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  1. I'd really hoped after the playoffs last year, he'd come out flying to start the season. Now it's important not to put too much stock in one game, but definately not encouraging. Pouliot is no longer a rookie, he's 24 years old and time is running out.
  2. Invisible, I really hope he shows some of that potential soon.
  3. Is Eller going to be a winger? Or you don't think he'll make the team?
  4. I guess if we want Eller as a center it kind of makes sense. I'm sure there's lots of teams who would love to have him, but it sounds like in the past he has been incredibly greedy and it's always come back to bite him.
  5. Just wanted to add that the reason we don't think Gill is overpaid was because of his play as a top four dmen. Were he only playing bottom pairing minutes and assignments in the playoffs, he would be overpaid.
  6. He might be worth that (although it seems high to me), but in any case unless we're signing him to be our #2 center, we can't afford it.
  7. Well I think most people hated the trade because we assumed we'd be knocked out in the first round, and it was stupid to give up a 2nd rounder just to get to the postseason.
  8. Agreed
  9. Well we probably wouldn't be here without him. I suppose even if we lose against the Pens, a 2nd round pick to make the playoffs and pull off a first round upset isn't too bad. I could make the argument that "if you don't win the cup, any rental is a waste of a pick", but really it's great to know there's at least another week of hockey to play.
  10. X Factor and Virtual XI get a lot of flack because the singer wasn't that good, but I actually thought they were better than the 2 albums before them (No Prayer and Fear of the Dark) , but all of the ones from the 90s were among the weakest in my opinion. Brave New World, when the main lineup got back together, was really a good reset for them. That's part of it, but the song-writing was also very different, had more of a punk influence compared to Number of the Beast which was real metal.
  11. I really like Peace of Mind and Number of the Beast as well (and Iron Maiden and Killers are solid too, just sound different), I guess just being more of a prog fan I liked the direction they started going in after that (in particular, Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son had some of their most complex songs), of course they followed that with No Prayer For the Dying, just a terrible album. Hallowed Be Thy Name is definitely a classic, and probably the strongest song from that album. I don't know if you're including "Brave New World" as new stuff, since it's now 10 years old, but I honestly felt that one compared with their stuff from the 80s quite well (the albums since then have been alright, but not great) .
  12. You mean Maiden? Didn't know they had a new album. I actually don't mind their new stuff though, it's not as good as the stuff from the later 80s (Powerslave, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Somwehere In Time was their peak in my opinion) but Brave New World was one of their best albums, and Dance of Death and A Matter of Life and Death are decent. The four albums from the 90s were the weak point. Dream Theater's newest album (which they played a lot from last summer) is actually probably my favourite from them since Six Degrees.
  13. That's a nice combination. I saw Dream Theater last summer, they put on a really good show in terms of playing the music, but if you're looking for theatrics or that sort of thing it's nothing special. Iron Maiden I was supposed to see like 5 years ago as part of Ozzfest, then Ozzy's voice went out and Sabbath had to drop out of some of the shows (those on back-to-back nights), including the one I was going to. The promoters of that show I was going to then decided without Sabbath to cancel the entire thing (which was stupid, all the other shows Ozzy couldn't make went on with Maiden as the headliner). So I'm still bitter about that, especially since I was going mainly for Maiden and not Sabbath.
  14. Lol at the same concert?
  15. Hmm really, at least over here they were basically a one hit wonder ... and even that hit was more due to the music video than the song.