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  1. They said that when Laraque came to town, but he simply wasn't "the right heavy." I like how you specified that. I don't know much about Prust, but if he brings some energy and puts in the work, I'll be happy.
  2. I don't even live in RDS-land and I know they'll find something to yap on about... lol Still, glad Frank the Tank is back!
  3. Been gone from the forum a while (dang, that post was 4 years ago!!!) so figured I'd re-introduce myself. Had to re-do my screen name anyway... Never got to the Bell yet, but it's still in my plans, hopefully in 2011-12. I'm in Iraq right now, but will be back to the States in about a month, to a home with all the HDTV Habs coverage I can buy!
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