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  1. I think they did alright. Vegas d is gonna have to be played tight at the point, may lead to some more breakaways and shorties. At least don't give them much time
  2. This is where ya gotta love prices lack of emotion. I'd be puking
  3. I'm hoping for a first goal...so hard to know what to expect from these guys this year. One of my kids wouldn't stop bugging me about placing a bet on them sweeping when I explained to him what the odds mean haha. I'm nervous!
  4. Looked good after those 2 quick jets goals. During regular season that would have led to this team falling apart but they kept playing the plan and continued to control things. Habs breakout was good again, even without petry. Being on the brink 4 games in a row against the leafs really taught our guys some mental toughness, the ones that needed it anyways
  5. Wow, I've havnt been so happy watching habs game after game in probably forever! Playing really tight, great breakouts and what a game for a back to back. Hope they can bring momentum for next round but they surely they deserve this upcoming rest. Team effort, great hockey!
  6. Wow, just watched an elbow he threw last year while playing for Dallas. Glad he hasn't pulled that crap for the Habs!
  7. I liked Perry from the start of season. He was used sparingly at first and earned his way into the lineup like an aging veteran should. He has great hands and is deceptive while making nice short plays to move the puck. He plays mostly clean but gets under the opponents skin. Can hold on to the puck in o zone better than most the team. Still throws a hit and is very resilient. He doesn't seem to give up much for turn overs and can play with a wide variety of linemates. Always involved. His best quality is how he handles and moves the puck as it makes up for his lack of speed in a huge way. Our never ending (until recently) problem with cycling seems to stem from guys getting bumped off easy and poor o zone positioning with not enough short passes and puck support. Perry also uses the boards well. One thing though is sometimes he should take the shot instead of making the extra pass but that's something you can say about a lot of players. Another big plus is that Perry thrives in high pressure situations which is an important quality to have in montreal! He's been as important an acquisition as most the other newcomers this year, especially taking playoffs into consideration. All in all great value pick up and I hope he's back next season. One of the most underrated Canadien, who knows if that comeback would have been possible without him. He's another veteran Hab that makes you wish he could have been here when he was 5-10 years younger. Oh well, wish in one hand...
  8. I think we found the cure to covid blues, the tears of leaf players and fans. Slept good last night. Someone needs to go to Toronto and harvest all those tears!
  9. Oh yeeeaaaahhh! Bom bom... bom bom oooohhh yeeaaahhhh
  10. Been thinking that when we managed to get into playoffs. Nice to see them win but it validates what shouldn't be from the coach up
  11. One word, hitting. Finishing checks like in the first period last game. I dont know why they stopped after that period, it's one of the biggest reasons why the habs are still playing. It gives the leafs a lot of trouble and you can see many of their players rushing passes, flubbing the puck, and just trying to get rid of it before they get hit.. I like anderson when he flies into guys, not when he just turns away like I saw him doing especially in the third. Why do you guys think that changes during the game? There wasn't any glaring mistakes of being out of position to give a body check although I wasn't paying attention to every minute of last game. One of the goals from last game came right after perry layer out a leaf
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