiled in top notch hotels and making millions. So yes it may be unfortunate if it does happen but it's not the end of the world.
  21. I agree and I really don't shed any tears for Millionaire players. Especially when I hear any whine about maybe being separated from their families for maybe two months. As teams get eliminated most won't be that long anyway. There are several jobs including the military where people are separated from families for extended times. All without being spoiled at 5 star hotels or making millions. The ones that are hurting are those workers that work at the arenas unfortunately.
  22. camp won't begin until July 10th at the earliest.
  23. Forgive me if I don't shed a tear for the billionaire owners.
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  25. To this point I think the NBA is a given as they are going to play at Disney land isolated from the entire world, which would have been ideal for the NHL if they had a similar venue. Even the CFL is looking at playing games in a shortened season in September IF they can get fans in the stands by then because they are a gate driven league unlike any of the other 4 leagues (NHL, NASCAR, NBA & NFL).
  26. I like this idea as well, however it makes sense so garuntee Bettman will not do it!
  27. Actually they are saying that families may be allowed to quarantine with the players and staff but all 12 teams and families would have to be housed in 1-3 hoteĺs for the duration of their playoff runs. They also have to procure eating establishments near the arena that would be quarantined as well, so no public access at all not even deliveries to the public to prevent contamination.
  28. Little Caesars in Detroit is only a couple of years old and has a full practice rink below the main rink.
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