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  1. http://www.cpv.ru/modules/news/article.php?storyid=10813 В решающем матче череповчане уступили «Ак Барсу-2» со счетом 2:6. Казанцы выглядели на площадке заметно сильнее и заслуженно победили. В итоге нашим дублерам, как и год назад, не удалось завоевать главный трофей. Помимо «серебра» в активе хозяев турнира три индивидуальных приза. Николай Лемтюгов стал лучшим бомбардиром турнира. Максим Трунев – лучшим нападающим, а Дениса Игнашина признали самым полезным игроком. In the decisive match cherepovchane yielded "Ak Bars-2" with a score 2:6. Kazantsev looked at the site noticeably stronger and deservedly won. As a result, our Rep. as a year ago, we could not win the main trophy. In addition to "silver" in the masters tournament has three individual prizes. Nikolai Lemtyugov became the best scorer of the tournament. Maxim Trunev - the best offensive player, and Denis Ignashina recognized most useful player.
  2. Our best draft picked of the day came form calgary's pick To habs: Alex Tanguay Maxim Trunev To Flames: Greg Nemisz 2nd round pick 2009 Forward. Shoots Right. 5'11", 174 lbs. Born: Kirovo-Chepetsk,
  3. Trunev plays just like andrei kostitsyn. I hope he is going to play for the oil kings.
  4. So QMJHL must suck then if its just offence. He better be drafted in the import draft to ohl or whl.
  5. -------offencive plays----defencive plays----skill required OHL : WHL: QMJHL: Can somenone rate the leagues from 1 (worst) to 3 (best) in these departments.
  6. His pretty much the best forward we drafted this year.
  7. Welcome, thank god your not a leafs fan lol.
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