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  1. anyone who says Saku wasnt a first line center before he got cancer really doesnt know what kind of player he really was and wasnt a fan of the team from 95-01

    If your Saying that Koivu was better than Vincent Damphousse during that period of time.... god knows what your smoking.

  2. I don't think Koivu is a Habs legend, but he deserves more credit than he's getting. It's not like he had the impact of Bonk or something.

    And your GP referrence makes no sense. Lafleur played 961 games, Beliveau 1,125 games, Henri Richard, 1,256, the Rocket 978, Larry Robinson 1,202...Gainey played 1,160....

    So you're saying that because they've played a lot of games with a lot of points and success it doesn't make them legends?

    Say it about Koivu, you're saying it about those guys too.

    These guys were game breaker players, yes they had better teams, but Saku was never a game breaker player.

    That's just the way it is.

  3. That's such a horrid comment to make, because it shows that you haven't took the time to look at Koivu's stats with the Habs, or care to make a knowledgeable comment regarding his skill.

    He's 10th on the list for all time points with the Habs, his name ranks with players like Boom Boom, Shutt, Lemaire, Cournoyer, Robinson, Maurice and Henri Richard, Beliveau and Lafleur. Some of which, played more games with the Habs than Saku. BTW he had 641 points.

    He's sixth on the all time roster for assists, the only ones in front of him - Lemaire, Robinson, Henri Richard, Beliveau and Lafleur.

    And for being a playmaker, not a goal scorer, he's 27th for goals - again, among some of the teams best players.

    Also, he's 7th on the team with game winning goals - with 35 of them.

    So really, you bash him for lack of skill you're bashing some of the greats with this team.

    Again, research before you post - he's done a lot for the City of Montreal off the ice, but he's held his own on the ice, especially for being a smaller player, plagued with injury.

    He played almost 800 games with the habs and 13 seasons no wonder that he have those numbers, Saku is not a habs legend whatsoever.

    If you think so, your out of it totally.

  4. To suggest that Saku Koivu was responsible for Bob's failures as a GM is just plain disrespectful to Saku.

    The only reason why i care about Saku is because he's making me money this year, my friend bet me 500$ that Saku would have a career high season with Anaheim this year.


    And i didn't put all the blame on Saku and Bob, im just saying, if i was a UFA myself a few years back (let's say a winger) why would i sign with a team who's first center is Koivu when i know for a fact that he's no first liner whatsoever?

    I'm not even gonna go with Koivu diva attitude when he was in Montreal :)

    Those were good reasons not to come here.

  5. I don't know if some of you remember my theory of 2 years ago when i talked about the fact that UFA's didn't sign here because of Koivu, but you gotta admit that it's kinda weird that the day he left people started signing here.... yeah you guys are gonna tell me "we're offering them a bunch of money..." it's not like we didn't try to do that in the past either.

    Anyway :)

    Enjoy Anaheim Saku.

  6. won't be long befor we send weber down to hamilton and bring up bergeron, i dont think we woulda signed him to play for the Bulldogs

    2 months without O'byrne, i don't see why Webber should go back down before that.

    Especially with the fact that we play most of our games on the road.

  7. I've heard nothing but bad things about his defensive play, and nothing but good things about his power play skills...hopefully Martin only uses him on the PP...but then you have to wonder...couldn't Weber have done this job?

    Were gonna roll at 7 d man for a while probably.

  8. I hope anywhere Manny lands he'll get boo'd and people will throw stuff at him.

    It's the recession in full force, hundreds of thousands of workers lose their jobs, you can't barely get a dime in a loan from a bank to buy a house or whatever, and this guy decline a 25 million dollar deal for 1 year because he wants minimum 50 or 75 million for 2 or 3 years!

    What a joke athletes have become, especially coming from a poor background in dominican republic!

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