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  1. Loved watching him in Hamilton - even better in Montreal! Working with Boucher certainly didn't harm him either. Great attitude and work ethic!
  2. I believe he would have to clear waivers (again!) which would probably happen - yes if he is needed he certainly would be very capable. I don't see that happening though.
  3. You are right - but why have I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach? At least Sanford looked good - GO DOGS!
  4. Yeah but that is a different story - Locke had to go by then - the Habs weren't going to give him a decent chance (maybe afraid he'd lose his equipment.... ). I still maintain they should have at least given him a shot considering his history and numbers (and that goes TRIPLE for Desharnais now.......). Funny that the WILD didn't give him the shot either - He is small, not that physical but the guy is a winner - why a weaker team wouldn't take a chance on him for 10 games or so beats me - players with far less skills and history have been given chance after chance. (AK comes to mind - and he was/is far less physical than Corey!!!!!) Anyway - Desjardins is a totally different story - not quite a Halak - but he will probably be an NHL #1 and certainly a decent backup - Why did we go with Sanford over him?????
  5. State of the Hamilton Bulldogs??? Just got a lot worse......(didn't do much for the State of the Habs either ).
  6. The season AFTER the Calder the Habs were number #1 going into the playoffs and DID make the second round I think the problems may have been more in Montreal than Hamilton as I think some would allege mismanagement (especially of goalies). ALso as Js2 notes there were a number of vets/career AHLers on that team - which is partly why it was so successful - I would also argue that there were a number of players never really given a shot - Locke, Cote, Ferland, Jancevski, Benoit, Milroy, Chipper....even the hated Grabovski(not by me thoug)...and you also forget that a huge part of that team was Halak - who helped take us farther than we have been in a long time - not too shabby! PS Jason Ward was never allowed to play his game in Montreal - he did stick in NYR and Tampa and while unspectacular played regularly and solidly.
  7. Just to clarify - that post was of young prospects - not necessarily the Bulldogs lineup (vets etc.....)
  8. Mixed reaction in Hamilton...... On the plus side his Rochester American teams mostly dominated the Bulldogs (but then again we had Jarvis as head coach before he was ready......but that's another story.....) - I was always impressed with Rochester's lightning fast transition game and as i said they killed us in the playoffs a few years - they also had a guy called Ryan Miller then though....... On the negative side many here see/saw Cunneyworth's Americans as cheap shot artists and dirty players - playing an intimidation game rather than an honest "pay the price' physical game as espoused by Boucher - here's hoping he uses our guys the way they were last year and sticks to good honest physical hockey with hard work!
  9. I guess he will take Desharnais place in Hamilton when he finally gets called up . From the video he certainly shows promise but why do we draft smaller guys (Locke, Desharnais) who play hard and well and then not give them a real shot in the NHL??? - Hopefully he will break the trend when he is ready!!!
  11. He would have probably developed very nicely with Boucher in Hamilton and later in Montreal
  12. Yeah or even Cedric circa April 2010.........oh wait, we DID have him........ Yes and no......considering only one other team in the whole league was better in the regular season, considering how badly we outshot Texas while short staffed....and their relative talent - no we didn't. I'm with you brother - still not sure why we benched Desjardins - not that I'm blaming Sanford - but the way we got there was with a tandem at least or with Desjardins solely at the end of the season and start of the playoffs.
  13. That was exactly it !!!! 2nd period hardly ever left the O zone!!!! Beaten by the Texas Cockroaches!!! They just don't die
  14. Great article on Subban in the Hamilton Spectator Subban's back, ready to go GARRY MCKAY THE HAMILTON SPECTATOR (May 26, 2010) He has just spent the last month on hockey's biggest stage, the Stanley Cup playoffs, battling some of the games biggest stars but P.K. Subban is ecstatic about getting back with the Hamilton Bulldogs. "Obviously, I was happy that Montreal wanted me to go back, but either way I was going back, whether they wanted me to or not," said Subban, a defenceman, who got his wish yesterday when he and forward Ben Maxwell were reassigned to the Bulldogs the day after the Montreal Canadiens were eliminated from the playoffs. Both players are expected to be in the lineup at Copps Coliseum tonight when the Bulldogs host the Texas Stars in the seventh and deciding game of their American Hockey League Western Conference final. The Dogs are hoping Subban's return can help on two fronts. At the time of his call-up on April 26, he was the club's leading scorer in the playoffs and head coach Guy Boucher thinks he can provide some timely offence from the back end. And the front office are hoping the media attention Subban received on national TV during the Habs playoff run might help lagging ticket sales. "I played 77 games in Hamilton this year and that's the team I played with most of the season," Subban added. "Even when I was called up, I had a bit of mixed emotions. I didn't want to leave the guys. I liked playing there. I liked the guys and I liked the coaching staff." Now don't get Subban wrong, he enjoyed every second of his time up with Montreal in the playoffs and he called it a thrill of a lifetime to line up facing players like Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby with his parents and brothers in the Bell Centre crowd in Montreal watching him perform. "You dream about moments like that and for it to happen to me was great," said Subban, who admitted he learned a lot. "The games are so intense in the playoffs and there's very little room for error and I didn't have any NHL experience, really, and was just thrown into the fire. You learn to stick to the things that you're really good at. You have to continue to do the things that got you there." Subban, who turned 20 earlier in May, said the Habs and Bulldogs play a slightly different game on defence and he admitted because of that he got caught out of position a couple of times. But, he adds, his defensive partner Roman Hamrlik and other D-men helped him with advice when he made a mistake. "The vets on the team were unbelievable, especially my partner, Hamrlik and (Josh) Gorges and Hal Gill, who's a huge leader on the team. They were really good on giving me feedback on things I need to do better and on things that I was doing well." Although he could be excused for being a little preoccupied with the Stanley Cup playoffs, Subban said he's had time to follow how the Bulldogs have been doing without him. And he's fully aware the team's season is on the line tonight. "I didn't play all the games I did this year to show up for the seventh game of the semi-finals and not put forth my best effort. No matter how many games I played this year, I'm ready for it," he says. Boucher believes there's no question Subban will show up for the game in the right frame of mind. "He's going to be just as anxious to help his buddies here as he was with the Canadiens, because he's that type of guy," Boucher remarked.