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  1. I'd really hoped after the playoffs last year, he'd come out flying to start the season. Now it's important not to put too much stock in one game, but definately not encouraging. Pouliot is no longer a rookie, he's 24 years old and time is running out.
  2. Invisible, I really hope he shows some of that potential soon.
  3. Moved some posts to the Bob Gainey topic as they've drifted from Koivu. http://forum.canadiens.com/index.php?showt...3760&st=360
  4. Well think of it this way: if Brisebois can come back, anyone can
  5. Statistically speaking, when I calculated their stats over the past 3 seasons (3 because I was trying to gauge value of Koivu's last contract) the two of them were almost identical. Now people from either side could argue all day about linemates, team-wide issues, coverage by opposing teams, PP time, etc. But at a high level they were statistically almost identical over that time frame. That said, there were some advantages with getting Gomez: one is he's 5 years younger. Even if they are the same player today, Koivu is probably getting close to the end of his career. Secondly, while over the past 3 years Koivu didn't actually miss that much time, I do feel a little bit less worried that Gomez will go down with an injury. Gomez also brings slightly more size to the table and I'm guessing may be a bit more consistent over the course of the season (don't ahve stats to back this up, I'm sure they exist somewhere). But those things aside, end of the day he puts up a similar amount of points. I've felt the whole time it was largely a lateral move, one that was done probably because without a whole lot of depth at center in our organization, you don't want to put all your hopes in a guy who is approaching retirement age.
  6. Saku could certainly play as a first line center, even in recent years, for stretches. The question is could he do it consistently? It seemed he always started out among the best centers not named Crosby, but as the season went on he slowed down and started putting up numbers more associated with a very good second line center. Then again, he may not have looked so bad if we had a half decent second line to back him up more often.
  7. Huh? I always remember him starting off being on pace for a great season of 100 points or at least PPG and slowing down later.
  8. Well he's good at creating scoring chances ... at both ends of the ice.
  9. Pleasant surprise this season. He obviously won't keep the points up, but has given us some secondary scoring when we really need it.
  10. Could be, it's tough to tell. I'd also like to know the context, there is a big difference between when someone volunteers information and someone giving a diplomatic response to a question.
  11. While he's obviously going to be one of those players who can be headache, given the loss of Markov I kind of felt it was a risk we needed to take and tonight shows why. We just need to keep our expectations realistic, remember there's a reason a dman with 32 points in 72 games last season was available in September for under a million.
  12. Typical Gainey, made no contingency plans in the offseason in the event we lost Metropolit to injury
  13. That part is important, 2 points in 6 games is clearly not impressive; although still better bang for the buck than Gomez considering their salaries Of course you can't judge much after 6 games for either player.
  14. One thing I found myself thinking with this whole Sergei situation is remembering that game where Andrei got knocked out, and Saku quietly on the bench telling Sergei to calm down.
  15. I kind of hope he has a 100 point season (okay more realistically a PPG season), if for no other reason than to confirm my belief that away from Montreal he would have been a legitimate top line player. Also, while I'm not really a believer in karma, the way the whole situation ended leaves me feeling that Montreal kind of deserves to watch him have a career season.
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