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  1. JUP

    1. roy_133


      yay someone commented. lol the Braves traded for Justin Upton and I was (and continue to be) happy!

  2. So any non-spoiler Dark Knight Rises thoughts yet?

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    2. roy_133


      Actually this one is A LOT more like Markov, if you ignore the whole rising thing.

    3. hatethosebruins
  3. I'm literally just killing every possible second until the Dark Knight Rises

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    2. roy_133


      3 is pretty bad, for me the best are 1 Dark Knight, 2 Spider-man 2 3. Iron Man 4. Batman Begins 5. The Avengers

    3. AK-1


      1. Dark Knight Rises

      At least, I hope so.

    4. HabsRuleForever


      Will it be as good as the last one? I hope so.

  4. If you're not watching Community, you're failing at life.

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    2. Patrick-Kane


      ♪ Troy and Abed in the morniiing! ♪

    3. Bud2790


      Donde esta la biblioteca!

      Just ordered season 2 off amazon for 11$ ( <3 black friday deals)!

  5. lol the Jets away jersey is all kinds of awful.

  6. Sign Jagr!

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    2. Forever_Habs10


      You left out Vinny.

    3. hatethosebruins


      If we werent so short Id go for Kariya Too :(

    4. habs_93


      This roy_133 guy knows what he's talkin' about.

  7. Someone told me we can't get to 100 replies again, that this group is too old, washed up. Yeah, our backs are aginst the wall but with RSD's vacation time coming up I say, why not? I believe.

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    2. AK-1


      Sure Roy. If that helps you sleep at night.

    3. roy_133


      AK, you've come a long way under my tutelage but you're still a long ways from being able to match me!

      The first step is going back to just AK.

  8. Let's break the record for most comments on a status! Come on people! I except at least 20. If we don't get to 20 Price and Subban will leave next summer, the Leafs will get both! AHHHH!

  9. It may feel like your vote doesn't matter, but it does and having the right to vote is a great freedom worth exercising. Get out there and vote people.

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    2. Nine1One


      Tell that to people who don't live in florida.

    3. RSD


      Lol what a shift in the political spectrum of Canada. What a night. Quebec painted orange?? I would have never guessed I would live to see that...Ever

  10. Habs are 30-9-2 agains tthe Bruins since the lockout. Just thought I'd cheer everyone up and remind any potential Bruins trolls how stupid they look trying to troll their daddy.

  11. Bring back Kovy!

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    2. roy_133


      We're not going to get a reliable, high end guy. We've simply moved too many assets lately. Kovalev has that potential, being back in Montreal could give him a big shot in the arm and he's a known playoff guy. He's a pending UFA and we have no investment, if it doesn't work he can be sat out or whatever. In terms of bang for the buck he could be our best bet at a significant impact without gutting our system.

    3. Forever_Habs10


      well....he was a fan favorite.

    4. weepingminotaur


      no argument with your point, roy, and you know i wouldn't object to seeing Kovy in a Habs uni again.

  12. lol can't believe the Jays unloaded Vernon

    1. RSD


      Gotta love Alex A.

    2. Undefeated


      MIKE NAPOLI AND JUAN RIVERA!!! what a great deal

    3. HabsRuleForever


      Blue Jays...no

      Gime me the Braves anyday.

  13. Good for you Russia!

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    2. ColRouleBleu


      Yes , PK in a Russia sweater is rather funny (Habs I/O renamed him Subanov lol). I wonder what Markov's bet was with Cammalleri

    3. weepingminotaur


      Gotta love this win if only because maybe it will temporarily shut up all the Cherry enthusiasts who keep saying that Russians have no heart. That's three miraculous comebacks they pulled off to win gold.

    4. Forever_Habs10


      And on that note weeps..I fully give them credit.

  14. MAF is making his move in ASG voting. I'd rather pretty much anyone but him. Vote Carey folks.

    1. jedimaas


      The guy is more volatile than an active volcano, no way MAF should even be close to the ASG.

    2. JHaul


      Why were you telling me to vote fleury the other day? I don't get it.

    3. roy_133


      My cover is blown!

  15. Hockey writer Jim Kelley died tonight, he covered the Sabres for a lot of years and lately wrote for sportsnet.ca and actually had his last story up this morning, He was also on Prime Time Sports. RIP

    1. RSD


      What?? Really?? Wow. RIP Mr. Kelley. Used to listen to him on the fan.

    2. Graeme-1


      I know him from Prime Time Sports, had an interesting voice. Was always an interesting co-host, RIP.

    3. Forever_Habs10


      As Graeme-1,I also know him from prime time sports...enjoyed his piece/story's as co-host of the show,sad to hear of his passing...I listen to the show quite often & really enjoyed what he brought...his opinions were bang on....I am sure he was indeed a well like ,well respected fellow in his line of work.....prayers go out to his friends/family.

  16. Just so everyone knows, NHL's online shop has free customization on jerseys for today and if you look up NHL promotional codes, you'll find a code for 20% off as well as a15% off code.

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    2. Habcore


      Thanks for the heads up I just ordered mine with the 15% off :D

    3. uncivilengineer


      Heat pressed letters done last to be honest, I`ve got probably half of the letters left on my last jersey.

    4. RSD


      really? I haven't had any issues with mine, but I don't wear them out all the time...Only on certain game days maybe

  17. Price is leading goalies in allstar voting, well deserved. Keep on voting for Carey and Pleks.

  18. I felt like posting a status update so I sat here for 30 seconds thinking of what I should say, this is what my life has come to. I demand your pity.

  19. Vote for Carey, the fact that he was snubbed from the ballot has fired me up

    1. roy_133


      Well I've been text voting, 9 texts at a time. Not religiously or anything but every time I pick up my phone I hit resend and send 9 more.

    2. Evelye


      I'm doing the exact same thing every day ! But on my PC...

  20. I'm cool

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    2. weepingminotaur


      let me punch you in the face repeatedly and you'll be cool, I swear.

    3. HabsRuleForever
    4. frostyHAWK


      you need to drink from the stanley cup to be cool dawg

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