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  1. Welcome mrs HLD! I hope you enjoy the forum! Dear forum friends, I can vouch for mrs HLD and tell you that she is a true Habs fan and beautiful human being, just like her spouse. (Yes, Mat and I have met them both!!) (and congratulations, mrs HLD--if you need any advice on the whole "walking biodome" experience, and on bringing into the world beautiful Habs fans and hockey players, just PM me! ;-) )
  2. Username: ryderfan Real Name: Julie Live: GTA, but a Montrealer for all of my life until now Age: old enough to remember watching Guy Lafleur and Bog Gainey win Cups! Favourite Current Hab: 3 guesses -- Ryder and Huet Favourite All time Habs: Gainey, Lafleur, Beliveau, Roy Favourite Prospect: Cedrick Desjardins--and my son Joseph, future goalie of the red-white and blue Other Sports Teams: whichever hockey teams my 2 kids happen to be playing on...i am the *ultimate* hockey Mom. There is no other sport for me in the world...hockey is my religion.
  3. Les Ogres de Barback... thanks to my 9 yr old who made me discover them!
  4. Thanks to sun1 and Alex for making very nice designs following my request. You guys are great!
  5. ok, you talented youngsters: here's a challenge. I would like to have a poster that shows the stanley cup, the Habs logo, and the number 24, plus if possible the years the Habs have won... all in a pleasing design that would look cool. I have seen a t-shirt with that kind of image on it. I have zero talent or knowledge to create this, so i was hoping one of you whiz kids could design this for me. I would be eternally thankful. Any volunteers?
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