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  1. Do we reaqlly need to keep him (Darche) period?
  2. And in the pressbox replaced by Darche
  3. Of all the additions, he is doing best at what was expected IMO.
  4. Yeah... crazy good in the circle... maybe the Habs should have him start off the power play eh
  5. The players supposedly with the "jets" (Gomez and Gionta) have been sputtering, while Benny will see less ice-time playing 4th line minutes... the flight is out of town... and some jets will probably stay grounded.
  6. Just a thought... the leaves are in rhapsody and Pouliot is the "Fall" guy
  7. Shaking up the wrong players does very little in a game and even less in a practice. Where's the positive?
  8. I think he got crunched a few times too... great in the circle (maybe he should start the powerplay there and then come off)
  9. Good effort, but seemed to be running out of steem later in the game. Conditioning?
  10. Still not as bad as some have said IMO... but has to pick up his game going to the net.
  11. He will be one of Coach Martin's patsies this season... And I wonder how Benny will respond.
  12. I ask you this... could he be better than Halpern?
  13. From what I saw this pre-season he could center or play on the third line and be effective.
  14. This may have been his last chance to make the jump IMO. Maybe the Islanders will bite... Tampa (Guy Boucher liked him didn't he?)
  15. IMO Ben was/is one of the better players this pre-season. The signings of Boyd and Halpern have complicated the issue for him IMO... If no vets are moved out one way or another, he as well as many of the remaining few (other than Eller and Subban who have been given the inside track by management) will not play for the Habs to start the season. Sad really...
  16. I think I finally got it... Auld was signed to make Carey Price look good?
  17. Iffy was signed to ensure he would not challenge for the starter's job... The Price has to be justified
  18. Seems as though Eric Belanger would have been available after getting duped by the Caps... he signed on with Phoenix. Would Belanger have been a better option than Halpern?
  19. I here you... then again if your management you may look at the balance between RFA's and vets on the current team including Halpern and think your team is still relatively young. I count 11 RFA's as of now (according to Capgeek.com).
  20. Pyatt could most likely be the 4th line center I would think... Pouliot and/or Kostitsyn would have to faulter big-time for anyone to be given a shot on one of the top two lines. Eller will be the third line center I think, with Lapierre playing right wing... question still remains who of Travis Moen or Dustin Boyd gets the left wing spot.
  21. Actually I think Lapierre is a better right winger than he is a center (IMO)... and yes I too believe he could produce on a line with Plekanec and Cammalleri for example and powerplay if he is given an extended and fair chance. But perhaps he has a greater value for the team playing on the third line as I believe neither A. Kostitsyn or Pouliot would provide the same effort there. I would think that Eller could be the center on the third line with either Boyd or Moen playing the left wing.
  22. I found it quite interesting that Pyatt accepted a considerable pay cut from last year to stick around with the big club.
  23. With his play during the playoffs Max proved to me he could be a key component for the Habs going forward. I too would like to see him be rewarded with additional ice-time as well as greater committment from the coaching staff in terms of positive support defining his role.
  24. No Chips? Hard to fathom without an explanation from the coach. First round draft choice? Something has to be wrong.
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