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  1. It's just preseason...but good to see Jaro where he left of last season. He's always good when facing 30+shots.
  2. Then his fans would line up excuses for potential failure...aging defense, shot quality, wins don't matter etc etc. then Blues would trade away Conklin and Bishop for third line players because they were bribing the defense to play well when they were in net. Then when all the pieces are put together and there's magical music playing in the background with unicorns and butterflies all around...Halak emerges as the Prince he is and take the blues on his back to promise land. The end.
  3. thanks for posting the pics I personally like the one with the Blues theme more.
  4. I don't lucky luke from the pictures posted on this thread. It seems like three pics of the same mask to me with St. Louis downtown on one side and Plante on the other side.
  5. Jaro's Blues mask looks a lot like the second one he had here. except the colours and the city in the picture has changed These masks really represent Jaro as an athlete. His masks always have something to do with the team and the fans he's playing for...not his personal likings...truly representative of th eteam first kinda guy he is Sorry I don't know what you mean. I was talking about fans that will boo any ex player if they think that will help the team win the game, but be classy and cheer for the ex player if he performed well AFTER the game when the result has been decided. I don't know how you related this to the cowardly act of booing our own goalie.
  6. I'll boo any opponent DURING THE GAME if I feel that gives the Habs a better chance of winning the game. But I can guarantee that those same fans will stand up and cheer if Halak plays well against us and selected for as one of the three stars. Classy as always from Jaro in his farewell visit to Montreal. I will miss him and follow his progress wherever his career takes him. JARO JARO JARO!
  7. I would definitely go if I was in Montreal. Last chance to see him in Montreal when he's on an opponent
  8. very good decision. With Pleks playing with Gionta and Ak with Gomez..there was no room for Sergei in the top 6. Only way he fits in the top 6 is if Pleks playing with him and his brother. And he's not suited for a checking role...so why waste his time here rather than developing his offensive skills in Hamilton? If Pacioretty/D'agostini performs well...I wont mind seeing sergei spend the season in hamilton...get over his superstar atitide and come back strong next season (or just fade away )
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