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  1. While it was a very tough game to watch as a Habs fan , all is not lost. Game 4 is an absoloute must win , obviously. They can bounce back. It is very apparent that we will not win games by physical play. This team needs to play to it's strength which is speed , pucks to the net , driving hard to the net and turning the other cheek from the ***** after whistles. I expected the type of game we saw last night from the Leafs /Boston series , expected this series to be fast paced. The Senators are in the boys heads , what happened to Eller has got some of our guys thing they need to play it tougher than they are capable of. This series will turn around when the boys get back to what they are capable of , speed and offensive pressure , and discipline. Go hard between the whistles and show poise and restraint after the whistle blows.
  2. Great signing luv "Beef" pound for pound one tuff solid D man
  3. Very well put couldn't agree more , we can speculate on possible outcomes for Ryans actions , but won the game , message was sent , I for one love it , hate seeing our team get pushed around as they have for years , about time we get some guys stepping up and letting other teams know "Not in our house ! "
  4. Stupid play , I don't know about that but the hit from behind on Georges is very very dangerous I would like to see the instigator taken out to allow the players to protect thier teamates , 2 minutes for boarding which is the type of hit there is no place in hockey for , vs 2 minutes and five for fighting when all the guy did was turtle and take a few shots , but that type of hit can cost carreers. Instigator rule needs to go.
  5. Hmmm Doan definately in the twilight of his career , but man he brings a solid hockey resume , could be as risky as the Gomer Gamble however perhaps maybe only 2 years , huge leadership upside , definately gritty , and easily a top 6 guy on any team IMHO .
  6. Nish , as in Anishnawbek , what alot of 1st nations people call themselves...Nish
  7. Hehehe , so many labels , soooo many wrong !
  8. I really struggle with people labeling players , 4th line, 3rd , 2nd etc , let them play , let them show what they can do , Sutter's 8th place Kings won the Cup because he told all of them play 37 to 45 seconds hard, balls to the wall hockey, mixed up his lines , rewarded hard work and used his sense as to who was hot that night , but above all he made the "WHOLE" team roll , short shifts no pigeon holeing , roll with who was producing that night , all you peeps wanna label a guy a certain "Liner" , man o man have you ever played the game ??? <edit>
  9. Luv this kid also , he , Moen , Prust , Borque , add some much needed size and toughness to our team !
  10. This was my original post about Prust , then whole bunch of talk about fighting etc , more BGL bashing "No wonder he once said he wouldn't want to play in MTL back in the day" Fighting is still part of the game , is still allowed , other teams have run the habs over in thier own building , a signing like this simply made me happy , to those labeling guy 4th liner , etc etc , wow , this guy brings much more to the table. The game has evolved I understand , having played all my life and have been coaching for 20 years and still do , I get that the one dimensional "Fighter" days are numbered , however Brandon is much much much more than that. Teams still employ that role and have had there way in our building , Brandon cannot fill the void alone , but he certainly brings to the table an element sorely lacking , and to the purists and those who don't like Fighting , whatever still exists and still need to be able answer it or watch Habs stay at bottom and be pushed around. Welcome Brandon ! Good solid honest hard nosed Canadian kid , we need more of them!
  11. Very happy to have "BEEF" Bouilon back , character guy . sold D man , and pound fer pound pretty dang tuff kid himself
  12. I just rememberwhen Lucic owned Komisarek at centre ice in the garden , Komi was never the same player after that , soooo wanna see that happen to Lucic at centre ice in the Bell Centre , send a message , whole new place to play , we have been sorely physically dominated by the Bruins last few years since , looking forward to the tide turning
  13. Love this signing , brings alot to the table solid PKer , chip in a few goals here and there , and drop the Mitts to stand up for his teamates when needed , great addition , my hope is to see him Drop Milan Lucic at centre Ice of the Bell centre.......
  14. I see you'r still trying to break this down in seconds , i choose to throw a punch at you as hard as I can if you slow it down and use a clock i bet you ( and I'm older and slower now ) That you could break down the expresion of anger on my face and the time it takes to deliver the blow in less than 1/2 a second , upon review you could say I was committed to throwing the punch just as you put you're self in a vulnerable position to recieve the blow , then I could claim I didn't have any real intention of throwing said punch was going to be fair warning and I shouldn't be held responsible ! Not saying I want to hit you as I respect yer opinion I just still disagree with it !
  15. actually if you watch the replay you posted up top closely you can see Malone does try for the Puck , he wiffs on trying to get so instead goes for the hit , as if he was thinking , damn it I missed so screw it I'll hit the guy. He conciouly makes this decision IMO from watching the replay again
  16. Things happen very quickly on the Ice , Malone sees the play developing , he made his mind up to go for the hit instead of the puck , as a player I see the loose puck I would be more concerned about getting the puck more than the hit to create the scoring chance, watch the replay posted up above Campoli doesn't even have posetion(sp), control of the puck ,Malone chooses to cruise in and blindside Campoli reaguardless of the fact that Campoli starts to reach for it. I have played and coached hockey for over 20 years , I love a physical game and never want to see hitting removed , but to say Malone didn't have time to make a better decision on the play , well again I 100% disagree.
  17. Well the wonderfull thing in objectivity is we can agree to disagree on this
  18. To those who say this was not a suspendable hit , I have to 100% disagree , seeing what has been called and suspended so far this hit ranks right up there. Campoli is in a vulnerable position and malone has time to let up and avoid head contact. I coach midget hockey , Hockey Canada is enforceing very strict Headshot penalties this season , even accidental head contact is punishable with at least a 2 min minor and could be 4 min. at ref's discration. Intentional is 5 and a game. It is no different than accidental highsticking , even if a player had no intent to highstick his opponant the player is still held responsible for his stick. It should be the same for head shots. Malone could have played the puck instead and likely would have kept the play and a scoring chance alive for his team. Malone opted ofr the BIG hit which was ill timed. You can see him coming in , this is the kind of "predatory hit" they want out of game.
  19. BP needs to start season in Hamilton , he isn't earning his spot , he is just coasting.
  20. Bennny is an OK player , seems to me people think he's gonna be better than he really is , and folks seem to think "let's give him a couple more games and see" , but Carey has one semi bad start and runnin' him out of town LOLz , anyway back to Benny , Ellar will have his spot soon enough IMO.
  21. They could put a target on Prices back but they would have to remove the daggers 1st
  22. Alex is great team guy , so happy he's a Hab , now I have 2 of my hometown boys on the team !!! Auld and Pyatt 2 good ole Thunder Bay boy's ( Auld is listed as being from alberta but he grew up here and played his minor hockey in T Bay) . Neither of these guys are flashy but have great attitudes , team players who will bring thier work boots to the rink every night.
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