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  1. That's true, there's definitely big differences from then to now. Just made me think of back then with the shot counter going steadily up and playing long stretches in our end.
  2. This win reminded me a bit of that series years ago against the capitals. We get shelled, goalie stands on head and we scrape by with a win. Just no Hal gill to stand in front of half the shots. Now if we could just put together a fast start like usual with a finish like tonight
  3. Does puckpundit ever celebrate wins? I've seen him doing it for Tampa like crazy
  4. After cc's first 2 ot goals I can't help but feel like he's gonna be the one every time now
  5. I can't believe we didn't get the 2min left penalty
  6. Fleury gotta be falling asleep or something
  7. Finally just shooting the damn thing
  8. Caufields gonna get another, then toffu
  9. That was a blocker side goal from the reg season
  10. Once again this game could use #27, need someone getting rocked on the other side
  11. Nice rush by Mr. Anderson. Have a feeling he's gonna make something happen
  12. Byron's been good lately and is worth more than a bag of pucks, but not the 3.5m he gets. He did get waived repeatedly this year after all with no interest from other teams. He's great on breakaways but can go long stretches not doing much. He's starting to skate a little slower than I remember from a few years back, don't know what kind of role he can play as he ages
  13. I've said that before every day he has. Romanov interview was just kinda sad, basically said the coach says he needs more confidence and that he does have confidence. Didn't seem like he understood it much either.
  14. In that I didn't mean gus in for romanov is acceptable. Ya know, when I said that I can see gus being in not being a bad thing.
  15. To rectify my point, I don't mean gus instead of romanov. We need speed AND toughness
  16. I can see gus somewhat, he's been ok but merril...what does he bring again?
  17. Surely I'm not the only one that wants to strangle someone at this point for not playing romanov?
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