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  1. Well all logic on his safety is out the window, unless it's literally indefensible to Molson, I don't think Bergevin will fire him. If last season wasn't enough, I'm not even sure what will.
  2. If he we miss the playoffs, yes. Otherwise? Nope.
  3. Obviously C, shouldn't even be a debate but what line is interesting. We're not good enough to load all 3 of Pacioretty, Galchenyuk and Radulov together. Pacioretty, it feels like could score with anyone and has through his career, he's a line driver and possession driver by himself but I'll admit, it's been fun watching him finally get a top flight playmaker to play with. The results haven't disappointed. Maybe keep that line together and hope Galchenyuk and Gallagher really hit it off?
  4. lol God that was quick. Better fate than we deserved anyway.
  5. I'll go Pleks Shaw and Pacioretty
  7. We're so dull we can make 3 on 3 boring right now.
  8. This is quite the heavyweight battle.
  9. OK there's one of his 3 OT breakaways out of the way, 2 more and we're off to a shootout! Come on Al.
  10. Our D 3 on 3 vs McDavid should be fun. Also getting pretty tired of Shaw.
  11. Really tough to take a loss vs a bad team at home because you just decide to stop playing in the 3rd period.
  12. Hard to put that one into words, waste of an afternoon for sure, though. Didn't even crack 20 shots lol.
  13. A well deserved loss to an awful team, at least it wasn't Carey's fault. Afternoon games suck but we basically just needed to give a reasonable effort to get 2 points and we couldn't even be bothered to do that. Now onto Pittsburgh.