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  2. It may make sense to sign him for a year IF we were trading Kulak maybe as part of a package for Laine but there are still other options
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  4. ? my thoughts also?
  5. The challenger coach
  6. Ya. 14 points in 49 games in the KHL is not so good. I dont think he'd be as bad as Streit - and I dont think he'd actively hurt us if you played him on the 3rd pair - but I dont see any point in even considering him at this stage.
  7. Trump now claims he disagrees with chants of "send her back" at a rally last night. He isn't fooling anyone accept his base.
  8. J.B. Holmes leads after the first round of the British Open at -5.
  9. Cleveland 7 Detroit 2. Mike Clevinger shut down Detroit on a combination of fastballs, curveballs, and sliders. Clevinger got Detroit to swing at pitches out of the strike, sometimes with runners on base. Most of his 12 strikeouts came on offspeed pitches that were set up by the fastball. Detroit bullpen, once was not able to get anyone out in allowing Cleveland to break the game open in the eighth.
  10. He'll mid 41 mid-season and from looking at his stats last year was his last. I'd say and hope there's NO chance he plays a game with us
  11. Atwood, Ontario - A man was caught driving erratically and when he was pulled over, the police found his two year old sitting on a 24 pack of beer that was being used as a booster seat.
  12. Jordan Binnington has signed his contract with St. Louis.
  13. Francis has officially been named general manager of the expansion Seattle franchise.
  14. He was slow when he left now he would be a pylon! he would know what to do and not be able to get there in time.
  15. The problem was/is, that MB let him walk in the 1st place. i think I would have liked to see how much of his age has slowed him down.
  16. Im with the majority: Pass on Markov. I mean if he wants to come be a player liason or something fine, but on the ice there's just no point. I have little doubt he'd be fine on the 3rd pair and a PP specialist but we are trying to build a better team moving forward and he's clearly at the twilight of his career. We dont need more LHD depth. We need a guy who is clearly better than Mete, Kulak, Chiarot, Reilly, Olofsson, Leskinen, etc, Markie may well be better than any of those guys for a short stint but over 82 games? He wont supplant Mete or Kulak or probably most of those guys so there's just no point. Will always have a special place in my heart for Markie but adding him to this roster makes zero sense. Expect MB to do it.
  17. I loved Marky as a Hab but I would be leary bringing him back at this stage of his career. He had great vision on our PP and I would argue it hasn't been the same since his departure, but I have serious doubts he could play to that level once again. Would love to see him retire as a Hab though.
  18. Im in! We don't have a sure solution to the problem. He could suprise. One year deal, I would sign him unless we have other plans
  19. ^^^^^LOL
  20. Love Markov, but... Wouldn't bring him back in anything more than a symbolic "retire as a Hab" deal. He's not going to be able to provide any boost to our D at this stage of his career.
  21. I love Markov but at this stage of his career, he's just not the answer to our LHD problem.
  22. According to Sport24 site in Russia, Andrei Markov's new agent, Sergei Isakov, has been in touch with Montreal. “I personally spoke with the main scout of “Montreal” and strongly recommended paying attention to Andrei, at least out of respect for him.” Tony Marinaro of TSN690 adds that reports indicate he's looking for a $2million contract.
  23. Calgary would probably certainly look at it, they have 3 UFA on defence at the end of this season, they get back a shorter term with Alsner and they free up just over 1 million in cap space. However Neal could always score and I think he will have a bounce back year for Calgary. At 31 i dont think he is done yet. He was averaging almost 3.5 shots per game his last 8 seasons and a shooting percent between 11 and 12 % This past season only 2.2 shots per game and a measly 5%. Those numbers are not typical, and at 31 your not exactly over the hill
  24. Uhhhhh, how would you know, unless you've been there?
  25. With all due respects... Our hockey town is totally sleeping. Our hockey town is infected by the losers culture. Our hockey town is sick. Our town is drugged by this bad side of this sport. There’s no remedy or remedies yet... Our rivals are winning, going into records of performance and into finals. Our peers is losing and going into records of underperformance. It’s accepted like it’s. It became and it becomes a part of our culture. I use and I'm using the word volcano many times. Like when it's corresponding to this stuff. An inoffensive one. Not awaken yet. How does we provoke it? I, you, she, he, we, they don't know really...
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