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  1. JUP

    1. roy_133


      yay someone commented. lol the Braves traded for Justin Upton and I was (and continue to be) happy!

  2. So any non-spoiler Dark Knight Rises thoughts yet?

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      Actually this one is A LOT more like Markov, if you ignore the whole rising thing.

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  3. I'm literally just killing every possible second until the Dark Knight Rises

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      3 is pretty bad, for me the best are 1 Dark Knight, 2 Spider-man 2 3. Iron Man 4. Batman Begins 5. The Avengers

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      1. Dark Knight Rises

      At least, I hope so.

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      Will it be as good as the last one? I hope so.

  4. If you're not watching Community, you're failing at life.

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      ♪ Troy and Abed in the morniiing! ♪

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      Donde esta la biblioteca!

      Just ordered season 2 off amazon for 11$ ( <3 black friday deals)!

  5. That's probably an overstatement. Last year he took 14 minor penalties, 6th among DMen on our team. Playing with PK certainly helps, but him and PK were still playing extremely tough match ups, his best 5 on 5 scenario would be with a lesser player but playing lesser match ups with less ice time but anyway, as much as everyone wants to completely credit PK. Gill is a smart player and his smart positional play did give PK a little bit of free reign offensively. It's not as though PK's main role was to consistently cover Gill, the pairing kind of worked because although both players have pretty significant flaws right now, the other's strength kind of compensated for them. I mean, yes, PK was the engine that drove that pairing. What he brings to the table is much, much rarer and more important than what Gill brings, but Gill definitely did help.
  6. You know full well that it doesn't. It means he's playing out of his role and minutes beyond what he's capable. He's serviceable, but at his age and limited abilities, it's in the right role. He's borderline a PK specialist, he's great on it and last year he actually solid 5 on 5, but I'm not sure I'd bank on him being a positive 5 on 5 again as he advances in age. Anyway, as for your post, it's clearly taking what I said out of context. Gill isn't a 5 on 5 shutdown DMan, he's playing that role. If we had a rash of injuries up front and White got stuck in the top 6, I wouldn't say he's a detriment to the team, just that he's in a role that's above what he's capable of. That's the problem, short term.
  7. Yeah, you're definitely right about Hamrlik. It's not that he will drop off, it's just that a DMan's play can significantly drop off rather quickly after 35. We saw it with Spacek. It happens fast and that's just 1 factor IMO. According to all reports, we certainly offered Roman a 1-year deal, which he declined. The problem is, this summer is a big summer for us long term, Carey needs to be locked up, we may want to use some cap flexibility to lock PK and Eller up and this is the final year of the CBA, so who knows what happens with the cap, over 35 contracts ect. for next season. It's actually a totally sensible move to not give Hamrlik 2 years and sign a depth guy for 1 year. If you're annoyed about Gill, that's fine. I was for letting him go too so I wasn't really happy he was retained but at the same time, I think it's causing people to be a little bit extreme with him out of frustration.
  8. It's not unfair to say that he has to be strong on the PK, but I do disagree with it being so damn minimal. He brings significant PK value and although it's less sexy than a PP specialist because it doesn't result in points being accumulated, I don't know that it's any less valuable. His 5 on 5 play last year wasn't a weakness, I wouldn't say it was a strength or even really close to a strength but he had some tough match ups, tougher than he should and it wasn't a weakness and if he can be even 5 on 5 while being a PK specialist, he does have value.
  9. Hamrlik wouldn't have signed for 1 year. Anyway, people can be extreme on Gill because it looks so ugly. Last year he was actually serviceable and that's while playing tough minutes and getting almost exclusively defensive assignments. The problem is everyone is being over exposed right now because of the injuries. If the D is even reasonably healthy, Gill will be useful.
  10. I think the organization was, rightly, enamored with a depth DMan willing to sign for 1 year, which is understandable. Hopefully the D gets healthier so he can be sheltered, where he belongs.
  11. lol he was all kinds of bad.
  12. That's what it says on TSN's Ice Chips as well (probably 1 site regurgitating the other). At that point he hadn't seen the doctor yet, he's supposed to see him today. It's pretty hard to imagine info changing without a doctors report. We'll have to wait and see.
  13. That's rough.
  14. Beaulieu and Tinordi are good bets to be given every opportunity, because of where they were drafted and really, there's a ton to like about Beaulieu, he's got high end skill. As for the rest, I wouldn't bet on any playing any kind of significant role with us ever.