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  2. I would have also considered re-signing Markov to a one-year deal once we came up empty at getting anyone else... he would have been better than Streit/Alzner/Schlemko/etc. But the best option would still have been to move on from him and come up with another plan altogether. Yes, Markov put up a fair number of points in his last year, but like I said, he was barely hanging on as an even-strength player... his skating was pretty atrocious and he was getting blown by frequently. He spent about 80-90% of his ice time on with Petry or Weber, and those two pretty well carried him. Markov's Corsi was a whopping 5% lower without Petry than it was with Petry. So yeah, those two did well together, but it was mainly Petry driving that pairing. Markov was clearly on the decline and we found out that his speed and play have not surprisingly dropped off in the KHL over the past two years.
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  4. All teams the excel have excellent goaltending , it's funny when a young player from another team has a career or breakout season most on here are jealous of them, but when our young players have a good season which may be their breakout or stepping stone season everyone says they played over their head and just hope they can do it again. Yes we need our young players to continue to improve but all teams need their young players to continue. Also like Lehk. he didn't have a great offensive year last year but was solid defensively , some young players from other teams sometimes we see their numbers offensively but they may be poor on the defensive side. So I know we have a few pieces to get in place but I am optimistic that we have a good young group that cam continue to develop and grow together. So many "say" to rebuild but actually no real patience to get there. We have hopefully good players in the system with good complimentary pieces in place. It still make take a couple of years to get there but I don't think we're that far off. This could be another fun year to watch and still miss the playoffs but we should have a lot of players get good experience and be even better the following year. I'm hoping we actually do make the playoffs and see what happens. If the players in place make the right strides and some coming in are as good as were hoping we could have a young solid d corp coming in as Weber and Petry are moving on while Primeau slowly moves into Prices slot. Either way if last year was an example it appears it's a solid group that plays for each other and didn't give up and was fun to watch. Maybe if we're close something will happen at the trade deadline?
  5. IMO, the Oilers do.
  6. Markov's last year was good and I'd not characterize it as "barely hanging on" ... he got some injuries, had 36pts in 62games (rougly 50 over 82) and was a +18 ... if he had signed a 2 year deal that year and retired this summer I would have been very happy, he was still our best LD and would've helped our PP the last couple of years in a reduced role on even strength. Now however? It's clear from his 2 seasons in KHL he severely declined and would struggle in the NHL.
  7. Jeff33 post is on page 10
  8. no it was a quote from jeff33 if you go back and check ..I was responding to that and somehow quoted his post in attempting to respond , otherwise I'm ok but thanks for asking
  9. got to say i read it that way too....
  10. Trump has gone so far as to call the chanters patriotic and has renewed his attacks on the congresswomen.
  11. Milwaukee has signed veteran guard Kyle Korver.
  12. Detroit Lions have placed wide receiver Chris Lacy on the PUP list.
  13. Shane Lowry leads in the third round of the British Open at -16. He has just finished his round.
  14. Toronto 12 Detroit 1. Pitching continues to be a problem as Toronto was able to bat around twice in the game. Detroit threw in a wild pitch and an errant relay throw from the outfield.
  15. Trump also claims he didn't egg on the crowd at that rally even though video shows differently.
  16. Carolina has agreed with Brock McGinn on a two year $4.2 million contract.
  17. Who gets the better of this deal?
  18. ummm ... from what I can see YOU are the one who said they were jealous of Toronto and the Rangers ... you ok bro?
  19. so Toronto tanked to get Matthews , gave up Kadri to get a decent D which leaves them with 2 maybe 3 , can barely afford to keep Marner , have no 1st round pick next year , the drafts prospects are thin at this point , still haven't made it out of the first round in how long and were only 4 points better than Montreal last year ( with an 18 yr old center ) but you're jealous of them ? the Rangers are in a rebuild with one superstar and an aging goalie but you're jealous of them too ? for Shaw I loved him and hated to see him go but he's been injured a lot and has had concussions trading him Montreal freed up cap space and got some decent picks remains to be seen what Bergevin does with the cap space ….pre-season camp is still what a month and 1/2 to go ?
  20. If we have to rely on Price being super human we are in big trouble again........
  21. we said ummm well maybe we can kinda do it and kinda did nothing. The only way we win anything is if we luck out completely with these kids like we did with the last 2 tradIm so jealous of toronto. they needed a top RD. they traded an important player and got one. Im so jealous of the rangers. they had the guts to say not good enough, traded mcdonagh and nash and look at them now.
  22. #2 is possibly addressed as well with Chiarot. If you have 2 shooters at the point in Weber and Chiarot then the opposition can't focus on just Weber
  23. This would be a pleky deal sign and retire. Loved him in his day but we have no use for him now. Thanks for the memories Marky.
  24. Really are you talking about the same Hudon? He's playing the pros. In a professional league. When it getting matters, he didn't show up. When the competition at his position gotten bigger he choked big time. Fair enough. Sometimes, we're not objective in some cases. We're stubborn mostly because of the fact they're one of us. Our shared interest together is the benefit of our 1909. Good riddance...
  25. I am cautiously optimistic about this team going forward, but once again I think our season will go as Price performs. We had a lot of guys have career years last season and it might be a stretch hoping they match or improve on those stats. What i'm truly hopeful for is that some of our kids muscle their way onto this roster and displace a few veterans. I'm not so worried about that top LD that everybody craves for. As much as it would be nice to bolster our D, I think Mete will take another step forward this season and do an adequate job next to Weber. I saw Webs get caught flat footed a few times last year and the kid was able to get back and cover for him. Would I like more offence from him??? Sure,,,,, but I also think he was a little snake bit last season and had some great chances to bury a few. After his stint in the AHL last year he came back a different player IMO,,,, and if he can get his offence going, I think we'll be OK. My two biggest concerns going into this season were,,,, #1,,,,, addressing our back up role,,,, which hopefully we've accomplished with Kinkaid #2,,,, our PP,,,,, of which I haven't seen any changes going into this year. Maybe a trade will change that. Would have been nice to bolster the D and deal with some uncertainty, but I didn't see any solutions to that via the UFA route, and we may still address that by trade before the season starts. #1 and #2 would greatly improve our chances of making the playoffs,,,, and with the parity in the League that was on full display this past year,,, who knows.
  26. I think people are too pessimistic going into this season. I think too much emphasis is put on big ticket names. You look at what TOR and EDM did last year with the big ticket names everybody claims we're missing from our line-up and it really wasn't all that much. Remember, the Stanley Cup goes to the best team. Not to the team with most high profile individual signed to the biggest contract.
  27. Why not!? Doesn’t hurt to have a little optimism, right?
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