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  3. SJ for the shorty
  4. and finally there it is !
  5. Snow angel save.
  6. Refs lost their whistles
  7. LOLtrue but Juulsen isn't a prospect that needs evaluation either he is clearly an NHL dman so Folin should still be either a 7th dman or Laval bound, and that was my point I like the Folin signing IF it was for depth only if he is going to play above Juulsen on a nightly basis it's a bad signing as Juulsen is clearly the better player. Weber-Petry-Juulsen looks miles better then Weber-Petry-Folin IMO anyway.
  8. OT ...WHO WILL IT BE ??
  9. could we get Gordon Ramsey to coach the Habs ?....he strives for perfection, speaks'd be a good show if nothing else ..........
  10. Can I be first?
  11. 601 is right out.* (* for confirmation consult the Book of Armaments.)
  12. I don't have a problem with a depth signing like this. If a kid from Laval beats him out for the job, then it has a nil effect on the Cap. You simply waive him and send him down. His total salary is pretty much nullified at that point. Certainly not an Alzner type of bonehead. Gives us a little depth if we run into injuries and if he ends up on the farm it gives us a little veteran presence to help out the kids. It's important they have success in Laval too in order to create that confidence. Losing is not a fun environment.
  13. Ya, that's priority #1.
  14. I hope he’s right . Just don’t let the leafs advance .
  15. Boston loses but Toronto doesn’t win?
  16. Yesterday
  17. Methinks you're gonna be disappointed.
  18. Yes but not 601
  19. I hope Toronto loses but Boston doesn’t win.
  20. You forgot "per day and for 21 days."
  21. The last time the Leafs beat the Bruins in a playoff series was 1959.
  22. Remember only 600 times.
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