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  1. This kid has gotten better with each game....really three games and your moving him....for what and who Moen???????...this has to be a joke. Moen should not even be in the lineup a kid like White should be there. If he is going to move players up, try Eller or Boyd....Boyd has some NHL experience, pretty good net presence, Let Eller take his natural position between Laps and Pouliot...
  2. There s a big difference between staal and eller. size is one of them. Eller has 50 odd points in 70 odd AHL games, 2 goals in what 10 NHL games. Stall had 29 goals as an 18 year old in the NHL. No comparison Eller has shown some good things so far but to say he is a top line or top two center at this point is just wishful thinking. He could very well develop like pleks or he could even end up like Maxwell
  3. I didn't think he was that bad last night, he was a plus one, he had an assist, he was not on the ice for any goals against, watch the second goal, it all started becuase of pouliot hard on the forecheck. Your top end players like pleks, ak, gomez and gino were invisible, puliot was moved back to the third and fouth lines, they gave us all our offence.
  4. he looks alot like metro out there in his skating and both right handed shots. i didn't know much about halpren until he became a hab. i watched him last night against ottawa, he looks to have above average speed and seems to have a good sense of the game. he will help the third and fourth lines for sure. he will likely chipp in with some goals at even strengh also.
  5. benny had a really solid game last night. Pleks goal although great was the result of a really good backcheck by benny. he stripped the offensive player on the rush and made a real quick heads up pass to pleks to spring him on the partial breakaway. Pleks took over with his speed but it all started because of benny. he was good alnight on the rush...i can't wait to see him back with gionta and gomez.
  6. here we go again signing all these vets and not leaving any spots for the kids to come in an show some of their skills.....I would sooner have banked this 600000 and waited to see where we are in the standings and then decide if we needed a good vet down the stretch and hopefully in the playoffs. this effects a kids in the organization more then anything...let the kids play 8 to 10 minutes a game on the 3rd and 4th lines to see if they have what it takes... don't like this move for any reason.
  7. I think we can have a really nice young third line of Laps, Boyd, (eller, pyatt or pacs --- i haven't given up on maxwell either --- i think we could get a breakout year from him, if he could get a few points in preseason this may get him going. )----
  8. Finally a GM paying what third and fourth line players should be paid, I would of payed up to 1.25 or 1.3. Really good deal for a solid third line player. I don't know if he is being forced to pay these players what there worth because of our cap hit or he just understands what third and fourth line players are worth, either way I like it.
  9. I am not so sure he is easily replaceable, he plays the wing, center, has fleeting moments of excellence, has good size, has really quick feet, has yet to reach his prime, and we just found out in the playoffs he can score the big goals. 1.333 per year, 3 year contract, 4 million. He is exactly the type of bargain player you need on the 3rd and 4th line.
  10. I was all for dumping this guy and using our kids, but he has been growing on me every game, he does so many of the little things that go unnoticed in the game. Now that he is getting points that is an added bonus.
  11. there is a reason he was not signed until we did strictly out of necessity. I think it was a waste of money. they could have one of the kids oup and let them make mistakes and develop their game. I never seen belle play any worse and he was certainly bigger and more physical.
  12. chips is looking better aand better. most of our young secondary players are starting to look better and better. i think alot has to do with their roles and what jm is teaching these kids. he is constantly putting them in a position to succeed. chips effort and smart play is starting to grow on me.
  13. Good game Chips. Get some confidence from this game and continue to grow.
  14. There is no doubt spacek was expected to provide more on the powe play and I sure he will he is getting chances and it will just be a matter of time.... But on the flip side he has be a rock solid on the blueline for us Spacek has played really well for us this season. I think the guy quitely does a great job so he is not that noticable. He has played over 25 minutes per game, 17th among all deeman in the league and plus 2 on a team that has certainly given up more goals then we have scored.
  15. That is a joke I agree, i don't think there is anyone who thought he would be the next Lecavlier. However there are alot of people in this fourum who thought he would become that big power forward who could dominate along the boards and score 30 to 35 plus goals a season. There is no real big difference in his game since the day he was drafted. He has stints where it looks like he will be what most people wanted an then there are long long long periods where it looks like anyone can take his place. Becuase they are exerimenting with patches without much success, even though i still think before mid season patches will start scoring and look more comfortable out there. I think they should maybe rotate Lats and Patches every ofther game.. I however don't think JM will move lats....He is a coach who is more about two player connections... Gomez and Gionta Pleks and AK Lats and Laps... I think that after that he will move wingers in and out...
  16. he cannot hurt at this point our powerplay is dreadful. if we scored early against ottawa the other night i am sure the result would have been different. he has played in the nhl and he can be a good power play man. if he limits his defensive mistakes he can be a reasonable fill in.
  17. Ya, and there is about fifty to a hundred other players that you could probably pull out of a hat and say that about also..actually i think Sk and Dags are a better point per game then Lats. Just because lats numbers look pretty good playing against the other teams third and fourth lines does not make his numbers that great. And for the overhype, this kid made the team at 18 years old. Yes the media and fans execpt more from him...And if he only develops into a third line winger who score 16 or 17 goals a year he is a wash. Because you can get players through free agency like the Moen who will score around ten, are better defensively and are in your face every shift and every night. Yes his salary is low this year but it won't be next year when he is looking for 2 million plus. I find it hard to believe anyone that is happy if Lats continues to be what he is currently which is a third line winger who may score 16 or 17goals. I expect more from him, he is 6.2, 230 pounds, he has good hands?, I epect him to become a top two winger who score 30 plus goals a year anything less an i consider him a wash. Its not like he was a seven round pick and just started scoring 16 and 17 goals a year...he was a second round pick and won a spot at 18 on an NHL club...
  18. hardly the case..if you want to pick one player of that line - you should look at gregory stewart.. he did not play that bad...he did not play that good either...but i will give him some slack,,it was his first game since whenever.
  19. Ahh thats better, clearer and precise.... It makes it easier when we don't have to read your mind.
  20. Maybe I missed some of the earlier posts. Certainly using 16 is really stretching it though...when you talk about junior days usually 18 or 19 for most players --17 for the true elite players. Most 16 year olds don't even get to play Junior triple a---alot end up playing tier two somewhere...
  21. I hope your not referring to Guy Carboneua? He was a scoring wizard in Junior and that is exactly what he was drafted for, scoring...he learned to played a good defensive game in the AHL and that later translated to the NHL. Also if that is Mike Keane he scored 153 points in his last 120 games in junior 60 of them were goals...so I don't think he was drafted for his defensive ability either. Kyle Chipchura in his last 87 games he had 35 goals and 52 assits for a point per game player not bad considering the injury that was wrapped around that at the time. Before the sever injury he was one of the leading scorers in the western hockey league...I am sure he was set back a few years because of that. No one exepected him to fill a top line center, but i am sure they figured him tp be a 15 to 20 goal scorer and an eliet defensive player and leadership that is why he was drafted and that he why he was captain of the junior team for canada.. It has not panned out yet...But i doubt Gainey has given up on this kid yet either.
  22. I thought he played abit better tonight also..I am not sure if it was the first or second period he got in on the rush early and through some really nice heavy hits... he seemed to be more combative...he has to play that way to be succesful.. I Also like is how Mr Martins is not throwing these young kids to the wolves...Lats, Pacs, Obryne etc he is playing them in situations where they will succeed and grow....As much as I play on Lats he is still a young man in this game.
  23. Thats 5 I don't think he was one of the faves thats for sure ...only 3 players with less ice time dags 10:32 moen 9:53 laraque 5:46 That would put him in the number 9 spot of the 12 forwards.
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