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  1. I looked at Dryden's numbers and they are very impressive. 5 time Vezina winner in one decade is something nobody else can write home about I'm sure. I'm not sure Savard beats out Robinson though. It's all subjective and everybody has their own opinion but i think Robinson should have gone in before Savard for ON ICE value of course. Ultimately I don't care because all these guys deserve to and will get in so who cares what order they get in anyways?
  2. Lafleurs Guy, Good post and I'll agree with you that the discussion of the large equipement should perhaps be in another thread so let's drop that issue altoegther. I am of the opinion, and many others may agree, that when the Av's move to Colorado, they were ready to win it all. If Thibault failed there was always Fiset but the Av's were too much for the Red Wings whether Roy was there or not. It would not have made a difference in the end because they were a legitimate contender. I don't allow my animosity to cloud my objectivity because I have no animosity towards Roy. I only state my opinion, I don't hate the guy. None of us here knows the real guy just his public image so therefore I can't dislike the guy to the point that my objectivity is not correct. I simply believe that what he did to the franchise, hwich had long lasting repercussions, negates any good he ever did here and that time does not heal all wounds. Nor should it. If we retire somebody's number based on their worth to the organization then their ENTIRE history of conduct should be judged not just select deeds that were positive in his favor. Good debate!!!
  3. In the real world you are judged by your actions and Roy reacted like a 5 year old when he was left out to face the Wings for a few too many goals. I have no respect for a guy that allowed his ego to DISRESPECT this franchise, it's fans and the managment that he handcuffed into trading him. I'd have traded him to Timbuktu before moving him to a contender which Colorado already was. Had you left either Thibeault or Fiset in nets that season they would have won the Cup. We gave ROY a Cup by moving him and he gave us the finger on the way out. You can say what you want but somebody will come along and blow his records out of the water in a league designed to produce goals. Roy's oversized equipement (now illegal) and the teams defence ahead of him (he always had a good D or offense in Colorado) have led to his status today. Am I saying he wasn't good? Of course not, only an idiot would say Roy wasn't one of the best, I am saying that before we sancify him and turn him into a Saint let's be realisitic. He betrayed this team and the fans by his actions. I'd be OK with that if he ever ONCE apologized or showed remorse for his regrettable actions. his Ego will never allow him to concede that he made a mistake and in his mind...we should apoogize to him for HIS conduct. His jersey should never hang from above....it will only diminish the ones that bled for their team....not abandoned it. He should have put the team first and taken the abuse to his Ego and become a legend in this town instead of a tired debate as to his worth. What a wasted opportunity to prove he was the greatest of all time.
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