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  1. It was really tough watching McDonough and sergachev play against the Habs, I freaking HATED those trades from the second they happened! I was so excited with each of them when the habs drafted em. That's one of the worst things for me aside from losing the cup. Can't dwell on the past I know but the past can come back to haunt ya
  2. Good: Start of year was amazing, so many new guys gelled with little time together. Most of the playoffs Watching young guys growing up and getting better Bad: Season from 15 games on to end and first 4 games against leafs lol (a lot!) Ugly: The feeling you get from another team lifting a cup that don't wear the c h. Especially american teams.
  3. An improbable run, makes you feel crappy though at the end. Every year when the habs lost in playoffs it was the end of the hockey year for me so at least they went this far. Just outmatched really. Our forwards were shut down like we did to the previous 3 opponents. The cup really does belong back in Canada and soon.. it's a true shame it's been so long. Thanks to the habs for the memorable start and end to the year and thanks to all the members and their comments on here! I've really enjoyed reading all the different opinions on things over the years.
  4. Romanov and kulak better stay. Especially romanov
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a long time reader on these forums and post from time to time. My name is Justin and I live on Vancouver island. About 8+ years ago I as a foreman hired an 18 year old kid named Nikiah to work on my crew, my first find actually. He was with me for about a year until his wife was about to give birth to their first daughter, so he moved back to the mainland in Lytton to be close to family. He's the hardest and smartest worker I've ever had, real bright guy, super friendly and caring. Real amazing young man, broke my heart a little when he left lol. He now helps run the family farm near Lytton which is called Stein Mountain Organics. This kid is a trooper, I really can't go on too much as to his character and work ethic (if he played hockey the habs would want to clone him into an entire starting line-up). Nikiah, his wife, and his two children were away from home when the fire torched Lytton to the ground (which in itself may have been safer, being somewhere else) so they had no time to save anything and lost it all, like everything... So this is the go fund me page started by a close family friend of Nikiah Coghlan. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-nikiah-and-cleanns?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet Check it out and if you feel like donating it would be much appreciated. I've never plugged something like this before but felt like I needed to do something because if someone deserves a hand up after a disaster it's definitely Nikiah and his family! Thanks for your time and consideration - Justin, aka Mr. Huet
  6. The dream is dying 😢 Time to wake up Canadiens!
  7. Next game will be better, they've adapted well to the different teams they've played. Gonna be hard to beat Tampa though, even at our best
  8. I'd say he's playing like 10 million a year right now
  9. Yessss. First name that pops in my head for ot winner is cc
  10. Man gally tries so hard, too bad he can't put one in
  11. Hey if you pay for the plane ticket I can do a little garden work!
  12. What happened on the goal against? I stuck around just for ours
  13. Wow, perry! Too bad. 2 pps, crazy. Now I gotta go bring kids somewhere : (
  14. 1. Usually that's true but in 2 series final games so far the habs outplayed the other team especially Winnipeg. So far as time goes on its like we sap the energy out of our opponents. 2. I think we're gonna see at least 3 on Robin tonight, vegas' confidence is taking a dive and his rebound control isn't that great. I dont believe he outplayed price so much as we just couldn't finish plays. 3. I think the only people counting their chickens is the media and some of the fans. The players know they're not done yet. They get better as each series goes on, adversity or not. 4. Doesn't deserve a response, buncha hoo doo. I've prepared myself for anything to happen as it seems like playoffs are almost always a coin flip. That said I've never felt this good watching Canadiens hockey in a looong time. Even the last loss just needed some finish, this series should be done (although we did steal one too). I think the habs are totally in Vegas' heads from the coach down. Maybe they lose tonight but if I were a betting man I'd Go Habs!
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