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  2. I don't think he will be given much of an opportunity to play with the Habs at the NHL level. That said, I could see this as a sign and trade option as an add on with someone else like a Drouin for example... to try to land a bigger fish as they say
  3. I think this is just over valuing players because they wear the CH, every team has players like the Hudons, Sherbacks, Galchenyks, ...Its not because there is a vandetta for them by the coaches, or because they dont have the skill set, its because they cost their teams wins on a regular basis. When you are on the ice consistently when the other team scores, and it doesnt matter who you play with, there is a problem. right now he is as bad defensively as droiun, but not half the skillset. If this is the type of player we want in our top six, Middle 6???...Then we are in big big big trouble. We complained about Sherback not getting a chance.. Where is he? Galchenyk a top 3 pick, we complained about him not getting a chance so he was traded started as a centre in Arizona, and quickly found his way on the wing and then reduced minutes because he cannot play 5 on 5 hockey and then traded in less then a year. When do we stop blaming the coaches, that was Galchenyks, third set of coaches. Lars Eller I liked, but we obtained Danualt and I think they felt Danualt was going to take over Ellers role. Danualt was 4 years younger. Eller only ended up being a third line center and that is where Danualt should slot in in the next year or two. It was pretty much a swap of Eller and Shaw at the time, plus the emergence of Danult. There is no way Hudon would be an asset in a middle six role not on this team or any other team, we have players like Gallagher, Tatar, Domi, Danualt, Lekonen, Drouin, KK, Armia, Byron....then young players like Suzuki, Poeling, Caufiled, quite frankly at 25 years old he would not be ahead of any of those players. Not because of the coach or GM but because he just has not been good enough. If your not putting up 60 plus points you better be good young prospect or be able to play both ends of the ice really well.
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  5. Cap space is always useful unless your name Marc Bergevin.
  6. Trump= -----old, worn out, stinks and no longer useful.
  7. Well said
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  9. You're spot on, JR.
  10. Edmonton retains 12.5% of Lucic's salary and also includes a conditional 3rd rounder in 2020 (condition not yet announced)... so Calgary does get those two small wins with the trade, but overall I agree that Edmonton gets the guy with a better chance of bouncing back and wins the trade as a result.
  11. This is kind of the attitude CJ has had with him and I don't really get it. Hudon had 3 really solid years in the AHL. He followed that up with a great first season in the NHL, 30 points in a limited role and a guy who appeared to give an effort every night. Last year was awful, but it seems odd to write him off after impressing for 4 years and then having an off-season. Lehkonen has also disappointed since his rookie season. Domi came over here and took a stupid suspension before he even played a regular season game, then proceeded to take countless selfish penalties during the year. Shaw made his share of stupid penalties before he sorted himself out with a second chance under Julien. Drouin has been given a fair number of chances despite lots of lazy play. How many chances did Alzner and Benn and Schlemko and Emelin get? Hod long a leash did Desharnais get as our under-producing 1C? History says plenty of guys have been given second chances and/or chances to play through slumps. I don't understand why certain guys have been afforded that, while others like Hudon, Galchenyuk, Eller, etc. were just kind of written off. I don't think anyone expects Hudon to be a star, but he can be a serviceable middle 6 player. This to me is anotehr example of the Habs driving a player's value into the ground then trying to trade him at his lowest point. It's bad business.
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  13. Yup. Unless one of the young D guys has an outstanding camp . Then you just send someone else down and if the player has to go through waivers and you lose him so be it . See Lernout, Tinordi, Rinat Valiev, Michal Moravčík, David Sklenička , Jakub Jerabek etc
  14. I think the flames are going to regret this. I know Neal had a bad year but I watched a fair number of flames games & honestly felt like he just had really bad puck luck. Watch him bounce back with a 30+ goal season on the oil. Ouch.
  15. Interestingly, Eklund reported this 2 days ago. I guess even he gets things right from time to time...
  16. Nothing personal.
  17. Thats pretty obvious. You clearly dislike him.
  18. He refused their first offer. He spent a lof times at the desk of his coach. Begging to let him play. Instead of doing those things...Training correctly. Being in a silence mode. Correcting his flaws. Nothing is given to you free. Your spot isn't forever. Him a asset? What's his real potential? He can't follow the speedy pace of the NHL...
  19. Hudon himself don't know either... In a lost season, he's done okay without pressure. In a regular normal season, he's not done okay with pressure.
  20. Ain't a acceptable plan if it's true... He can't play at the 1st line. He can't play at the 2nd line... He can't play at the 3rd line... He can't play at the 4th line... The question is where? He's more an AHL'er than an NHL'er. Wasn't necessary to resign him to begin. His place is elsewhere undoubtedly. Like if it was up to me... What's his price value? To me, near to zero. Slowly slow. How this will be changed? Zero impact. Enough of chances... No way... There's no second chance for Hudon in my case. Haven't show me something big to prove me wrong.
  21. Generally speaking i like the guy a bit, i just don't know what his role is and i think that is part of the problem he may have one view of his role and the team may have another. i think he came into last year thinking he was a regular due to the amount of play he had the year before and that may have hurt him.
  22. Yes and no. Weise and Alzner are definitely AHL bound. Hudon & Peca I think will be given a chance. Leskinen and Olofsson could both actually be the best LHD we have - thats how messed up our left side is. If either impresses in training camp there's a legit change they make it. Brook and Fleury most likely will be in Laval, yes, but if either shows they are ahead of schedule on development? Or what if a guy like Juulsen gets traded in part of a deal for a LHD. I just cant see us going into training camp with that many bodies. You basically HAVE TO lose some of them for nothing & thats poor asset management.
  23. I for one never thought the Oilers could move Lucic with his contract even for Neal ...Lucic is done , is really slow and has no hands for an NHL that has become a speed , finesse and younger league ...not saying you can't have bigger players in the line-up like Maroon but they have to at least have hands or speed ….$6 million a year for this goon is about 5.5 too much
  24. Sundbury, Australia - While smoking pot, a driver spots a police cruiser and speeds off swiping another cruiser injuring an officer. After being tracked to his parents' house, the suspect said he accidently hit the police cruiser because his car was so full of weed smoke he couldn't see. He faces 14 charges including ramming an emergency vehicle, assaulting an officer, conduct endangering life, and unlicensed driving.
  25. Houston Rockets of the NBA have signed center Tyson Chandler.
  26. I like him but he's no Shaw replacement and had the worst plus/minus on the team last year didn't he ? ….he's capable ….time will tell
  27. The NFL will not suspend Kansas City wide receiver Tyreek Hill for violating the personal conduct policy due to inconclusive evidence.
  28. Michigan football coach has called out former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer saying he wins but controversy follows him. There is some truth to that.
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