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  2. It definitely should be an interesting summer with regards to contracts. I think we have at least a few RFA we're likely to walk away from too.
  3. Trump has apparently called Biden a fool with the lowest I.Q. after Biden apparently criticized Kim Jung-Un.
  4. Cashmere, Washington - A man shoots himself in the groin and then has his girlfriend take him to a park to give the gun to a friend. Next, during surgery, a baggie of weed falls out of his rear end. Police were called in and a search turned up meth and the bloody jeans he came to the hospital in. Instead of an arrest at that point, he was instructed to appear at a regional facility in two weeks. Once again, a baggie of marijuana fell out of his rear and he was arrested at that point. To make matters worse, the suspect used his cellphone to make a call that was monitored by the police in which he instructed his girlfriend not to cooperate.
  5. Mississippi State has granted a contract extension to football Joe Moorhead through the 2022 season.
  6. Seattle has signed wide receiver D.K. Metcalf to a rookie contract.
  7. Toronto 120 Milwaukee 102. Defense by Toronto and poor free throw shooting by the Bucks. Series tied 2-2.
  8. This week's PGA tournament: Charles Schwab Challenge Colonial Country Club Fort Worth, Texas.
  9. Miami 5 Detroit 4, 11 innings. Continued lack of discipline at the plate by Detroit as they continue to swing at pitches outside the strike zone in striking out a total of 17 times.
  10. So what are the Blues' chances against Boston?
  11. PVR and stay away from spoilers is my recipe, no matter when the games start. But here in AB it'll be 5, I've found that to be perfect
  12. All in all we are headed in the right direction for sure.
  13. Habs still have a couple of unsigned prospects from 2 years ago. Apparently defenceman Scott Walford recently removed the "Habs prospect" title from his social media accounts, suggesting he's been told by the team he won't be signed before this summer's deadline.
  14. Methinks I'm gone, as 93 picked 11 games (I picked 12), for the tie breaker, and it was 10 games.
  15. Actual start time for me is 4. I actually dont really have a preference but probably would if i was going to the actual games.
  16. so every other game then
  17. The Bs need time to rest their players. Everyone knows that what the Bs want, the league gives them
  18. This. We're finally in a position to be able to move a forward & not have it impact us negatively. We already have 7-8 quality forwards and thats not even counting if we sign someone like Duchene or Skinner as UFA - and the potential addition of Poehling and/or Suzuki. Time to deal from a position of strength to fill our weakness. Like you, i dont see any viable internal solution right now. We need to look elsewhere to fill that hole. We're set on the right and we're set with #2 and #3 pairing left dmen.
  19. I agree with your general premise. I would be happy to get Slavin or Theodore (not sure the former is happening though after his importance to Carolina's playoff run), and I've gone over my wish list for players like Werenski, Provorov, Murray, Klefbom, or Sanheim. I think any of those guys can play in the top 4 to be honest. Cam Fowler's another name we've discussed who may or may not be available at the right price. There are trade options out there for sure. The UFA market is really weak. The two guys out there are Edler and Gardiner and both are probably mistakes to sign to their believed asks. You can't do more than two years with Edler and he reportedly wants 3 or more. And with Gardiner, it's hard to justify going 5-6 years and I don't doubt someone will give him that at 6M a season, just because of the lack of supply. If you compare the trade/RFA options vs. a UFA, essentially it comes down to this: say MB could have Gardiner for 6 years at 6M a season and it would be a done deal that he would come here. Now say on the other hand that he could acquire one of the above trade targets or sign one by giving up a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rounder. The question then becomes, would you give up Gardiner on the above contract and the picks (or players/prospects if it's a trade) that you need to get the guy you really want. I'd do it. I'd rather give up picks to get Werenski than get Gardiner for no assets but have to have him signed for 6 years. I don't think there's a viable internal solution for the upcoming season at left D. Leskinen is a depth player at best. We have depth players. We have Mete and Reilly and Kulak and so on. Those guys can fill out the 2nd and 3rd pairings. We need a guy who can play top pair. Romanov is the one lefty in the organization who might one day fit that bill, but we know he's not coming and even if he did, it's unlikely he'd be ready to take on that role from day 1. So IMO, it's got to be a trade or an offersheet to get it done.
  20. Unless Carolina is offering up Slavin or Vegas is offering up Theodore, I would think most of our youth futures are off limits. I don't think MB is looking to do another major roster flip like last year. I think he's looking to add to his core without subtracting from it greatly. Here's what I honestly see as being our top options at LD: Trade Block: Olli Maata, Nick Leddy, Oskar Klefbom (you get the idea)...You don't get a top pairing guy, but you get a guy similar to Petry who can play in your top 4 and play top pairing during injury times. UFA: Jake Gardiner is the only real option and again you're getting a top 4 guy that you're most likely going to sign to petry money. Rookies: Hope that Otto Leskinen or whoever we draft impresses enough in training camp to steal a spot.
  21. Utterly ridiculous. Unless the Bruins had some kind of unbreakable commitment in arena leases this is an idiotic decision by the NHL . Talk about stretching things out. I won't watch a minute of this final.
  22. Yup,,,, only the NHL could be that stupid.
  23. C'mon, seriously? It's only Tuesday!
  24. It might have something to do with "Glory", but who knows.
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