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  1. Loved watching him in Hamilton - even better in Montreal! Working with Boucher certainly didn't harm him either. Great attitude and work ethic!
  2. I believe he would have to clear waivers (again!) which would probably happen - yes if he is needed he certainly would be very capable. I don't see that happening though.
  3. You are right - but why have I got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach? At least Sanford looked good - GO DOGS!
  4. He is only going to continue to get stronger. How do you guys like the late addition now! Way to go Marc!
  5. great game - part of the reason we looked better than usual!
  6. :lol: (as PK Subban would say....he was "pretty nails" to come back and play after the hit! )
  7. He will definitely help us - but he is NOT the saviour - we need quite a few of those!
  8. I think he will help quite a bit - but the guy hasn't been skating with a team until his four AHL games - it is a big jump from solo practices to the NHL!!! anyway I think there is quite a small limit on how many rehab games you are allowed before waivers - I hope to see him Mon and Tues in Hamilton against Manitoba - but he may already be over his AHL limit - anyone know????
  9. Correct you are! He is on a conditioning stint (not sure of the limit but I believe it is 3 or 4 games) so he does not have to clear waivers to go to Montreal. He did look a bit rusty in the home opener because he hadn't been skating with a team and in a competitive situation - that is the reason for the AHL visit - he will have to be brought up to Montreal soon or will have to clear waivers (or stay in the A). I think you will all find he is a good (and necessary ) addition. PS Hey Chris - did you offer your services to fight the spambots - I'd like to see the other forum opened again
  10. Great news! (I think ) He was one of the anchors of the great Bulldogs team of 02-03 (some say it was the best AHL club ever!)
  11. There's a bonus for you - would love to get the full report on what you see. :lol:
  12. Yeah! I was at the famous game - it certainly would have made the opener even more entertaining! PS mods - (not to rub salt in the wound) but shouldn't SK be moved to the "In the System" thread!!!
  13. Yeah you are right about that I'm not sure that still isn't somewhat part of the thinking this time (speculation on my part ) No the article was pretty clear - it was a 20 questions kind of thing. His English is/was much better than his brothers (who had virtually no English when he first arrived in Hamilton). AK has come a long way in that regard - well done! He is another guy that was promoted way too quickly (there was a lot of that going around for a while ) -as great as the Knights were - the AHL is another major step up - it serves a function in development or it wouldn't exist - very few can, or should bypass it.
  14. Beyond the attitude, Stewart and D'ags have to clear waivers and SK doesn't. I don't know about Pyatt but he has impressed many with his speed and work ethic! Pacioretty seems to have the inside track to hang in - Trevor Timmins was interviewed during the Bulldogs' second intermission and strongly suggested he was the one that would stick - still we'll see because I believe he also does not have to clear waivers. I agree with the posters that say he is being 'tested' - plus he is still very young - there is no need to rush him when there are other older players ahead of him.
  15. There was also the interview in Canadiens magazine when he first came up that basically said (and I paraphrase, but if I find the mag. I'll give the exact quotes) 'I'm happy to get the hell out of Hamilton' - this from a guy just out of the OHL. Of course everyone wants to be in the NHL not in the AHL but most are willing to learn all they can at that level and are gracious to acknowledge the people who helped them get there - this was at the same time that Lapierre was constantly being sent down - and you'd hear and read quite the opposite from him. In addition, like Lammy, I've seen the attitude both on and off the ice in person. I like his confidence and aggresiveness but he needs to realize his place in the team hierarchy. Plus he is a victim of the fact he does not have to clear waivers - he is young, he has had a stronger start (at least initially) than his brother - he will be fine if he puts in the time in Hamilton with a good attitude.
  16. :blink: NOOOOOOOO! I still wake up screaming at the thought.......... He doesn't have to clear waivers, D'Ags does.......
  17. On the Bulldog broadcast (from Scotland!) today Derek seemed to be intimating that SK will be sent down. If he is I hope he approaches Hamilton with a better attitude than last time and actually develops so that he is ready next time the call comes to the Bigs.
  18. Like D'ags, he is another player who has shown increased maturity this year, he seems to always be in the heart of the action. Today he was finally rewarded.....a hat-trick and at least two (and maybe even all) of the goals were short handed. A well deserved first star performance today!
  19. He needs to change things up until he finds something that works......as he should have last year in the playoffs.....but he is still a young coach and is learning, we should not give up on him. He has to learn to be more adaptable and innovative. Yes and by all means let's get Begin in there!!!!
  20. Bring him to Hamilton, we'll need him when they call up Patches!!!
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