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  1. Also despite the goal scoring dip, he had 54 points last year, even if he drops off a bit, that's easily second line C production. Problem is how frustrating he is to watch offensively, it's even more apparent when he's with a creative player like Radulov.
  2. lol God it's fun to watch him do that
  3. As much as he maybe regression, we don't have anything resembling an acceptable alternative so he's here.
  4. Especially considering we've controlled the puck a significant majority of the game.
  5. Not sure what IT is, but I can assure you that we won't be doing it.
  6. I'm having a hard time fully understanding this tweet, Martin Lemay @MartinLemay #beaulieu Boudait car devait jouer le pk au lieu du pp. brisait son hockey surfilet. Refusait de faire les push-up que le 6-26 avaient fait! anyone better in French who can help?
  7. Than Emelin - Weber? I don't know about way but it isn't very good either.
  8. Pairing to start the game, seems to be Markov - Weber now 5 on 5. We'll see.
  9. Emelin - Weber as a pairing has the potential to be very bad.
  10. SOG 29-20 was very flattering too
  11. Last 3 times I've done that we scored but it has to be out of a sincere belief we're going to completely blow it for it to work.
  12. This will feel better if you all accept the pending loss and hope for a point.
  13. If it's only a short term injury to Rask, sometimes teams call up their AHL backup so as not to disturb the starter although from what I've read, Subban hasn't been good in the A.