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  1. http://forum.canadiens.com/index.php?showforum=31
  2. Uh-Oh... JK, he's sens forumer like me. He's kinda wierd sometimes, but youll see for yourselves I guess
  3. Well, they did do the double. Did anybody else do it? I think not
  4. I'm on both now I hate the leafs, if that helps Yeah, their only the best club team in the world.
  5. Hey everyone. I couldn't find this thread, so I posted my intro in the lounge section
  6. No, unless man u demand ramos, robinho and diarra + cash in return. Then, I would sell him.
  7. Alright, thanks Thanks for the welcome I really hope C Ron stays with man u, that would suck if he left
  8. Fair enough Some more info on me, I am a sigmaker, (I made both my sigs) and will be going to collage for graphic design next year. lol, the sens board is basically this board, but different colors EDIT: How do I still have 0 posts?
  9. I couldn't find an introduction section, so i'll just post here. I am the top poster on the sens forum, and was told i'd be welcome here, so here I am. I am a sens fan, but I am not a troll. I will not bash the habs in any way. I already know 1 person here, that being MDAS. I hope I have as much fun here as I do on the sens board. btw, feel free to call me SD.
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