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  2. The league has said each team can carry 28 skaters and an unlimited amount of Goalies. Let's assume for the time being that everyone is healthy and Domi and Romanov are both eligible to play, also Demchenko is not eligible because he has a starting date of next season. If you want to predict lines feel free or just list your 28 skaters and your Goalies. Let me start: Forwards Tatar-Danault-Gallagher Drouin-Suzuki-Domi Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Armia Byron-Evans-Weal Extras Hudon, Poehling, Vejdemo, Ylonen, Hillis Defense Chiarot-Weber Romanov-Petry Mete-Fleury Extras Kulak, Leskinen, Folin, Juulsen, Brook Goalies Price Primeau Lindgren McNiven
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  4. Oklahoma - A man up on felony drug charges got probation when his name turned out to be "Bend Over."
  5. San Diego - A man breaks into a Wells Fargo bank at 3:30 A.M. to use the microwave oven. When caught eating his "Hot Pockets" meal, the suspect said it was worth it and was arrested.
  6. Green Bay offensive lineman Lane Taylor has taken a $3 million paycut.
  7. Protesters have damaged the College Football Hall of Fame.
  8. On this date in 1935, Babe Ruth played his final major league game.
  9. Trump has now withdrawn from the WHO. His first step in shifting responsibility to someone else and getting reelected.
  10. Doesn't matter what he wore, he still looks like Fidel Castro. Matter of fact, he's the spitting image.
  11. Trudeau actually said this on racism in the U.S.: Trudeau said anti-Black racism is a reality in Canada as well. “We need as a society to stand together, stand up against discrimination, be there for each other in respect but also understand that we have work to do as well in Canada,” he said. I wonder if he wore black-face.
  12. What a blanket statement to make about Poehling ...I think we can all see he needs some work . Nobody expected him to score 3 goals every game since he wasn't a scorer in college either . But he has the size , the speed , some hands and a very good defensive game that I have no doubt get plenty of positive direction under Bouchard .
  13. I am thankful for air conditioners! And ice cream.
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  15. Never heard of Jack....
  16. Thanks, Jed.
  17. He did. But with no start date. See below. Actually it doesnt have to be by then at all. Vladislav Gavrikov signed his ECL in mid April last year & played with the bluejackets during the playoffs. There have been others - Gusev in LV as well. The problem is that on March 12 when the NHL suspended its season they told teams: you can sign players, but only for next year. No new contracts for this year. To get around that teams - like Montreal with Romanov - signed players but without a start date to the contract. So until the NHL, NHLPA etc determine whether teams are indeed allowed to sign players for the 2019-20 season, Romanov wont be allowed to play.
  18. Very interesting article here: Where Jack Han (former ahl coach, development coach & analyst) suggests a couple of things: - The major pitfalls / breakdowns of our development of players - That Ryan Poehling has a lot of work to do & may not get the direction he needs within this organization. Im not sure I 100% agree with everything Han is saying but he makes some keen observations and some of it is definitely on the mark.
  19. Player has to be signed to an ELC by December of that season to qualify for Post-season roster is what I understood
  20. I wouldn't be surprised to see a shortened season next year. Should be no pre season or all star break or additional breaks other than maybe Christmas.
  21. I don't think it's a resentment by any means it's a just being a realist. This is not normal circumstances. They aren't being asked to go to a war zone or even deep sea. They will be somewhere that they will have access to good cell service , high speed internet zoom facetime ect . ect. Also the time frame is a minimal inconvenience. Players come from all over there are several that are from over seas and don't have their families with them. All I'm pointing out it isn't a giant hardship that some are making it out to be.
  22. Oh man. Just cancel the season already. At this rate the 2019-2020 playoffs won't begin until September/October 2020.
  23. I do not understand all the resentment for NHL players wanting to be safe and with fàmily. If they didn't care about their families and just said all we want to do is play hockey then people would be all over them for being parachute dad's. You can't have it both ways! U actually respect the fact that even in this time of crisis they are wanting their families near them and to be as safe as they are. Which IF they are quarantined for 2 months they would be safer than the general public
  24. There are a lot of jobs where missing the birth of a child happens all the time. A lot of NHL players leave home in their teens to play in a higher league in hope of being someday in the NHL and are separated from their families for long periods of time, without being paid big money. Even those that go to college sometimes go a semester or longer before going home. My father was gone for 3 of the 4 children births. There used to be a time the man waited in the lounge or whatever wasn't in with the mother during child birth. Guess what everything still worked out fine. The alternative if it's such a hardship , they can quit and get a regular job!
  25. There are actually some ways to "slowly" open things up and get eventually back to a new normal. Trump down plays it but has his own staff tested frequently and does do contact tracing on all white house staff. All the experts say we need ramped up testing of all in the work force and going back to the work force. Which apparently can be done. The restart to any of the leagues that is the first step testing and tracking. We actually can do that with the general population we just have to be willing to make that happen as a nation. With Trump telling everyone get back to work but testing for everyone isn't needed is just wrong. Until a vaccine is available then we need testing for all available. Not just athletes politicians or the wealthy, everyone. It absolutely can be done. We just need the leadership to care more about the people than the stock market! …..Sorry rant over...………….GO HABS GO!
  26. There's a pretty major difference here though. People who work jobs who are gone from seeing their families for extended periods of time know that going in. NHL players have never been told this is a prerequisite for playing the game. Sure, they may go on long road trips for a couple of weeks but months? That's fairly "extreme" by the established standard of the NHL schedule. At the end of the day they are, as you said, ridiculously well-compensated compared to 99.9% of the work force so I am sure that they will buckle down and do it, but I will feel bad for some of them, especially those with young children. What if your wife was 7 months pregnant in July? Then you would potentially miss the birth of your child? or if your parent or someone close was ill? you wouldn't be there to be with them? I'm sure that players will be allowed to leave at any time if there are family emergencies but then, I would assume, they would be not be allowed to return to play unless they isolated for 2 weeks? Its going to be a bit of a logistical nightmare imho.
  27. On this date in 2010, Philadelphia righthander Ray Halladay pitched a perfect game against Cincinnati in Game 1 of the NLDS.
  28. Trump has now tweeted when the looting starts, the shooting starts. As indefensible as this, where were all these protesters when the school shootings took place? If these gunmen had been one of their own, there would be the same reactions as we're seeing in Minneapolis.
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