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  1. The kid is very talented indeed but when things go wrong he needs to man up.
  2. If your Saying that Koivu was better than Vincent Damphousse during that period of time.... god knows what your smoking.
  3. Saku was a good second line center that played first line. End of the story.
  4. Si jamais il apprend a patiné un jour...
  5. These guys were game breaker players, yes they had better teams, but Saku was never a game breaker player. That's just the way it is.
  6. He played almost 800 games with the habs and 13 seasons no wonder that he have those numbers, Saku is not a habs legend whatsoever. If you think so, your out of it totally.
  7. I would never go as far as booing him. He did some good stuff outside the ice rink that's for sure, but inside of it, it was another story lol.
  8. The only reason why i care about Saku is because he's making me money this year, my friend bet me 500$ that Saku would have a career high season with Anaheim this year. And i didn't put all the blame on Saku and Bob, im just saying, if i was a UFA myself a few years back (let's say a winger) why would i sign with a team who's first center is Koivu when i know for a fact that he's no first liner whatsoever? I'm not even gonna go with Koivu diva attitude when he was in Montreal Those were good reasons not to come here.
  9. I don't know if some of you remember my theory of 2 years ago when i talked about the fact that UFA's didn't sign here because of Koivu, but you gotta admit that it's kinda weird that the day he left people started signing here.... yeah you guys are gonna tell me "we're offering them a bunch of money..." it's not like we didn't try to do that in the past either. Anyway Enjoy Anaheim Saku.
  10. Theres still no one in the back to make that amazing first pass that Markov always do to kick things off. That's good for the 5 on 5 and the powerplay too. So i don't know... i have my doubts.
  11. 2 months without O'byrne, i don't see why Webber should go back down before that. Especially with the fact that we play most of our games on the road.
  12. Were gonna roll at 7 d man for a while probably.
  13. Qui va voulloir de lui tous seul ? Je serais étonné quond aille un choix de 3 iemme ronde pour lui.
  14. I don't think you can compare the two... but the reason why Jiri moved back is right there. She barely speaks english and she had a bad time in Detroit.
  15. Les routes en ontario sont plus belle et il y a pas encore de neige, Jacques Martin veux juste que Sergei se promenne avec sa porsche labas en toute sécurité.
  16. I don't watch much tv shows.... the only one that are worth recording (tivo) for me are Californication and Lost.
  17. He was signed for 2 years when we first got him. And why ? It's easy.... Because Carbo didn't like Steve Bégin.
  18. Une première saison de 20 buts pour Gui. Rien de moin!
  19. At this point it has to be Markov, no doubt about it. Will see if Jacques Martin thinks like that at the training camp though.
  20. I hope anywhere Manny lands he'll get boo'd and people will throw stuff at him. It's the recession in full force, hundreds of thousands of workers lose their jobs, you can't barely get a dime in a loan from a bank to buy a house or whatever, and this guy decline a 25 million dollar deal for 1 year because he wants minimum 50 or 75 million for 2 or 3 years! What a joke athletes have become, especially coming from a poor background in dominican republic!
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