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  1. All we here in NYC is "lebron this" and "lebron that". For what its worth I find watching a full NBA game almost impossibly boring. I'll get into the conference finals every now and then, and I watch the Nets but seriously how much worse has this year's NBA playoffs been compared to the NHL....hardly any upsets and few if any extended series. Yawn.
  2. I hate the Yankees, but I live here so I hear all this news...on why Jeter and ARod are on just two different levels: Arod is out of the All Star Game in the 3rd inning, and leaves the stadium immediately. Jeter is out of the game sometime in 5th and we see him signing autographs for fans sitting above the dugout in the 14th inning. D-bag v. Class
  3. Agreed. Absolutely stunning performance. Cant believe the rules reset after 2 rounds, makes Morneu's win a bit of a downer. Plus I bet on Hamilton so it cost me money.
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