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  1. Well let's say at 34 seconds - on the bottom left of the ice there's a guy on one knee moving towards the blue line. He's not kneeling immobile but gliding. Thanks for the Gill part though. It's appreciated. Thanks for trying dude
  2. Hey! I'm not too sure where I should have went to post this so I'll do it here I went to a game last season and recorded the intro. There's a player(s) kneeling at +/- 24seconds and 34 seconds. Just wondering if anyone could point out who they are. Tricolore jusqu'au bout! OH and I forgot. At 16 seconds there's a player who pivots right when he gets to the blue line. He's the first guy out after Price. It's weird asking this but it shows you the mentality of a certain player.
  3. Heya I'm new here I've been following the Habs since i was 13, almost 6 years filled with ups and downs. ;-) Real name : Per Anders Kallstrom, people call me Pete Fav current hab : Mike Komisarek... odd, I know. People say I look exactly like him. Fav former hab : Mats Naslund Living in Montreal Quebec. Used to live in Gothenburg, Sweden but moved here as a kid so I don't remember much. I've got a good grasp of english and french but not of swedish, my dad is giving me lessons so it's all good. Jag alskar Canadiens
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