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  1. from www.russianprospects.com

    Nikolai Kazakovtsev, Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) and Maxim Chudinov don't make the cut, Kirill Petrov (New York Islanders) in

    U20 Four Nations Tournament (Russia) - As announced today by the FHR, Nikolai Kazakovtsev, Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) and Maxim Chudinov didn't make the cut for the 4 nations tournament roster to be played in St. Petesrburg, Russia, this weekend. Kazakovtsev has been sidelined by an injury, while Trunev and Chudinov has been taken out after advice by Severstal's doctors. Forwards Kirill Petrov (New York Islanders) and Evgeny Timkin have been called as subs.

  2. from www.russianprospects.com

    Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) scores, Severstal Cherepovets beats Ak Bars Kazan

    Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) - In the 10/08 game between Severstal Cherepovets, Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) scored the 3-0 goal as the home team get the best of the KHL reigning champions with a 3-1 final score. The game's first goal has been scored by defenseman's Mikhail Kuklev, while at the thirty-second minute the mysteriously undrafted Maxim Chudinov got in front of the goal with great timing to one-time in a superb pass by Sergei Soin (Nashville Predators) behind the crease defended by Alexander Galimov. One minute later Maxim Trunev (Montreal Canadiens) went one-on-one with Evgeny Medvedev dribbling past him and getting into the zone. His first attempt has been rejected by Galimov, but then he got the puck back with his glove, adjusted it on the ice and shot it past Galimov while falling on the surface because of the heavy speed of his movement. This was Trunev's first goal of the season. A couple of minutes later Alexei Badyukov scored for the guests, but it was too late and Severstal got 3 well deserved points.

  3. Hello everyone. I'm Alessandro, hockey journalist. I know someone is familiar with me as I write for some sites like hockey's future, russianprospects, mckeen's hockey and others as Russian hockey expert.

    I'm not a true Habs fan (don't like the NHL too much), but the Canadiens are my favourite NHL team :)

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