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  1. Yes that is the state of the habs. A little broken but hopefully ready to go by the start of season. Where ya find the pick or was it by you?
  2. Man canadiens27, what is your love fest with the dems and all the CNN media? Turning a blind eye to the lefts shortcomings is no better than what you see going on on the right. It's actually hilarious looking at how few news stories have ever been shared between CNN and fox, they both hammer away to death on stories that make the other side look bad while completely ignoring or downplaying the stuff happening that makes their side look bad. It's just a big stupid game really and I feel a little sorry for people that can't accept that their side ain't perfect. Look at all the gun violence and cop hating going on. Church burnings in Canada. People getting arrested and released just to make more victims again. There's more bad out there than the orange buffoon and you seem obsessed! Not an attack on you, just an observation based on your political posts.
  3. I'd agree with you with nearly all the aging vets the habs have taken in and played in place of youngsters except this one instance with perry. At worst we could have waived or traded him if the time came to do it. This ain't like romanov being benched in favor of the guys that replaced him (and all the prospects over the years that struggled to stay with the big league team), perry was still really useful and didn't make a peep during the times his minutes and games were being managed. He played his way into the lineup like everyone should and was cheap. And it doesn't change the fact that the young guys will continue to be led with a short leash. Always lots of bargain bin stuff available.
  4. Total miss by gm. One of the best value on the team last season, im sure we had a chance to match a 2nd year and said nope.
  5. Ya both those wouldn't be bad. At least subban can skate with the puck. Be nice to know how many players have montreal on their list of places they'd not like to play.
  6. Hamilton to NJ? Uuggh, crap why can't we get the big ones done?
  7. Yeah I knew none of mine were removed. I just figured since your warning was given soon after one of my longer posts that there may have been some replys to me that were a little personal.
  8. I think that the way society and the media is run these days that he would have not had any worse treatment if he were a poor person of color. There's no way the nhl would have went further with the current political climate, maybe 20 years ago.
  9. Ha, do white straight Christian males have a monopoly on bias and hatred or something? Bias, hatred, whatever-ism are human traits that is and always will be a part of the human mind. Just look around the world and you'll find it everywhere! Going to the other extreme wont stomp it out because you can't control how people think, you can only persuade with talk and action. Donald trump is an idiot but biden ain't any better! They're both touchy feely creepy old men. Talk about off topic, but I had to reply.
  10. One thing that's good is we can all have a discussion and debate about stuff, disagreements and all, and not have it spiral into anger and hatred. I know the mods or admin had some work to do in this thread (wouldn't doubt if something was directed at me, would almost like to know for a laugh) but the vast majority of talk on this forum is really great. I like hearing others opinions on things, helps with figuring out my stance on a subject. There really arn't many places online (or in real life for that matter) that you can have civilized debate on contentious issues anymore so thanks everyone for that!
  11. This, and I feel the nature of the crime doesn't warrant the overreaction that seems to be in vogue for news sites and commentators now. It's like they're talking about a roving sexual predator. If this was any kind of assault or worse I'd totally be on board with him getting railroaded. The fact that he's been convicted of a crime and getting the negative treatment he mostly deserves shows how far we've come as society in the past 20 or even 10 years. I never heard of anything like this when I played minor hockey but it wouldn't have surprised me back then (mid/late 90s). It would never had made it to the cops though, nevermind the local news. About comparisons, they don't excuse the offense but it does let us get a feel as to how bad something is. He didn't share the picture with the whole world or try to sell it or do anything even worse. And as already said, he's paid for it and will continue to pay dearly for a long time. I do feel that it's a gamble hockey wise in that he may be damaged goods now. Not saying he's a victim at all but he's gonna be dragging this around for a while. Its also obviously a gamble in hoping the damage done to the brand is minimal while hoping the news cycles on to something else. Also I wonder if people think that the teams that didn't even interview him did so from some moral high ground? They felt they had more to lose than gain, and if anything felt that in staying away they gained the optics of good morality. They felt they would have taken on the damage that Mailloux has done to himself if they gave him any of their time (and obviously the habs have at this point). Who knows, in the end this may have been a terrible business move but maybe not. And finally I know there's a victim in all this. She was humiliated, had her privacy breached, trust taken advantage of, and used for a quick ego boost by an immature arrogant a-hole. Said a-hole was a minor at the time and that's suppose to be taken into account. I know our justice system does, I'd imagine swedens does too. I feel and hope that she will 100% recover from this. Let's also hope that this now young man can better himself as both a hockey player and a person because for better or worse he's a habs prospect now!
  12. The kid says himself that he apologized to her and her family and is going through councilling and was convicted of his crime. I think Marc has made worse moves than this. Lots of people acting like this was sexual assault, calling it a sex crime. There are degrees of wrong ya know! From the habs side they should have waited till next round if they really wanted to get him.
  13. I understand that what the kid did is really wrong but so many people are reacting as if it was the sex act itself that was non consensual. Everything these days seems to be taken to one extreme or another with no rational middle ground. One person even tweeted that "this is the proof that cancel culture doesn't exist"... people are crazy. Gutsy move but may pan out and it sounds like he still may have went in second round to someone else.
  14. How good is bean? Sounds like a good deal for a second rounder although I don't know much about him other than the tsn bio lol. Much better than the other trades going on anyways
  15. I wouldn't mind if he was kept in the organization after his playing days are over. Thats a slew of injuries to get over at his age.
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