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  1. I don't think that will ever happen Burke is looking for a top six player for Kaberle , and if the summer was any indication he did not receive seriuous enough offers for him, and they high hopes for Kadri We have , IMO, nothing in the minors that would peak their interest in either of the two players you mentioned If the players we have in Hamilton are that good we should just keep them ourselves
  2. You really think so ? We've got guys in the minors now with better credentials who will probably never make it
  3. We had four center's that were NHL'ers last year Gomez Pleks Moore Metropolit Boyd and Halpern replace Moore and Metropolit We were small and weak at the centre spot last year and IMO we are still small and weak Explain why this team usually spends the night in their own zone getting out shot and why the HABS were terrible at scoring 5 on 5 last year .......and maybe the same this year
  4. Nah I see he staying down in Hamilton for the year Next year he is a RFA so the Habs still own his rights
  5. Probably stays in Hamilton all year - the Bulldogs afterall do need D men I guess if the Habs have injuries he could be considered a call up , but then , correct me if I am wrong , would he need to clear waivers again, and the Habs could lose him if someone picks him up. But if he does get picked up he would have to remain a part of that team's roster Then at the end of the year when his contract is up he can go where ever he pleases Oh well , another prodpect with potential that never lived up the fans' expectations
  6. Schultz will not make the Habs this year . 1. He's not good enough 2. There isn't a spot open for a player of his ilk 3. He's not good enough.
  7. Plus he's Position: C and only Height: 5-10 Weight: 176 So the odds are against him making it with the Habs
  8. People get excited over every player the Habs sign I could name 5 + guys that people thought were top six and aren't even playinmg with the Habs now It's Fine to be excited but to start predicting him as a top six forward this year when there isn't even room on the top six is a little unrealsitic IMO Heck even I'm curious to see this guy play , considering the only talk in the hockey world about him , is on this board .
  9. The kid hasn't palyed a game in NA yet and we're already annointing him OK...........let's hang his jersey from the rafters now
  10. alka seltzer, tang and a 50 it's all over ..........
  11. Re read my post . He's not good enough to be a top 6 forward on the current Habs and he's not suited to a role as a grinder, checker, fighter, etc on the 3rd or 4th line . We're not talking about a guy who's going to put up 70 t 80 pts a year .
  12. Maybe he's not good enough to be one of the top six forwards on the HABS and being a checker isn't his best attribute, so as of today , he doesn't fit into the HABS starting lineup .
  13. Anyone know if any other players besides SK were asked "What the f*** are you doing over there?" by Martin Maybe its an indication of why SK was sent down to the Bulldogs last year . Here's a kid with some talent that takes things for granted and needs to devlop better HABits if he wanst to remain a HAB or in the NHL .
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