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  1. I like this for a couple of reasons. I'd hate to lose to the leafs in the first round by blowouts (I'm still licking my wounds from that one). And second, I don't want our players getting injured in the first round, only to meet the Bruins in the second round. That would be the end of us for sure. Ottawa is a fast paced team, like ours. It should be a great series, and I also predict 5 or 6 for Habs. After round one, 1 of the bruiser teams will be gone, and we STILL get home ice advantage. That's big in Montreal, there's no overstating that fact. And let's face it, Ottawa is a home crowd for all intents and purposes, let's get our boys confidence up and running before we face round 2.
  2. We were under this philosophy for how long now? Since 93? How many 5 year plans have we gone through? Eventually, one of these plans has to pay off no?
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