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  1. I'd rate myself a casual baseball fan but I still find it upsetting those stats are being 'tainted'. Even if 50% of the league is on steroids, a steroid user has an unfair advantage over the remaining players that aren't on steroids. That's a big deal when you consider a juiced Bonds vs. an unjuiced pitcher. As for the stats being comparable I don't think that's necessarily the case. Ballparks have changed so much, and were never standardized in the first place. Bonds, McGuire and Sossa had some pretty small ballparks to work with. There's also the rise of relief pitching, better fielders and an overall higher level of play. Finally, baseball has changed the height and location of the pitchers mound several times over many decades to try and keep a reasonable balance between offense and defense. It strikes me that a sport with so much history has changed so much but there is so much resistance to even minor changes within a league like the NHL.
  2. Dick Pound. He ran the World Anti-Doping Agency when the Olympics ramped up its drug testing. A lot of people were caught in Athens and some other recent games. Of course Don Cherry came out swinging with several hysterical hissy fits challenging both Dick Pounds accusations and his knowledge of doping. If I remember correctly other hockey reactions ranged from 'aw shucks, our good little Prarie boys wouldn't do those bad things' to toned down challenges similar to Cherry's. Pound made similar allegations about cycling in the late 90s and look at the number of positive tests in the last few years at the Tour de France.
  3. "Let me be clear: I am not a proponent of performance-enhancing drugs. They are a problem in ALL sports and will remain one as long as there are millions of dollars to be made in athletics. I object to the ridiculously inconsistent outrage we have about PEDs. "Perfectly acceptable" is an exaggeration, but I can't think of a more accurate description of PEDs in football. And they're all but ignored in basketball, golf, hockey, tennis, horse racing, etc." Interest article, I'm not sure if I agree with his main thesis about protecting Ruth at all costs, but race relations in the States isn't always straight forward or rational. The question I keep having while watching the steroid fiasco unfold is how might hockey fans react if Vinny Lecavalier, Crosby, Jarome Iginla, or any other superstar tests positive or faces serious allegations of steroid use? Ten years ago when Sossa and McGuire were chasing down Maris' home-run record baseball was positive it did not have a drug problem. When Dick Pound suggested a quarter of the league could be on the juice the hockey community reacted with outrage. How dare he accuse our players of such things? Hockey currently doesn't have a very credible response to the issue and positive tests or allegations could prove exceptionally embarrasing, as major league baseball is finding out.
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