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  1. I'm not saying everyone got along, not everyone does on a team. I'm saying GMs don't trade franchise level players because a couple guys have problems with him. Also, Bergevin came into this job with obvious attitude towards Subban. Subban may have had a problem with Pacioretty getting the C and Pacioretty may have disliked Subban, I don't buy that as a reason for the trade, especially given Bergevin's history
  2. Lol, yeah people think that. I don't get why. Did Pleks or Pacioretty cause Bergevin's first order of business upon taking over to be fighting with Subban into him taking a bridge contract, acting like he wasn't a number 1 D at every turn, fighting him again on his next contract to the point it went to arbitration, never missing a chance to throw him under the bus? I don't know how PK's teammates felt about him, I'm sure when you're on a team that's losing as much as we were in 2015-16 everyone's tempers are a little short and it wouldn't surprise me that PK's energy could be grating when you're in the middle of one of the worst stretches in franchise history but I don't see it. I don't see them having that kind of sway, if ANYONE in the organization would as a player, maybe it would be Price but even then. There's a long history of Bergevin being iffy on Subban, whether you think it was warranted or not. Let's put it this way, if you thought Pleks + Pacioretty were iffy on Shea Weber, do you believe in anyway Bergevin would explore trading him?
  3. There's lot of variables though, Bishop is actually a .919 career SV% goalie, close enough to Price that if you got him for 3-4 million less per year than Price would get on a new deal, it could be worth exploring. You're right though, IF you feel like Price will be a .925 goalie for the next few years the value is there. He was .923 this year, he's had injury problems and is logically exiting his physical prime. It's not impossible his performance stagnates or even raises after 30, it's just probably not the safest bet. If you're giving him 7-8 years x 8.5, you're worried about more than just the next couple of years.
  4. The problem is, people remember an era where an elite goalie was so much better than an average or even below average goalie, he could spin a series on its head by himself with relative ease. If we think Carey is the best, who's middle of the pack? Anderson, Jones, Rinne whatever, all goalies who can get hot easily and match a Price or Holtby save for save for 4-7 games. When a guy like Roy was at his peak, the 15th best goalie in the NHL wasn't even in his stratosphere, nevermind goalies 20-25. It means, it's nice to have an elite goalie but the gap is hard to justify. Price was a Vezina nominee with a .923 SV%, Budaj couldn't even be his backup according to management and he put up a .915 in 60 games on 2 non-playoff teams. It does beg the question about whether or not it's worth it to give a 30 year old goalie 9+ mill on a long term, roster construction wise. Price is the best in the world, for my money. Whatever that'll get us in a 7 game series vs another great goalie, I don't know. Still feels like a coin flip.
  5. 18 goals, 54 points. Good player but not a game breaker. 31 when this next contract kicks in, too. We desperately need him back, but we have man, I'd tread lightly on this one. Could be a dangerous contract.
  6. Pretty fair grades Ted, Galchenyuk was especially disappointing for me because I felt he turned the corner. Pacioretty getting chances is nice but he NEEDS to be a leader and cash, it's pretty frustrating and disappointing. Gallagher and Lehkonen were very impressive.
  7. Just end this already, mercifully. Pathetic.
  8. Hard to buy one when your first shot of the game is overtime
  9. That late goal killed us, just a formality now.
  10. I guarantee we won't score on this PP
  11. We're going to lose, I can't believe it.
  12. I've noticed him plenty, screwing up plays.
  13. File that under posts you wouldn't have expected to ever make in January
  14. Wonder how much that rest at the end of the year helped
  15. NOT over yet but massive, massive goal.