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  1. This is great hockey! Oldest to youngest and in! Gotta watch for Vegas players running around now
  2. It's nice to see the second period going better again
  3. Are there any good refs? Surely they must exist
  4. Alright good to know, just asking for a friend. He's a bit of an a hole sometimes
  5. Nothing terrible, just something that keeps a certain someone out for around 3-4 weeks
  6. Romanov scratched again? Is it bad to hope for an injury to a player on your favorite team?
  7. Habs can do it. After the last 2 series it's hard to not have faith. Toffoli, cauf
  8. It will be interesting to see what happens next game. Vegas went from quick start and good pressure last game to switching out goalies and not lookin so hot tonight. It's a coin toss for the outcome and makes it nerve wracking to watch when it feels like we should be able to pull it off. Once again need someone to finish off some of those nice plays
  9. It's just frustrating like anything in life when there's a group of people that get to enjoy a different set of standards and consequences than the rest. Your right though jennifer_rocket , nothing will happen until there's a major incident that must be dealt with. Like someone getting killed or along those lines
  10. You'd think all the owners would be on board for some standards. I hope the refs get replaced by cameras and robots at some time in future. There's gotta be a point where a ref embarrasses the league enough to do something. Shouldn't take a hot mike
  11. I hope they talk about this reffing on all the friggin networks all tomorrow and put some g d pressure on the nhl to do something for once! Everybody is responsible for their actions, refs included! Bush league garbage. Standing there like a pylon, "ok boys that's enough, come on, stop it please"
  12. What a joke. I take it swearing is frowned upon in this forum? I feel like punching someone!
  13. This habs team seems to slowly suck the confidence and momentum from their opponents game after game
  14. I knew a little about him from years past but thought at start of this year that here's another washed up star. Been a big fan since his first game as a hab, if he can play like he has he definitely deserves an extension.
  15. Man perry's been a good pick up, all year long and especially in playoffs. One of the best bang for buck
  16. Haha wow, just started watching and didn't notice they had other goalie in.
  17. I'm not quite sure about Merrill doing all the little things right. I've seen him cough up the puck and be not so great at times getting it out of our end. I havnt seen him do anything romanov can't or doesn't but on the flip side romanov can do 2 things way better than merrill, skate and hit. And those are 2 things I think we need more of on our team, especially in the playoffs and even more so against Vegas. The only thing merrill does consistently is play a bit below average.
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