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  1. Been a nice surprise so far. It's neat having a defensive third-line player who can actually win faceoffs.
  2. I hope this is just a practice move that doesn't reflect what Martin's planning to do for the next game, because if it is, I hate it on two levels: Pouliot hasn't played well, but you can't just yank a guy off a line after three frickin games. Give him a sustained chance to prove himself on that line (10-15 games is about right IMO). If he's still not getting it done, then you can explore other options. This just smells like typical Martin panic. Travis Moen? Really, Jacques? Because Moen has performed so much better than Pouliot over the past three games? Because Moen is a goalscorer? I'm so sick of this "put a grinder on a scoring line to wake the line up" garbage. IT NEVER WORKS. The person who should be replacing Pouliot is Lars Eller.
  3. He got moved down after two periods because he was the only forward in the Toronto game playing worse than Gomez and Gionta. But his natural spot should be on a scoring line. We didn't flip Latendresse for Pouliot just to make Pouliot a fourth-line checker. We already have plenty of those. Yup, definitely encouraging. If he's not scoring, at least he can pound enemy d-men into the boards and loosen them up for the Plekanec line. It's not much, but it's a start at any rate.
  4. Uh, he's not on a checking line. He's on a scoring line and he's expected to produce points. Also, the idea of Pouliot as a checker makes me want to laugh hysterically. He's arguably the least defensively responsible player on our team.
  5. Still tries Junior-B moves too often, still has no physical presence, still can't be trusted in his own end, still stays on the perimeter. Pick it up, Benoit.
  6. And they took it and ran with it. Hey, I have an idea: let's find every dumb nickname given to one of our unproven prospects and start using it in place of the player's actual name every chance we get!
  7. Nah, let's not be like the Leafs and start handing out nicknames to players who haven't proven themselves (see 'The Monster', LOL -- only in Leafland would an unproven goalie from a second-tier European league be given a WWE-style nickname before he's done a thing to deserve it).
  8. Fair enough. But all his injury trouble has slowed his development and maybe made him more tentative on the ice? Wouldn't be surprised to see someone pick him up off waivers.
  9. Seems like a good kid, but made of glass. Doubt he has a future with the Habs, frankly.
  10. Come on, Benny, get your game face on and stake a claim to that LW spot beside Gomez and Gionta.
  11. It wasn't a stab at anyone, just an attempt to show that regardless of how many fans and media and even GMs think that Gauthier was crazy to trade Jaro, not everyone shares the same opinion, including some pretty well-respected hockey minds.
  12. At least one well-respected GM understands why Gauthier traded Halak.
  13. Is it sad that I immediately thought of a Markov joke before I saw that CRB had beaten me to the punch?
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