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  2. If I was on the Price is Right I would have won!
  3. Voters flushed Canada down the drain
  4. Lines at practice today: Tatar – Danault – Gallagher Lehkonen – Domi – Suzuki Drouin – Kotkaniemi – Cousins Byron – Thompson – Weal Mete – Weber Kulak – Petry Chiarot – Fleury Reilly – Folin A few notes: - Armia still out with injury (Cousins in his spot). - Suzuki back up on the Domi line - Weal in a more manageable 4th line role - Fleury looks like he should remain in the lineup
  5. I agree that the 1st, Roster Player and top prospect would be all that it will take. If I was MB I might start with 1st + Tatar + Struble then build from there
  6. Toronto vs Boston San Jose vs Buffalo Pittsburgh vs Florida Arizona vs New York Rangers Vancouver vs Detroit Washington vs Calgary
  7. Today
  8. Toronto vs Boston San Jose vs Buffalo Pittsburgh vs Florida Arizona vs New York Rangers Vancouver vs Detroit Washington vs Calgary
  9. Trade value??
  10. Toronto vs Boston: Tie San Jose vs Buffalo: Buffalo Pittsburgh vs Florida: Pittsburgh Arizona vs New York Rangers: Tie Vancouver vs Detroit: Vancouver Washington vs Calgary: Washington
  11. Primeau is clearly out playing Lindgren, but for some strange reason they keep starting Lindgren. Why would they be doing this, makes no sense.
  12. Yeah, I don't see Hall being on Montreal. Even if Bergevin really wanted him. I suspect he's traded as a rental before the deadline and then goes into free agency looking for good money and a good team. Doubtful he would pick Montreal at that point. And without the team to really compete for the Cup, not sure Bergevin would trade for him as a rental.
  13. They may want it but Im not sure they will get it. 1st, roster player, top prospect is probably all they'll get for him. Its becoming apparent they wont resign him so their power is dwindling because they have an asset that will walk in the summer if they dont trade him. My guess is it will take 3 pieces to get it done. So for us that could be: 1st, Tatar, Poehling. Worth it? Dunno. Hall is elite but he's also going to be expensive & we have guys who are going to be needing raises very soon... if i had an confidence that MB would then make the necessary follow up trades to make us a true contender now, id be down for it but considering we'd still probably go into the playoffs with the mess that is our D corps, whats the point?
  14. Taylor Hall would be excellent on any NHL team. Montreal included. I doubt we'd ever have a shot at landing him. NJ is going to want so much than what they gave up to get him. NJ's management will probably say, "We're starting with a first round draft pick, a top-tier prospect (projected top defender or projected top line center/winger), a top-six roster player, and additional mid-round picks."
  15. Boston Bruins; Buffalo Sabres; Pittsburgh Penguins; New York Rangers; TIE; Calgary Flames
  16. Toronto Maple Leafs Boston Bruins 3 4 San Jose Sharks Buffalo Sabres 2 4 Pittsburgh Penguins Florida Panthers 4 2 Arizona Coyotes New York Rangers 3 2 Vancouver Canucks Detroit Red Wings 3 2 Washington Capitals Calgary Flames 3 3
  17. Lincoln, California - A woman runs out of gas and flags down a police car. She also got a ride to a gas station and a gas can. The car, however, turned out to be reported stolen.
  18. USC running back Markese Stepp will miss 3 - 5 weeks with an ankle injury.
  19. Atlanta has sent wide receiver Mohamed Sanu to New England for a 2020 second round pick.
  20. Game 1 World Series Washington - Houston tonight at 8:00 P.M. at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Max Scherzer starts for Washington against Gerrit Cole for Houston. Can Houston put Washington's starters out of the game early or will their starters shut down Astros' offense.
  21. Pittsburgh centers Evgeny Malkin and Alex Galchenyuk remain out with lower body injuries.
  22. Nashville has signed center Philip Tomasino to a three year entry level contract.
  23. I wouldn't be interested in him as a rental but I'd absolutely make an offer for Hall if an extension can be worked out. Players of his calibre usually aren't available and he'd be lights out with Domi I think.
  24. Corrected.
  25. We're screwed for another 1 1/2- 2 years. I was hoping for at least "some" of the cabinet ministers would be defeated. Interesting that JWR and Phillpot did not retain their seats. Bernier lost too. To the surprise of no-one, Kent Hehr lost his seat in Calgary.
  26. That's SN for ya.
  27. Yeah I saw the article that said he was 30 too. He will be 28 in like 3 or 4 weeķs on Nov 14th though so saying he is 27 is technically right but not really accurate LOL. Doesn't really seam like any article can get it right.
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