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  1. i like this one better but the emery looks great
  2. not only does he need our support but the whole team does too!
  3. waaa i miss this thread :| http://kimmyok.homestead.com/files/Kovy_Ko...u_Souraysig.jpg Nice work everyone...keep it up!
  4. Alex Kovalev http://kimmyok.homestead.com/files/Kovalevsig4.gif
  5. haven't done much lately because of school... finally get the time to relax and work on some requests... finals are coming http://kimmyok.homestead.com/files/higginsig5.jpg
  6. ohhh..haha i was actually looking for Markov sig lol
  7. i really love your work ryder_11_73!! Awesome, one of the best i've seen A suggestion, reduce KB coz we're only allowed a limit of 50KB
  8. carke19: you're not talking to me right lol
  9. new smiley...feel free to join the MN team :cool:
  10. I was bored doing homework so I made these new smileys on trial lol One for mods lol and if you are wondering what the second one is about I suggest you to check out the MN thread
  11. it's not like i invented photoshop or animation haha of course i won't mind!! :thumb:
  12. I got the same question over the french side lol It's free to use, all of them for the fans!! :thumb:
  13. Just made these new avatars ready to use!! (no more until x-mas break!) ....back to school work >_<.........
  14. Thanks guys sun1: I like the video sig, like lisa mentioned, the number 39 effect is great :cool:
  15. Everything is possible nice and funny idea!!
  16. It's a really nice idea...you should try it cupcrazy!
  17. Really like those new sigs To cup_crazy: There are plenty of ways to reduce the size of the animation sig... 1. Merge down your layers 2. Reduce the size 3. Reduce the quality of image Hope it helps
  18. I don't find it useless at all... we appreciate that people actually spend their time working on it and post them here Anyways, new sig for me...last for for halloween P.S. It's not an "i", it's an "x"...lol
  19. lol it's ok haha...Alex will do a nice job
  20. Alex: When i got photoshop, it came with it
  21. I use this video converter program...really hard to explain though :? With it, you can get any video you want on youtube or whatever site
  22. Yeah i have hardtime to blend it to the sig too haha I've seen really nice blending in this other forum but I didn't have time to try it yet hmmm...what do you mean by gif sun1? the video?
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