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  1. IMHo he's always been an underrated player. This is exactly the sort of player we should be going after as it means low cost to flesh out our roster. Gainey used to go after the guys who were coming off of big seasons & therefore looking for inflated contracts (Moen, Gill, Laracque) whereas PG has been going after guys under the radar (Halpern, Boyd, Picard). None of these guys (overpriced or underpriced) are going to win you the cup on their own, so why not save money where you can?
  2. Haha. True, true. Its frustrating though, because at times I think martin has really been a step forward for this team, but then things change and... The one positive is that Gauthier has already made it clear he will make whatever decision (even those against Gainey) that he feels makes this team better. I dont see PG standing for insane coaching moves for a whole season like Gainey did with Carbo. If Martin cant get Gauthier's team to work the way Gauthier has envisioned, expect him to be replaced. Just IMHO.
  3. You may well be right BCH but I dont think its the right move.
  4. Agree on every point, Weep. I think its a terrible move (although in fairness to JM, maybe its just for practice) but even if i was to consider dropping Pouliot off that line, the only guy with a similar skillset & upside worthy of Gomez/Gionta is Eller. Finally, if Pouliot is to be demoted you have to give him something more than 4th liners to work with. At least Halpern and Laps have some, albeit small, skill to go along with their game. Just switch Pouliot & Eller outright, if you must make moves so early in this season.
  5. Finally saw Iron Man 2 this weekend. I thought it was actually pretty decent. It wasnt as good as the first IMHO but they did something unusual for superhero flicks: they actually made the sequel different than the first. Of course any fans of Iron Man know that there's so much backstory and emotional side to the characters that they could have (or perhaps still will) used so its not like they we just making a big screen version of "the tick" but still. Id give it a healthy 8 out of 10. Watchable & well done for its genre. Superhero movies dont "need" great acting, but when they get them in the form of a Downey Jr, Cheadle, Rockwell, Rourke etc, its that much better.
  6. Agreed. As much as id like to see Eller get more ice time with skilled linemates, neither Pouliot, nor AK really deserve to lose their spots just yet.
  7. I think this is a tad unfair. No, eller doesnt have a lot of experience, but they didnt use that as an excuse when Staal took the 3rd centre spot in pittsburg. Eller has shown he has the potential to be an extremely solid NHLer - almost a lock for a 2nd line centre with an outside chance at a #1. As for the rest of the centres.... Gomez/Plekanec is as good (if not better) a 1-2 punch as a least 23-24 other teams in the NHL. No, we're not going to get mistaken for Pittsburgh or Detroit or SJ but those are the aberrations. In our bottom six we have some very capable centres (Halpern, Boyd, Eller) as well as some natural centres playing wing (Laps, White, Pyatt etc) plus we have some guys in Hamilton who may very well be close to a promotion. Again, I dont think we're even close to the "elite" at centre, but imho we've become a LOT stronger at the pivot position than we used to be even 2 or 3 years ago. Halpern isnt the "reason" we are, but he's one of the parts in the sum. Some has been through trades, some through drafting and some through maturing, but overall we're better at centre than we have been for a while.
  8. Definitely not a great flick, but watch-able if you're in the right mood. imho.
  9. Agreed. Imho he's been much more involved in the play the first few games this year. Last year, even during his tear when he first got here, he seemed to be in the clouds for many shifts. Hes involved in the play & making it hard on the opposition against the boards. That has to open up some ics for Gomez & Gio. Right now, however, they are not using it.
  10. I still think he'll be fine, JR, but I guess time will tell. He just needs to get into a groove & get a feel for how this team is playing in front of him.
  11. Agreed. I think he's had an excellent camp & finally starting to show the promise many of us hoped he would just a year or 2 ago. Lets hope he can put it all together and plays so well he forces some trades on this team.
  12. IMHO the problem was never those signings - Smolinsky, Bonk, Metro etc etc. The problem was that they were always signed with the hope that they could "play up" or "step up" or be a good "2a" centre. Now Halpern is signed with the full expectation he will be a 3rd or 4th liner. No one is looking for him to give help to our top 6 - in fact, I cant imagine a situation where he would have to step into that group as we finally have talent & depth up front. Great work by gauthier to finally "get it" - you sign your top guys, make sure you're set in the top 6 and then, see whats left over. You dont go throwing $1.5 - 3m to guys in the bottom half of the roster & then go looking for your top 6 afterwards.
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