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  1. Someone from the Ducks boards translated this from Finnish to English Saku doesn't admit that his first game in Anaheim jersey would be the most important game of his career. "It's not that big game. Hopefully the biggest game will come next spring in the Stanley Cup final". "I have to say I'm a bit excited. More than in a long long time. I hope we will get a good start for the season. Training camp was so hard that all the muscles are still tight. You just have to be patient." Saku bought a new house for his family in Irvine and has been organizing that lately. Huge truck brought all their things from Montreal yesterday. "What comes to hockey this place is totally different to Montreal. They have people even in practise games. Outside the rink life is very peaceful and I can have a normal life here with my family." From the same person who translated the article:
  2. He's been voted the most on a poll on the Ducks site on "Who are you the most excited to see play" (or something like that) He's already gotten accustomed to the fans and can't deny the passion in a non-traditional hockey market. "It's definitely different from Montreal with all the media and all" about 7 media guys were waiting for him after one game. That's considered up in the high numbers for a hockey player.
  3. Koivu played well in tonight's game he had an assist off of one of Teemu's power goal. Teemu scored 2 PPG in 1:23 seconds, as the Ducks had a 3 on 5 man advantage on his first PPG and then a 4 on 5 on his second. Saku has definitely and quickly became a fan favorite in Anaheim. Ducks beat the Bruins 6-1
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