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  1. Should watch the highlights from tonights game, what a nice pass to Teemu. They are starting to find their way now
  2. Looks like he is already enjoying one of the Ducks many community activities they have in Southern California. 4 players got to go and make sushi rolls and they each got one with their own name. "WHEN YOU'RE FINNISH YOU'LL WANT MORE SAKU" ROLL haha not bad
  3. The Ducks haven't had a good 2nd line center since Andy Mac was traded And because Selanne has good chemistry with Koivu just makes fans more excited and automatically includes him in as a favorite
  4. He will be suiting up tonight against the Canucks. I was reading over on their boards that they will be able to watch the game so if you can I would try. Cant wait to see him play
  5. He's been scoring goals and setting people up left and right at camp. I'm really excited to watch him play
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