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  1. How does one determine "intent" to injure anyways?????? A Vulcan mind-reader?????
  2. Good God man.......you learn to put your stick on the ice around the net in novice house league!!!!!!!
  3. UGHHHHHH!!!!! don't know about this guy???
  4. Yeah, Darcy Tucker was a nice guy off the ice too, still couldn't stand him LOL
  5. LOL... i don't think there is a player I have despised more in my 35 years of cheering for this team.
  6. I am hooked! It is awesome, Buscemi is great of course.
  7. Still an embarassment. I don't even see the hate, most players just think he's a joke. He gets in a fight with Comrie????????? and doesn't throw a punch?????? LMAO and then does the fake glove drop on Talbot?????? What a ****
  8. Well said. Saw him in his first incarnation with Sabbath. Was actually my favourite lineup, Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules were great albums. Also saw him solo for the Last in LIne tour. A true metal giant. Devil horns up!!!!!
  9. lol i watched a bit of that too. The "hobbling" scene is still disturbing
  10. A classic...along with The Sting Watched Jaws for the 1000th time with my son while he was off school sick.....10/10
  11. Taking seven 10 year old boys to Clash of the Titans on Saturday.....i will report on the movie if I make it through with all faculties intact!!! Saw the original when I was about the same age and loved it!!!!
  12. Agreed 100 %. Marx Brothers ...totally under-rated IMO
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